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Securus Technologies Helps Families Keep in Touch

Securus Technologies is a premier communication company that serves correction facilities. It avails its services to prisons within the United States. Friends and family members can make contact with their loved ones in correction facilities. What makes Securus services to stand out is the nature of love and care in their communication systems. Securus communication systems makes it possible for video visitations. During the festive holiday, inmates can contact their loved ones such as kids. While inmates may have to remain in the correction facilities, it doesn’t mean that they cannot have an enjoyable time with their family. Children that have reconnected with their parents have benefited from the program. Fathers can get an update on how their children are doing in school. They can learn how relatives are doing and assist them in the opening of gifts.


In a recent YouTube video titled Securus Family Communication during Christmas, Securus highlighted the benefits of the visitation program. The video showed a father calling his son during Christmas. He further witnesses his son opening a Christmas gift. Through the video program, a father enjoys a beautiful moment with his son. Such a particular moment is difficult to find. I find the video visitation technology as highly beneficial. A family can bond with their family during special and memorable days like Christmas.


Another unique service offered by Securus is the ability to make and receive calls. Through the use of the service, inmates can open up a prepaid account. It allows them to get calls from friends and family regularly. The next special service is the ability to have a virtual visitation from home. The visitation allows family members to communicate in real time. A web camera installed in the communication system has made this possible. Through the use of the communication system, family members have had a more personalized communication. When looking to receive the services, both inmates and relatives have to pay twenty-five cents. The amount is charge every minute for each call.


I find that the kind of services provided by the company as extremely critical. Securus specializes in communication equipment and solutions. Various members within the law enforcement community have benefited. The company provides effective technology communication services. Securus Technologies has always shown its commitment to help inmates and their family. While everyone wants prisoners to stay in jail, children need to grow with their dads and moms. There is no better way to make this possible than the video visitation service.


Reputable and Dedicated

Receiving accreditation from a reputable source such as the Better Business Bureau is a big deal, especially for a technological corporation such as Securus Technologies. The information technology firm, which is based out of Dallas,Texas, was recently given a rating of an A+ by the Bureau, which makes it a highly rated and prestigious presence in the technology industry. When asked about what this means for Securus, the Senior Vice President of Operations for the organization, Danny de Hoyas, said that their relationship with the Better Business Bureau has successfully prepared them to make revolutionary strides towards reaching new goals with their customers.


Securus Technologies focuses primarily on providing excellent service and products to its niche selection of customers, which are currently incarcerated individuals serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. These consumers are often times ignored by other companies as lost causes, but Securus Technologies have successfully identified them as reliable and loyal customers who they wish to accommodate. Securus does this in a number of ways, providing high quality communication products designed to make communication between the inmates and their family members a much easier process. One form of technology developed by Securus is a free downloadable application, which is available on both Android and Apple devices and allows the customer to communicate through seamless streaming video chat. This prodfuct allows the inmate and their family members to bypass normal visitation periods and interact virtually for less time and from any location, making it extremely convenient and useful.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing high levels of service and products to their customers, which means that they will go leaps and bounds beyond the normal scope of what is required of them to meet these goals.


Securus Technologies Connects Thousands of Inmates with Their Families

Securus vice president of marketing and strategy Mr. Russell Roberts explained how Securus found a new option for the communication of families with their incarcerated relatives. Normally many people have to travel to prison and make long queues o talk with their loved ones. At times, the mile long journey is not fruitful because one could arrive when the visit time is over. The rigidity in prison is tough such that a person cannot call anytime to ask for communication with a friend in prison. All these issues in consideration led o the launching of a video call communication app in many prisons. The application has helped eliminate the rigidity in many prisons because ones a person downloads the application he. She can synchronize it with their calendar and continue receiving notification for scheduled video calls.

Thousands of inmates have reconnected with their families and families have reconnected through the new video visitation app. Downloading the application is free and easy as it is found in the Google play store for Androids and in the app store for Apple devices. Important family moments can be a reality now for many prisoners who lost hope of ever rejoining their families. 65000 downloads have been recorded for the inmate communication app. More people will have the ability to participate together with their incarcerated loved ones in sporting events, birthdays, weddings and other great family memories. The person with the app can dictate what time is convenient for the video inmate phone calls when they receive the notification.

Securus Technologies is the ultimate company that has been purposed to reconnect what matters like now inmates to their families and friends, reconnecting inmates with technology, reconnecting correctional agencies with important information on the criminal investigation and also connecting emergency responders with those who need emergency help and security. Also, to their services, Securus Technologies ensures that important information about public safety is properly handled promoting the safety of all persons in the world. The company has the required experience in handling public safety since it has been operational for more than 30 years. Many prisons are their beneficiaries.

Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas Texas and has had the ability to handle 3450 correction agencies and served more than 1,200,000 prisoners in the northern parts of America. Back then inmates were even dying when in correction centers, but Securus technological advancements have made inmates feel free to self-service while in jail. The company is one of its kinds and is using the best strategy to promote security in many regions of the world.

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