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Lime Crime Is the Model for New Businesses

The success of Doe Deere and her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, was recently the topic of an interview with the Queen of Unicorns herself. In the interview conducted by ideamensch, she revealed her techniques for success and how to run a successful business.

Deere started her business on eBay in 2004 based on a whim and turned it into an empire. Along the way to success, Deere used herself as a model and was a vociferous spokeswoman for her company as it evolved into a brand. She successfully caught the wave that millions of young women were riding that include a more theatrical use for makeup and the bright colors and strong combinations that expressed this new sense of individual expression. While the world was turning away from conservative casual fashion and adopting a leisurewear lifestyle, Deere was providing the public with what they desired. In the truest sense of business, Deere was providing a supply for a demand. The timing was perfect, and Deere soon became a fixture on the celebrity scene just below the status of reality stars. Anyone who had contact with Deere felt a sense of her strong personality and charisma. Her persona has an elusive mystic quality, and many in personal contact with Deere easily become one of her “unicorns.” But her admirers are not limited to young women and teenaged girls, many men including an artist producing life-like dolls and a fashion photographer have become enchanted by this woman and made her their model.

In the ideamensch interview she opened up to the interviewer and revealed some of the mystery surrounding her inspirations and business management style. She appears to be easy to like, and a non-confrontational type of business mogul.

Lime Crime and many new businesses developed on eBay and on other Internet connecting sites are the new businesses of this post-modern age. The corporate giants of the past that have dominated the world of business are examples of an outdated plutocracy whose elimination can only help the concept of small business and small business people, who have had a very rough going in the past decades. We should welcome Lime Crime and the new and improved business model of founder Doe Deere. Visit the Lime Crime website here: Lime Crime

Doe Deere and the Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an individual who is not only known for her talent within the makeup industry, but is also known for her vibrant and inspirational personality that has encouraged individuals from all over the world to change the way that they think about makeup as well as the way that they put on makeup. Doe Deere believes that makeup should be used to not only emphasize the beautiful features in each of the faces of her clients, but should also use makeup in order to spread a positive attitude and to display confidence when meeting people in public. Doe Deere wants to change the fact that makeup is often used to cover blemishes and imperfections and wants to makeup fun once again and a chance to express one’s emotions. Doe Deere looks to showcase her products to individuals all over the world as well as to showcase the importance of giving a positive attitude.

Doe Deere is the proud owner of a company that is known as Lime Crime, a company that was created to use bold and bright colors to accentuate the features on the different faces of individuals all over the world. Doe Deere wants each and every one of her customers to feel confident when they put on the makeup that she has created and wants for every individual to feel beautiful with their makeup choice. Lime Crime stands out as a makeup brand due to the fact that the brand uses bright colors such as lime as the name of the company suggests.

Doe Deere grew up in the vibrant city of New York, a city that encouraged Doe Deere to pursue her passion for makeup. As a famous and growing entrepreneur, Doe Deere wants to make sure that she also inspires individuals all over the world to have a career that they truly feel passionate about. Though Doe Deere is doing what she loves, she did feel stuck at one time while working for an insurance company. Doe Deere encourages others to do what they love and to feel challenged in the work that they pursue.

In the opinion of Doe Deere, one of the most important aspects in owning a business is to respect the employees as well as the customers of the company and to create a great environment that encourages individuals to work and to truly feel a part of the company. Doe Deere has created a fun environment that showcases her creative personality as well as her infectious smile that makes anyone feel happy. For future plans for Lime Crime, Doe Deere hopes to continue to build the company to make more of her customers happy all over the world.

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Doe Deere Looks To Change The Way We All View Fashion

The fashion industry has always been evolving and changing with the latest movements in youth styles that can be enjoyed by almost everybody, the problem LimeCrime founder Doe Deere has is the fact the fashion industry still traps us all in a historic set of rules and regulations. Doe Deere does not believe the fashion industry should be limiting the people within it and those looking to mold their own style to fit in with a set of rules that may not fit into their own fashion sense. Deere has been explaining her own fashion choices and states the rules of pattern and color do not exist in her world, which means she can choose to pair any fashion choices she believes would fit well together.

Doe Deere brings together a wide range of influences that can be seen in the way she has lived her life and set out upon her own successful fashion industry career. For Deere the constricting rules of the fashion industry did not give he the freedom to create looks for herself and her models that she desired for her marketing products. The unhappiness Deere felt about the range of cosmetics on offer for herself and her LimeCrime fashion line led to the creation of her own range of makeup that led to the cosmetics brand being created.

Deere has since established her LimeCrime brand as one of the fastest developing brands in the world, which has seen LimeCrime grow into a business with a large number of employees. LimeCrime is still largely operated under the guidance of Doe Deere who has excelled in creating a public image as the queen of the unicorns with her fairytale style clothing and makeup choices. These cosmetics choices make up the largest area of the LimeCrime brands range of products, which have set it out as a major influence on those who follow Doe Deere Online through social media and blogs.

The traditional rules of fashion do not need to be set in stone, according to Doe Deere. The LimeCrime CEO has explained she believes rules like the use of only one bold makeup choice no longer apply in the modern world; the same can be said of the idea that vibrant hair colors mean only basic makeup and clothing choices can be undertaken, which is a rule Doe Deere has rejected over the years. Deere also believes clothing and cosmetics should be a personal choice for the individual who should not feel forced into making choices based on what others feel best suits their style and personality.