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Reputable and Dedicated

Receiving accreditation from a reputable source such as the Better Business Bureau is a big deal, especially for a technological corporation such as Securus Technologies. The information technology firm, which is based out of Dallas,Texas, was recently given a rating of an A+ by the Bureau, which makes it a highly rated and prestigious presence in the technology industry. When asked about what this means for Securus, the Senior Vice President of Operations for the organization, Danny de Hoyas, said that their relationship with the Better Business Bureau has successfully prepared them to make revolutionary strides towards reaching new goals with their customers.


Securus Technologies focuses primarily on providing excellent service and products to its niche selection of customers, which are currently incarcerated individuals serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. These consumers are often times ignored by other companies as lost causes, but Securus Technologies have successfully identified them as reliable and loyal customers who they wish to accommodate. Securus does this in a number of ways, providing high quality communication products designed to make communication between the inmates and their family members a much easier process. One form of technology developed by Securus is a free downloadable application, which is available on both Android and Apple devices and allows the customer to communicate through seamless streaming video chat. This prodfuct allows the inmate and their family members to bypass normal visitation periods and interact virtually for less time and from any location, making it extremely convenient and useful.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing high levels of service and products to their customers, which means that they will go leaps and bounds beyond the normal scope of what is required of them to meet these goals.


Securus Technologies Points to GTL Wrongdoings in New Report

One of the leading providers of criminal technology solutions, Securus Technologies, announced that it will be releasing a series of explosive reports and findings that will shine the spotlight on multiple instances of integrity breaches by top inmate communications provider Global Tel Link. Over the coming six months, Securus will be releasing a number of different reports and studies that it hopes will shame GTL into taking on a more ethical method of operations in the future.

Overcharges and Nonstandard Rates

The first report focuses on the period of time that the GTL provided outbound telecommunications services for inmates in the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus charges that GTL knowingly programmed the clocks in their telephones at correctional institutions to add an additional 15 to 36 seconds to the duration of each call. The telecommunications company is also accused programmed its telephones to rate calls on the basis of higher rates than those permitted under PSC rate caps, plus regularly added additional amounts of money to its calls after the calls were already rated. Global Tel Link is also accused of engaging in the practice of billing single calls more than once. As a direct result of these actions, it is alleged that Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged in the amount of $1,243,000.

This first report is certainly a major blow to GTL’s reputation, and it remains to be seen the incidents of misconduct that will be revealed in further reports. Those who keep a close eye on the prison industry are eagerly anticipating the oncoming reports.

Securus Technologies: Public Safety Provider

The Dallas, Texas based Securus Technologies serves over 3,000 corrections agencies and many inmates across North America. Securus supplies a wide variety of services to corrections facilities and organizations across the Nation and is fully dedicated to promoting best practices in the prison industry.