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Marc Sparks Focuses on People

Marc Sparks is a person whom a person would look to when starting a business. He has been so poor that he used his gas credit card to purchase groceries at the gas station and yet never gave up hope. That hope allowed him to see beyond his current circumstances and build several successful startups, including Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek Capital allows Sparks to help those who have the vision and a plan to see their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

This C average high school student did not go on to attend college but instead pushed himself into a worldly education. Most high school graduates do not get as far as college graduates but Sparks was able to because of that lack of fear. He realizes that “you can’t win them all” and plays the game anyways, knowing there are risks. Since starting Timber Creek Capital in 2000, he has been able to invest time and effort into companies such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

In his office that creates the businesses of tomorrow, Sparks makes sure that people his company has an open door policy. Three startup companies reside in his Dallas, Texas office where they are able to have an extensive incubation period. Using his knowledge, he realizes that environment and collaboration are a quarter of what it takes to succeed.

When deciding to move his company after fourteen years, he uses a dark windowed warehouse versus fifth avenue New York City as an example of the feeling a person gets about their job. And being able to talk to him in real time- or as he calls it Spark time- means they get more one on one with a visionary in the entrepreneur world.

His desire to invest in people extends beyond Timber Creek Capitals though. He recently wrote a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” that inspires people not just through his successes but also through his failures, reminding people that failure means they took a chance.

He also donates to companies around Dallas, such as the American Can! Academy, a magnet high school in Dallas. Their “Sparky Kids” foundation gives at-risk teenagers a computer in order to help break poverty. He donates time at the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter, and has helped build a dozen homes with Habitat for Humanity.

During his free time, Sparks enjoys outdoor activities and traveling. Marc Sparks is leading the way in helping change a city and a nation.