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Heal and Soothe Removes Excess Fibrin

Years ago, a dedicated researcher, Dr. Max Wolf, wondered why older people experienced so much more pain than younger people. He spent over 30 years working at Columbia University in New York, and he refused to accept higher amounts of pain and slower healing time of wounds as an inevitable part of aging. He knew everything that happens inside the human body happens for a reason. It has a cause.

He discovered the bodies of young and old people responded differently to the experience of pain. When injured, young adults flooded the affected area with proteolytic enzumes. These enzymes reduced the experience of pain. However, older people had much lowers of proteolytic enzymes, so they suffered higher amounts of pain in response to the same stimulus.

Proteolytic enzymes are biochemical workers that break down proteins. They are vital in digesting the protein we eat. However, they are also important for many other important functions. Your body needs proteolytic enzymes to break down the proteins in invading bacteria and viruses, for instance. They also help your body break down the organic debris circulating in your blood.

Dr. Wolf’s work discovered people’s production of proteolytic enzymes goes down drastically around age 27. A twenty-year-old has twice the levels of proteolytic enzymes as someone who is seventy. In 1972, scientists discovered proteolytic enzymes were the body’s first line of defense against inflammation and the pain it causes. They manage your levels of other biochemicals called prostaglandins. Some prostaglandins help cause the pain and inflammation. Proteolytic enzymes lock onto these prostaglandins and eliminate them. This allows the good prostaglandins to move in to lower the pain.

Also, proteolytic enzymes relieve discomfort by eliminating its cause. That’s a sticky protein called fibrin. Fibrin is what causes your body to pull its flesh and skin together when it’s wounded. When you’re young, this process works well. After the wound heals, proteolytic enzymes dissolve the fibrin. However, as you age and become chronically inflamed, fibrin spreads throughout your body. That is like turning your body into hard scar tissue. It also blocks your blood from delivering oxygen and nutrition to your joint and lower back. That’s why they’re in pain. They’re being suffocated and starved. More proteolytic enzymes to dissolve that fibrin is what your body needs to feel less discomfort.

Heal and Soothe is a supplement containing many powerful proteolytic enzymes. Just three a day, and it goes right to work relieving discomfort.

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