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Drew Madden Determines Explanation and Opportunity for Ownership of Health Care Consumer

There have been two significant reports in the health care industry in recent months. First, there was the announcement of the purchase of Aetna Healthcare by CVS, and then the report of Amazon’s purchase of a pharmaceutical license.


The reports generated speculation that with Amazon obtaining its license in multiple states for the distribution of medical equipment, that it will create major changes in the health care industry. The license for medical equipment could only be a starting point for prescription medications and other health-related needs. With Amazon’s fast-tracking to gain its leverage over the consumer with the purchase of Whole Foods, there is good evidence that the company could move into the pharmaceutical industry with the same force and quickly become a formidable competitor and seemingly “own” the consumer.


Consumers want access to health care in ways that are convenient and technologically safe. Based on the success of the MinuteClinic that CVS acquired in 2006, the pharmacy chain has chosen an obvious strategy to bring the health-conscious customer through its front doors. Another indication is with the addition of the CVS next-day prescription delivery recently announced. Click Here for additional information.


CVS is going up against companies like Amazon that have a competitive edge on the consumer for developing a potential ownership of their health needs. CVS appears to be taking an offensive approach towards their market share of the consumer. However, both companies have taken strong moves for introducing business models that are intended to create consumer-friendly technologies and opportunities to create a “consumerization”, which only benefits the health needs of their customers.


Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT consultant and entrepreneur. For the last decade, he has partnered with leading business management firms and health care companies within the United States. He’s driven towards finding the best solutions for companies and building desired outcomes to benefit their clients. His expertise and strategic awareness has been used as a consultant for Nordic Consulting Partners as well as Ingenix (now known as OptumInsight), a United Healthcare company. He’s passionate about building knowledgeable teams to create trusted partnerships for business development.



Drew Madden On Why Amazon And CVS Could Soon Help All Of Us

There is a decent chance that you are already an Amazon customer in some form or fashion. A lot of people buy all kinds of things from the company that promises to provide “Everything from A to Z”. However, you might not have ever thought about them as the kind of place that you might want to purchase your pharmaceuticals from. It is a concept that is just now starting to gain traction.


A few states throughout the country are considered a petition for licenses for Amazon to begin to sell drugs within their borders. If approved, this could be a massive shift in the way in which drugs are purchased in the United States as a whole. That has not yet been decided, but there is reason to believe that this shift could be coming.


That is what CVS believes at any rate as they have decided to buy health insurance giant Aetna as a way of insulating themselves. CVS seems to know that its business model is under threat if Amazon gains approval, and that has startled them enough that they now want to buy anything in sight to help establish a more diversified business model.


Drew Madden has been watching these business moves with incredible interest. He sees how CVS and Amazon both feel that they deserve to be the one that leads the pack when it comes to providing pharmaceuticals to the masses, but he also knows that the battle could in fact help customers more than anyone else.


He has worked in healthcare information technology for a number of years. Drew Madden has been both an employee and now his own self-made man in the industry. In both cases, he tries to discover the best possible ways to deliver the healthcare products that patients need. To do this, he has to stay on top of major news in the industry such as Amazon possibly getting involved.


These are the moments when the spotlight is shined brightly on this particular industry, but the truth is that they always have at least a few interesting things going on at any given point in time. Visit This Page to learn more.



Jason Hope Sees Bright Future Ahead For Tech

Jason Hope is a man who understands the world of tech. he has helped build the tech industry of Arizona by himself through his various startups and he continues to stand out as an exceptionally gifted entrepreneur. Now he has released a new book discussing the latest trend of Internet of Things technology. He wants to take this technology and give readers a better understanding of what the tech industry can do for them. His book lets us see how automation will make just about everything in our homes and workplaces is going to change in a very big and important way.

There are plenty of people out there who think that IoT is a boring or unimportant technology. Hope changes this perception by making it clear that IoT is going to do important things for all of us in the form of simplifying and speeding up our lives. Instead of worrying about things that we now handle on a daily basis we will have all of it done for us by technology. We will wake up and see basic functions such as turning on lights or cooking food made much easier. Our devices will have powers we previously hadn’t thought of.

Hope isn’t the only one who thinks that we’re going in an amazing direction at an incredible rate. His book has gotten praise and accolades for the way it treats a number of technological breakthroughs with the deep detailing and understanding necessary. Many others in this field have said the exact same things that Hope has said indicating that he is not alone. In general, the Internet of Things is going to introduce an entirely new way of understanding our world. It won’t take long for this to turn into something more serious than anybody could’ve imagined.

The Internet of Things is giving developers an unlimited imagination including everything from self driving cars to furniture and beyond. You don’t need to think very hard to see the possibilities for yourself. Hope is giving people a way to understand something that will soon impact their lives. He himself is a software developer with a serious desire to make the world around him a much better place. He believes in technology and sees it as the best way to make the world around him a better place. It looks like he might just be right with the ways things look.

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Talk Fusion Contributes To the HuffPost

Florida based video marketing company Talk Fusion is among the industry leaders. Founded in 2007 by the current chief executive, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has grown to become a global leader in video marketing with independent selling associates in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers, video marketing solutions to their clients in the form of video emails, video newsletters, and all-round hard to forget and persuasive visual content. Talk Fusion is credited with the introduction of the first ever instant pay compensation plan.


A member of the direct selling association, Talk Fusion adhered to a strict code of conduct and quality standards. Talk Fusion offers a variety of video products aimed at marketing an organization. Talk Fusion products are tailored to fit a client’s specific needs. With its experienced staff and advanced video technology, Talk Fusion aspires to help businesses grow while also improving lives.


Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been a contributor to the Huffington Post, now rebranded HuffPost, since 2016. As a firm believer in setting people up to succeed, Bob Reina keeps people up to speed on matters innovation through his HuffPost segment. Bob Reina’s contributor platform highlights entrepreneurship, marketing and video technology trends, lifestyle, skillful selling, and self-development. Just like his company Talk Fusion, Bob Reina believes in giving back to the community and animal charities to foster global change. It is with this in mind that Bob Reina has decided to share his knowledge not only with Talk Fusion clients but also with the over 200 million readers of the HuffPost.


Talk Fusion hopes to bring marketing and technology expertise to the HuffPost. With over 25 years experience in direct sales and video marketing, Bob Reina’s perspective to the ever-growing news platform is unique and appealing. The HuffPost readers can now have access to first-hand marketing and business know-how from one of the world’s most accomplished marketers. On April 26th, 2017, Reina’s article, “How to Survive in a Society of Quitters” was released by the HuffPost. “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” is also an article by Bob Reina. The HuffPost readers can look forward to more insightful posts like this in the future. Learn more:

The Success of CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith remains a prolific member in the society. He has done tremendous achievements in his move towards ensuring revolutionalization of the community. Rick presently holds the CEO position in the Securus Technologies Company. The organization focuses on upgrading functions of prison activities through provision of symmetrical information flow. Rick has also served for 11 years in the Eschelon firm under various capacities. He served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, and CEO. These are sound positions that reveal his enormous zeal and determination towards ensuring organizational excellence.Mr. Smith has strong academic qualifications that many associate them to his good leadership qualities he fosters in any organization he serves. Rick holds Associate degree that he acquired from Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (State University of New York), Buffalo as well Master’s in the faculty of Engineering from the same institution. Apart from the highlighted educational qualifications, Smith holds MBA from University of Rochester.

In his capacity at the Securus organization, Rick works hard to ensure improvement in the facilitation of proper functioning of prison activities. In his efforts, he tries to ensure that inmates are ever in pace with the world dynamics. In this concern he always works hard to ensure they acquire relevant skills and expertise similar to the outside world people. He ensures proper mechanisms are set in place limiting the prisoners from misusing the provided technologies. The availability of phones, Rick has helped inmates communicate to their loved ones helping them suffer less from any separation influences. The availability of email features has aid in increasing information flow between the inmates and their people in the external world. This is a great milestone towards ensuring the inmates have a positive picture of the developments ad growths happening in the world despite their absence.

The legacy of Mr. Smith has spread over the world due to his core determination in stimulating positive impacts on the lives of many has shown above. Rick is known for giving priorities to the appropriate aspects that give competitive advantage to the functioning of organizations. His core motive remains serving the company’s customers in the best way possible to ensure immense satisfaction. Many people admire Mr. Smith’s formula and strategies of operations since they are always associated with success.Rick has served as a board member of the Eschelon Telcom Inc and currently a member of the Integra Telcom Co Ltd. His insights play a core role in the mentorship of many youths. Rick values the existence of competition in the effort of giving customers value for their money. In line with this ideology, he always ensures continuous innovation and strategy redefinition to enhance prosperity of the Securus entity.

Internet of Things the Crystal Ball of Future: Jason Hope

Hope is what Jason Hope delineate as it comes to entrepreneurship; a visionary, donor, and investor are some of the big terms that describe him. A Finance degree graduate with Arizona State University and an MBA from the College W.P. Carey School of Business. His visionary skills are attributed to his passion in Mobile Technology which he uses as a forecaster of the future technology business advancements. Hope believes that the Internet is the key to future as most modern devices are connected, defined as Smart Devices.

Technology is the foundation or pillar of Jason entrepreneurship, he calls it Internet of things (IoT) which incorporate smart devices that can access the internet. It’s on this provision of indispensable data that can be used in marketing. An estimate that is double the world population of 15 billion devices is considered as Smart devices and expected to grow three times by the year 2020.

Jason hope explores the various ways in which IoT can be a positive impact on the healthcare, i.e., biotechnology that battles age related ailments. This one area that has turned him into a passionate philanthropist; donating $500,00 SENS Foundation in support of Biotechnologies research which he believes is the future. Hope fascination comes from the belief that technology is the solution to modern challenges in society pointing us to an exciting future. He has extensively published online publications on the Internet of Things vying for more tech leaders interest on taking IoT to the highest level of technology. Consumer goods are also IoT beneficiaries turning into smart devices, i.e., home appliances, etc. that can be monitored using smart phones/devices through message alerts.

IoT is also involved in the transport system, making it smart for public transport thus bringing safety and satisfaction. This also contributes to Go Green campaign in reducing air pollution and traffic challenges.

It’s on this that Jason can also be spotted mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs in various High schools. A risk taker, self-motivated and Go getter are some of the characteristics that a successful entrepreneur can be characterized with to learn more about us:—d2KObnZ36N51A/ click here.

Find Out About Jason Hope, the Technology Entrepreneur; His Philanthropy and Prediction of the Future of Technology

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an American technology entrepreneur, futurist, and a philanthropist. His passion for technology helps him learn the technological trends and predict its future. As a result, businesses consult him on all matters regarding technology.

He runs Jason Hope Consulting Company. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a board member and an advisor at the Arizona Science Center


Jason attended Arizona State University where he acquired his first degree in finance. He then joined the Arizona State University, W.P Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA.


Jason established mobile communication company that developed various mobile apps and software. He firmly believed in using the technology to improve the human welfare. As a result, he came up with gaming software and devices. He believed that the apps would significantly contribute to easing the people’s daily struggles thus making them live longer and healthier lives.

His technological expertise makes him one of the most resourceful individuals in the world. He has a consultancy firm creates a platform for him to channel his advice to businesses and institutions. He is also an advisor at the Arizona Science Center.


Jason has donated to several institutions sharing his course; making the world a happier and healthier place. He has funded research and development programs. In 2010, he contributed $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation. The foundation focuses on anti-aging research aimed at the development of regenerative medicine.

He is passionate about the youth. This is evident in how he has structured talks to guide students on technology issues. He has also been advocating for the change in the educational programs to equip the students with skills to learn more: click here.

Jason has also contributed to institutions that help in improving the health and social welfare of the people. Among these institutions are Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation and Teach for America Phoenix.

Jason’s Future Prediction

The internet is the next big frontier in the business world. The devices are increasingly becoming interconnected making it easier for people to access information. Jason believes that any business must capitalize on online marketing and networking to remain relevant.