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A closer look at MB-2 Dental:

MB-2 Dental is an large dental practice type development firm. MB-2 Dental was created by skilled and experienced dentists looking to develop as well advance their career by performing a variety of dental services to patients throughout the country.

MB-2 Dental provides dentists with the new growth as well as ownership opportunities within the industry. In addition, experienced and ambitious dentists will gain clinical independence as well as additional experience practicing dentistry. Finally, MB-2 gives a skilled dentist the opportunity to earn exceptional income and at the same time meeting new and exciting people.

MB-2 currently has offices in six states. The company’s main headquarters is located in Carrollton Texas. MB-2 Dental has an exceptional leadership team including Dr. Chris Villanueva and Justin Puckett.

Dr. Villanueva is the original founder as well as CEO of the organization. Dr. Villanueva has extensive experience practicing dentistry as an associate dentist. In addition, Dr. Villaneuva has 10 years experience as an Dental Director. This dentist enjoys practicing dentistry as well as learning and understanding the business side of running a successful dental practice. Dr. Villaneuva is a valuable asset to MB-2 Dental. He is a graduate of the University of Florida Dental School.

Justin Puckett is currently the President of MB-2 Dental. Mr. Puckett has extensive training and experience within business management as well as law. Mr. Puckett has a degree in Accounting and Law. He did practice law for a number of years however, he seemed to enjoy learning about the field of dentistry as well as the business aspect of running a dental establishment. Justin Puckett has exceptional leadership and management skills.

MB-2 makes certain that they employ only the most experienced dentists to become a part of their professional team. In addition, dentists are taught how to run a business which includes HR issues, any legal problems that may arise, meeting certain compliance standards and building a long term relationship with their dental patients.

MB-2 Dental can help support your dental practice so that you meet your long term business and financial goals. The organization helps skilled dentists get back into the field of dentistry. However, MB-2 feels that it is important for a dentist to also learn how to run an effective dental practice from the ground up.

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Talk Fusion’s CEO Discusses Philanthropy

Talk Fusion is the premier video marketing and communication solutions company on the internet today. Talk Fusion has grown to its current status thanks to the hard work of founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 when he realized that there weren’t any companies adequately approaching the growing video marketing industry. Reina decided to do it himself and as a result his company has grown by leaps and bounds — most recently scoring some huge industry awards in 2016. Now, CEO Bob Reina is taking some time to talk about how philanthropy has played a huge role in the growth of his company.


If you wanted to look at Reina’s history of giving you would find that his philanthropy is wide and varied and always generous. Reina’s biggest impact was probably his record breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. While that million dollar donation was certainly eye popping, it is far from his only work in the field. Reina has also given to orphanages in countries that struggle to keep them funded – Indonesia, for example.


Reina knows that you can’t just sit idly by if you are lucky enough to have earned the power that he has. Reina has a phrase that he likes to go back to early and often, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” These words may seem like fluff but, as you can see above, they are anything but. In fact, Reina has taken this motto and he’s instilled it straight into the DNA that comprises Talk Fusion — from top to bottom.


Right now Talk Fusion is offering a special charity account program that aims to connect clients straight to their charities. The Talk Fusion charity account offers Talk Fusion associates the ability to connect a charity of their choice with an account. The charity account has all of the traditional offerings of other Talk Fusion accounts: Video Email, Sign Up Forms, Video Chat, Live Meetings and more. This is just one way that Talk Fusion is pushing and innovating in the game.


Cassio Audi: Improving Brazilian Investment Management

Cassio Audi started his schooling at the University of Pontificia Universidade and he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In 1992 he started a career at JP Morgan Chase. In 1996 Cassio Audi joined Dow Chemical as a Senior Financial Analyst. Cassio Audi has over twenty-three years of experience in financial related issues. He has been an advisor in all types of businesses, including public and private companies.

Recently, Cassio Audi has been involved in efforts to help Brazil and their economy. Over the years, Brazil has been experiencing a weak economy, slow growth, and stagnant markets. New investors are being challenged at finding the best investments for Brazil. An example of an investor working hard to improve these slow changes is Cassio Audi. He is a man that has been delivering outstanding leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills towards the Brazilian Investment Management systems.

The Brazilian Investments Management specialized in many security assets such as bonds, shares, and real estate. These securities are set up to meet investment goals for the investors. Investors include pension funds, insurance companies, charities, and corporations. Brazilian Investment Management services comprises asset selections of stock, financial statement analysis, while constantly keeping a watch on the investments. While Brazilian Investments Management deals more with the financial category, investment managers have millions of staff to help with the day to day business. Cassio Audi is part of the financial manager that is needed to help assist the efforts of the Brazilian Investments. He works hard for the client, companies, and the management systems for the economy of Brazil, which is the reason why he became the leader in the Brazilian Investment market.

Tech Fashion Trends for the Future with Christopher Burch

Both fashion and technological fields have witnessed various changes as years passed on. The sole steady element is that both sectors grew together, and with time, technology became fashionable whilst fashion ended up being creatively fashionable. Nevertheless, the manner in which they have developed concurrently is a stunning thing. A past and present overview, gives evidence on what could be waiting for these two sectors and right now, the blend of both fashion & technology is still occurring. The designers of fashion take pleasure in coming with what satisfies the new world necessities while at the same time applying the new technologies. Such utilization delivers a more prominent standard in usefulness and development.

We can also give an example with the Dutch fashion planner Anouk Wipprecht who combined fashion and technology and shows the way technology is like a playing area. Hence, it is where experimentation takes place and as one plunges further into the frameworks and technology, it remunerates the individual with boundless open doors. Anouk is perceived for her cutting edge fashion designs. For example, she came up with the DareDroid; the drink-making dress and Pseudomorphs; the self-painting dress. Distinctive fashions advance utilizing technology in a way to offer people with what they desire. In spite of the fact that it may not be vogue to wear a bicycle protection, Terese Alstin & Anna Haupt established a system whereby the cyclists would have an airbag around their neck. Whenever an accident or incident occurs, the airbag would pop right from the neckwear and protect someone’s the cyclist head from physical injury or impact.

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and originator of Burch Creative Capital. The association’s project rationality inclines with the Burch’s entrepreneurial capabilities and his vision towards new market opportunities, innovativeness, imagination usefulness, support & scale, prompting to direct, incubation, positive & continuing impact on clients’ lives. In his just 40 year career as a specialist in finances and business visionary, Burch has partaken in the development of more than 50 associations. By applying instinctive comprehension of clients conduct with direct and worldwide sourcing foundation, he has built up a stable reputation of ensuring innovation has positive effects to its organization.

The image portfolio      that Burch portrays entails the ED presentations by Poppin, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Ellen DeGeneres, and TRADEMARK to a list of established brands before embracement by Christopher among others such as the Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone and Voss Water. Burch’s great ability helped him continuously to keep innovation and implementation at work. Besides he acknowledged any new achievement as a result of understanding customer conduct while applying his experience to utilize direct-to-consumer and better sourcing foundation channels.