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European Union needs fixing because of Syria, says Soros; he promoted the principles of an open society

What does George Soros, a financier worth billions, mean when he says that Europe is on the verge of collapsing? Is it due to the migration management issue, where more than a million migrants have come in troves to Europe in 2015? Soros criticism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been well documented, mainly pointed at her drastic change in leadership on Europe’s migration crisis. It was Merkel who originally said that Europe was on the verge of collapse. And what is causing this massive migration? One word: Syria.
What does that mean? George Soros praised the chancellor before she stuck her neck out and resisted the aggression in Russia. It was Chancellor Merkel who understood – according to Soros – that the migration crisis would mean a breakdown of the Schengen system (which is a large IT system that collects, processes and shares information consistent with external border management) – and undermining Europe’s common market. Merkel’s leadership style, says Soros, is making the public nervous. Whereas Merkel’s leadership style used to show her as being “cautious and deliberate,” now because of the migration process, she is viewed as impulsive and a big risk taker.

European leaders should have taken a lesson from the Greek crisis, when that country stumbled through multiple crisis’ whereas Europe’s crisis’ are already at five or six. There were the terrorists attacks I Paris in November 2015, where there were 128 casualties.

Soros says the European Union and its potential collapse was once a prediction that has now come to be reality. But the destruction of the European Union is not beyond being fixable, he says. It is the Germans who can keep Merkel’s very prediction of the Europe collapse from actually coming to fruition.

But when Soros opinion came out public, Alex Stubb, finance minister for Finland called the European collapse “free movement of money” and the Germany’s migrant policy was open and humane and that it is the fundamental freedoms of the European Union that are threatened. It is all about the free movement of people and the agreement in the Schengen system.
According to Soros, the Germans are the dominant powers in Europe and will they accept both liability and responsibility of migrants pouring into Europe. Both the Germans and Merkel have reached a level of hegemony (preponderant influence or authority over others).

Merkel’s decisions hinged a lot on German public opinion, says Soros, especially the banking system of Europe going down the tubes and not being saved. The tragedy of the European Union could have turned out a lot differently had Merkel sought to change German public opinion and not trailed behind it. That is basically how Merkel has remained the chancellor for a decade because of her drive to satisfy German public opinion, garnering her support from Europeans and the national interest of Germany.

Soros, who supports an open society, does so, he says, because as a Jewish citizen, he made it through the Holocaust while Merkel grew up in East Germany under communism. So what makes Europe oppose so much the entry of these migrants?

Soros says that there is not a strong foundation promoting open society principles in the European nation. Europe has always exemplified to Soros the principles of an open society.