Rocketship Education: Taking Teaching And Learning To A Higher Level

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter elementary schools that has its headquarters in Redwood City, California. Founded in 2007 by Preston Smith and John Danner, the schools use a unique blended learning model. They also employ adaptive software to increase student engagement and achievement. The Rocketship Education network is currently made up of sixteen charter schools. They are located in Redwood City, Concord and San Jose, in California, Nashville, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. The schools serve mostly low-income students in poor school districts.

Every Student Can Succeed

In Rocketship Education schools they believe every student has the potential necessary to succeed. The key is to create a transformative educational experience that meets the educational needs of each child and helps them to be their best. The schools do that by empowering teachers, engaging the parents and inspiring the communities they serve. Working together, the students, teachers, parents and communities are able to improve educational achievement for all children.

A Unique Approach

The Rocketship model is designed to meet today’s needs while preparing the students for tomorrow’s opportunities. There are three core beliefs in the Rocket Education philosophy on educational excellence. They are:

  1. Excellent leaders and teachers create transformational schools.
  1. Every child’s needs are unique.
  1. Engaged parents can help to eliminate the gap in educational achievement.

To address these core principles Rocketship Education invests in advanced training and development for teachers and leaders to ensure they’re properly prepared for their role. Rocketship combines each child’s natural learning method with tutoring, technology and traditional instruction modalities. Rocketship helps parents develop into powerful advocates in the schools and communities for their children. Working together these elements can create transformational schools.

Personalized Learning

Each person learns and advances in their own unique way. Students at Rocket Education schools, called Rocketeers, receive personalized instruction tailored to their learning style and targeted to their needs. They’re allowed to learn at the pace that best suits them whether they are advanced students or slower learners.

The Rocketship Education model has resulted in higher student achievement and better educational outcomes.


We have a number of wine brokerage companies across the world. UKV PLC wine investment company is one of this and it is also the most esteemed brokerage in the U.K. On behalf of trade customers and private entities the company acquires, supplies and sales bonded wine and champagne which is its primary business. It has a team of experts who negotiates the sales and also the acquisitions of some of these products and mostly those that are highly prized in the world. The company operates independently and is not therefor restricted to single supply chains.

These small team of experts are the most valuable assets of the UKV PLC wine investment company because they act as consultants. They usually guide all the potential customers through options that are available so that the can be in a position to select the wine or champagne that suits their events or purposes. Should any of the clients wish to discuss their requirements in their own convenient way these experts are always available and ready to serve them as per their preferences.

UKV PLC Company has a wide-range of independent network of associates in which most countries such as Spain, Italy and France; the champagne region are well represented. These wine experts are so much dedicated in their job and usually use their wealth of knowledge in guiding their clients through each and every transaction from the beginning to the end.

As wine appreciates in price they as well become more desirable to most of people and rarer too. This is because with age there is a lot of improvement in their production. In addition to this people drink them so much and thus they become rare. Depending on clients’ needs, UKV PLC wine Investment Company supplies its products either for consumption and or investment.

About UKV PLC :

Madison Street Capital Chairs High End Business Deals Across Different States

Madison Street Capital reputation speaks highly of its commitment to give credible advice to institutions. Madison is a top notch banking institution that has always chaired the transactions of deals between institutions. Recently, Madison Street Capital acted as an initiator for Sterling Packaging in its acquisition of equity. Sterling Packaging is prominent for being a leading manufacturer of cartons. These cartons are usually utilized in customer service across America as well as Canada. Facilitated by Druid Capital Partners, the equity transaction was announced by the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway. Jay Rodgers on the other side was the head of the transaction. He serves as the senior managing director of the firm.


According to Jay Rodgers, Sterling Packaging is a good example of a company that is controlled by serious individuals like Jim and Hickson, the two co-founders. The company has registered excellent performance given its commitment to provide top-notch services to different sectors across the state ( Through superior product offering, Sterling Packaging has ensured that it has a broad client base from which various clients will benefit. The company’s extensive customer base will be a win situation for the management given the expected high revenue. Jay Rodgers added that Madison Street Capital was proud to be associated with the two able leaders. 


According to the managing partner of Druid Capital Mr. Martin Holt, the company was excited to be part of the business. Martin stated that he believes in the team work Jim as well as Debbie has initiated since the commencement of the business. It is evident that the two business partners will support each other in future projects. While closing the speech, he stated that he appreciated Madison’s input as the facilitator. Learn more: http://madison-street-capital-llc

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital prides itself in being a leading banking firm across the world. The organization has been supportive of different uniting projects in different states. From providing excellent services coupled with integrity, Madison Street Capital is a proud initiator of contracts in different projects. Madison is a mogul in financial opinions, valuation services, as well as public and private businesses. When tasked with undertaking new projects, Madison Street Capital commits to projecting high-end services with the aim of providing the best services for clients. Madison Street Capital provides unparalleled growth for businesses. The firm continues to earn client trust by focusing on significant assets. The unwavering dedication of Madison Street Capital is a pace setter for most organizations that are dedicated to empowering businesses. Learn more:

Take a Virtual Walk with Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Who is Porfirio Sanchez Galindo?

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is native to Mexico, and the International Vice President of Grupo Editorial Televisa.

What is Grupo Editorial Televisa?

Grupo Editorial Televisa is the editorial division of Grupo Televisa, which is Latin America’s largest multimedia mass media company. In addition, it is said to be the largest multimedia mass media company throughout the entire Spanish speaking world.

Sanchez Galindo spent over 8 years with Grupo Televisa as the director of Special Projects since 2006, then received a promotion as the International Vice President for Grupo Editorial Televisa.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo worked within the Mexican government as a career diplomat. His extensive knowledge on the operations of the economic environment, as well as impacts from policies of the government has led him to this deserved promotion.

It is vital for Televisa that they retain someone like Sanchez Galindo due to his detailed knowledge as listed above. He also is well versed on both global and local economic environments and how they operate. Galindo is able to identify opportunities, as well as the antithesis, that play key roles in Televisa’s movement to bring him on.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo’s Education & Career Background

Galindo has an extensive educational background with solid academics and many years of experience spent as a career diplomat. When Galindo joined the Mexican government in 2000, his skills were put to the test, where he also improved on areas of economic issues. He serviced as Chief of Staff in the Finance Ministry, formerly heading as Minister. Although no experience as a career diplomat at this time, Galindo more than excelled in his new position as the Minister’s Economic Advisor. He would be in this role until 2006. Shortly thereafter, he was hired by Televisa who had him in place to serve as Chief Economist of the company.

Porfiro Sánchez Galindo is certainly a man whom has achieved numerous successes, positive innovations and much more, bringing all to the world of editorial journalism. Because of him, we can be grateful for the amazing realm of Grupo Editorial Televisa.

One of a kind Oncologist newsletter

Oncotarget is a company based on oncological research. Since, its formation, the company has been working to bring innovations in the field of oncology to introduce better treatments and drugs for cancer patients. Oncotarget is basically a newsletter that works on peer to peer review. People from anywhere can share their research work on oncology in this newsletter and can share their knowledge with others. It provides doctors from all over the world a platform to share their work. It is a way of connecting doctors who can interact with each other and can get benefit from each other’s research work. In this way, they make sure they can help the cancer patients in every possible way.

The first newsletter was published by Oncotarget in 2010. Since then it has gained a lot of attention and praise among its readers. Its huge success is due to the fact that it is for doctors and by doctors. That is why it is greatly appreciated by doctors specifically oncologists. These doctors are highly experienced treating patients for many years. They are also aware of the new treatments and innovations in the technology for treatment. Mr. Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are its owners. They are highly qualified researchers in the field of oncology and have made incredible progress. Their experience and knowledge have helped them to establish a highly effective newsletter on oncology. The newsletter grew fast in oncology under the guidance of both these men.

This newsletter is weekly and allows open access to all kinds of readers who want to get informed about the latest technologies in the field of oncology or who want to publish their work in oncology. The newsletter is run by two well-known oncologists has attracted the attention of a wide variety of readers all around the world. This has helped a lot in oncology, from discoveries to new treatments and drugs, now many patients can be saved with greater ease. The death of patients suffering from cancer has greatly reduced with the help of this newsletter and to know more click here


Sheldon Lavin’s Journey from a Financial Consultant to a Leader in the Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin is well known for his investment in OSI Group, the leader in meat products business. One thing that most people do not know about Mr. Sheldon is that he is a financial adviser by profession. This is arguably brought about by Mr. Lavin’s huge success in the business through his company OSI Group. How then did Sheldon Lavin find himself in an industry he had little experience in?

Sheldon Lavin’s journey to the meat industry dates back to his Chicago banking practice. During his time as a banker, Mr. Lavin was approached by his bank to arrange financing for Otto & Sons as it was referred to then. After arranging this finance, Sheldon was requested by the bank to work for the company as a full time financial adviser, a position he turned down for lack of training in the meat industry. However, Mr. Sheldon would later work with the company as a private consultant gaining knowledge and interest in the industry. At the end of the 1970s, Mr. Sheldon seized an opportunity and joined the company as an equal partner in the business.

Mr. Sheldon’s success in the company is motivated by his vision and appreciation of his employees. The financial advisor turned entrepreneur’s vision for OSI Group was for it to become the number one global food processing company. This, OSI Group has been able to achieve and even surpass thanks to its physical presence in 17 countries and over 70 food process plants. Lavin has been able to make this happen by positively influencing his employees. Despite having rules and bureaucracy to follow, OSI Group operates as a huge family where everybody needs each other. This setup has fueled positive energy within the organization which has helped the company achieve its objectives easily.

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The Rise and Rise of Amicus Therapeutics

Based in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of rare and orphaned diseases. Amicus Therapeutics was made public in 2007 under the trademark FOLD, after a failed initial public offering in the previous year in 2006. Amicus Therapeutics Inc. majors in the treatment of rare and orphaned diseases, especially Lysosomal Storage Disorders. It has created a reputation for itself over the years for having the broadest portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry.


Amicus Therapeutics boasts a unique set of medicines and technologies which have been effective in treating and providing comfort for people with rare and devastating disorders. Some of the diseases that the company has specialized in treating include Pompe disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, and Fabry disease. They have also committed to the treatment of genetically connected skin disorders such as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The company places the treatment of patients with rare and orphaned diseases at the center of their operations which revolve around clinical programs, innovative science, and commercial organization. Their main aim and that which is the primary driving factor for the organizational culture is the need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients and the caregivers assigned to them.


It must be noted that Amicus Therapeutics relies solely on contractors to manufacture its products since it lacks the manufacturing capacities, on account of it being a relatively young company ( After its 2007 IPO, Amicus Therapeutics expanded from its single site in New Jersey to open a research site in San Diego. The company received a half a million US dollar grant from the Michale J Fox Foundation to support its studies in the treatment of rare diseases. It would go on to receive another grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Both these grants have helped the company grow and enhance its research efforts. They also speak to the confidence that the company has inspired in the medical world. Buoyed by these grants and robust financial growth in recent years, Amicus Therapeutics acquired its competitor Callidus Biopharma in November of 2013. This move gave the company ownership to proprietary and intellectual material pertinent to the treatment of Pompe disease.

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Beneful: For The Love of Dogs

Who doesn’t love a talking dog? I can’t think of any better way to sell dog food than to use cute dogs to do it. Apparently, neither can Beneful commercial . All of their commercials sport an adorable mutt spouting off hilarious one liners. If you have ever seen a commercial for Bush’s Baked Beans you know exactly what I am talking about and to know more click here.

What’s almost funnier than the talking canines is the adults who are talking to them. It reminds me of when I say good morning to my sweet little Midnight while cooing and staring at her like she really must understand every word I utter. The adults in this commercial are sure to make any mutt loving adult want to go out and do the right thing, which in this case is, of course to buy Beneful. Why not? Every dog deserves the best.


Find Out About Jason Hope, the Technology Entrepreneur; His Philanthropy and Prediction of the Future of Technology

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an American technology entrepreneur, futurist, and a philanthropist. His passion for technology helps him learn the technological trends and predict its future. As a result, businesses consult him on all matters regarding technology.

He runs Jason Hope Consulting Company. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a board member and an advisor at the Arizona Science Center


Jason attended Arizona State University where he acquired his first degree in finance. He then joined the Arizona State University, W.P Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA.


Jason established mobile communication company that developed various mobile apps and software. He firmly believed in using the technology to improve the human welfare. As a result, he came up with gaming software and devices. He believed that the apps would significantly contribute to easing the people’s daily struggles thus making them live longer and healthier lives.

His technological expertise makes him one of the most resourceful individuals in the world. He has a consultancy firm creates a platform for him to channel his advice to businesses and institutions. He is also an advisor at the Arizona Science Center.


Jason has donated to several institutions sharing his course; making the world a happier and healthier place. He has funded research and development programs. In 2010, he contributed $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation. The foundation focuses on anti-aging research aimed at the development of regenerative medicine.

He is passionate about the youth. This is evident in how he has structured talks to guide students on technology issues. He has also been advocating for the change in the educational programs to equip the students with skills to learn more: click here.

Jason has also contributed to institutions that help in improving the health and social welfare of the people. Among these institutions are Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation and Teach for America Phoenix.

Jason’s Future Prediction

The internet is the next big frontier in the business world. The devices are increasingly becoming interconnected making it easier for people to access information. Jason believes that any business must capitalize on online marketing and networking to remain relevant.

The eye-catching story of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 3 minutes

Chris Villanueva is an active practitioner with a goal of promoting great practices from both corporate dentistry and sole practitioner of the health sector. He is the founder of MB2 Dental. After working on both sides of the provider services equation, Villanueva began his company with right skills and knowledge of what is required to offer significant help without putting into comprising the integrity of his profession.

With the knowledge that dental specialists needed professional help that did not come with strings attached, Villanueva founded the firm. Since it was launched, the company has supported dental practitioners in more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. The company has 533 employees with an excellent team of leaders who are willing to continue with this trend of great services. Visit to know more.

The inspiration behind MB2 Dental Solutions

According to Villanueva, after graduation, dentists had two options. Either join an established institution with state of the art technology or start their private practice. The findings inspired him to come up with a model that links the two; he founded MB2. The organization puts the dental specialists first and then the patients.

How MB2 Dental is transforming the Dental sector for dental practitioners and patients

The main aim that MB2 was founded is to help doctors working together collaborate with each other to utilize their knowledge and resources to give the best services. MB2 is also bringing a new culture to the dental industry. It gives a fresh look and a youthful idea of how practice management and dental management should work. It changes the lives of many patients and dental practitioners in the US and around the world.

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The reason why MB2 Dental is unique

Unlike other dental practice management firms that are drab and uninspired, MB2 Dental is different. It brings something unique to the industry. It focuses more than just the profits. It focuses on personal growth, autonomy, and support and enjoying life together. The firm helps specialists make improvements that benefit the world. The innovations promote excellent operating standards that lead to higher levels of living and promote industrial growth.

In conclusion, Dr Chris Villanueva is an outstanding individual who has brought much change in the dental world. His excellent leaders At MB2 have helped dental doctors and patients enjoy good dental practices and lead a better life. Read more articles on