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Funding of Pearl Harbor’s Lone Sailor Statue by the U.S. Money Reserve

December 7, 1941 is a date that forever lives in the memories of American citizens. The loss of innocent lives in Pearl Harbor led many citizens to join the Navy to bring peace and protect their nation.

The lone sailor statue

To honor the 75th Pearl Harbor anniversary, the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the U.S. Money Reserve will set an iconic lone sailor statue at the site.

The lone sailor is meant to honor men and women in the sea service who selflessly put their lives at risk in the past, present and future to protect people’s freedom. It depicts an embodiment of core values of the maritime strength which are honor, respect and devotion to duty.

According to the original Yahoo article, the bronze statue contains two pieces; a 7 feet sailor who weighs about 1000lbs and his sea bag and cleat weighing 700lbs ( Stanley Bleifeld, the official USNMF sculptor will create the statue.

To fund the statue reported, the US Money Reserve posted on twitter that it donates the sales made from the purchase of their 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coins. For every 75th Anniversary coin sold, the USMR will donate $5 to USNMF to fund the statue. This campaign will stop around 28th February 2021. The USNMF CEO described the coin as a representation of an important inflection point in the nation’s history and a remembrance of the “greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

The U.S. Money Reserve

US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now a leading gold, silver and platinum private distributor. Many people rely on USMR to diversify their assets through the U.S. gold and silver coins. It is based in Austin, Texas.

The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation

The USNMF located on Pennsylvania Avenue provides a living tribute to people in the navy service and offers them a place to meet and celebrate their honor and service.