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EOS Lip Balm: Flavor for All

While lip balm can do wonders for your skin, it can occasionally lead to irritated or cracked skin. Fortunately, EOS lip balm has started a line of lip balm with ingredients that lead to silky, consistent skin. Their spheres are designed to roll across your lip unlike other brands that require constant dabbing. This leads to an incredible feel that differs between shimmer smooth spheres, visibly soft spheres, and active protection smooth spheres. EOS lip balm is also known for a variety of flavors. Favorites include pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint for the organic smooth sticks. You can keep track of these flavors by the color of their shell; for example, the previous three colors use red, white, and green shells, respectively. For the traditional spheres, delicious flavors include medicated tangerine, summer fruit, and strawberry sorbet. There are no gimmicks or tricks. Your taste buds pick up the flavor while the lip balm goes to work on your chapped lips.

If you are a consistent lip balm user, consider a multi pack that includes three spheres of different flavors at once. EOS currently offers a winter holiday pack, but if you order online, it is possible to customize the flavors and size or your pack. Multi packs are awesome ways to experiment with new flavors and determine exactly what suits you the best. Look out for seasonal offers that combine old flavors and develop new ones based on customer feedback, To participate, visit their website to fill out surveys on the latest flavors. After consecutive feedback, you may be eligible to win rewards or special deals only available to members. Lastly, keep in mind that the delicious flavors and natural motion of your lips make it possible to accidentally consume lip balm. While this is not intended, EOS’s products are harmless when ingested, and you do not have to worry about any side effects. Try out EOS lip balm today to find your own favorite flavor! The products are available on Well, Target and Walmart.

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