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Talkspace Millennials finding it Easier to Get Therapy Online Than Traditional Method

More and more people are going to therapy sessions these days as it helps them in managing their emotions and overcome the feeling of fear, stress, and anxiety. There are many different types of feelings that people feel these days, which if not managed properly can impact life negatively. Getting professional consultation is necessary for such situation, but many people discard the thought of going for traditional therapy as it costs a lot. Many people in the United States do not have health insurance that would cover counseling. However, mobile applications like Talkspace are changing the dynamics entirely in this sector by allowing people to consult with professional therapists through their PC or mobile without having to pay enormous amounts of money.

Talkspace was launched in 2012 and has seen a rise by about 80 percent, much more than what the creator of the app has anticipated. The average users of the app are people between the age of 33 and 34. The company has also seen that since Donald Trump was elected as the president, the company has seen a rise in their customer base. The company saw a spike of seven times on the Election Day itself while it was three times more on the Inauguration Day. Founder of Talkspace Oren Frank said that the rise may or may not be related to the election, but the coincidence cannot be ignored.

Talkspace is also seeing a rise in the number of people from the minority group seeking therapy. There are also a growing number of women who are looking to express themselves without having to visit traditional therapy sessions. A majority of the client base of Talkspace is currently women, and the number seems to rise even further. With more people looking for therapy without having to draw attention to them, Talkspace is an outlet that they are embracing.