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Focus On Your Skin

We might like to think that we don’t notice the skin of another person or take into account how they look to us almost immediately. However, we most certainly do. It is a nature human instinct that we really cannot stop from happening even if we wanted to. That is why so many people care so much about how they appear to others on a skin level. That is why they need to use a product like Naara.

This is the latest from Jeunesse Global. It is a skin care cream that we can apply to our skin and start to see the repairs and rebalancing almost immediately. It works to heal the collagen loss that comes as a natural part of aging. Did you know for example that the body loses up to thirty percent of its natural collagen over time just due to aging? That is a scary but true fact. If we do not do something about it, we can end up with some terrible looking skin.

The nice thing about Naara is that you can start to see the results pretty quickly. Within just four weeks or use the product will start to make a noticeable difference on your skin. You might find that you are a little more comfortable in your own skin as a result. That is what it has already done for many people out there.

Everyone hopes to look and feel their best all the time. It is possible through the use of this product and others like it. You do not have to compromise when it comes to taking good care of your skin. You should do whatever you can to make sure your skin looks the way that you want it to. Then and only then will you be completely happy in your own body. That is what we all want out of life. We just need to use a little product here or there to help make that happen. Your skin will thank you for doing this, and you just might gain the confidence you need to make a bigger impact in your life than you were before.,19.htm

How Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Grow?

So, the Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to go public, but what was the secret to its success? How did it grow? Which asset classes were winning investments for the Fortress?

Building Fortress Brick by Brick

By 2016, the Fortress Investment Group was worth $70.2 billion. How did it continue to grow while others investments declined in value?

First of all, Fortress is located in New York City. While other real estate investments turned sour after 2008, high-end property did not. Therefore, Fortresswas able to leverage its New York City property assets to increase its profits.

Housing has become a “financial leveraged asset market.” Most financial value is based on physical assets. Banks have been able to build up pyramids of mortgages through mortgage backed securities. Fortress Investment Group has a subsidiary called New Residential Investment, which purchased mortgage servicing rights.

Fortress Investment Group Managers Michael Novogratz and Pete Briger were both Goldman Sachs partners. Therefore, they were able to take their debt security expertise and use it to build Fortress up brick by brick.

Successfully moving its subsidiaries from private to public also delivered healthy profits for Randal Nardone and others. Examples of these companies, included Aircastle, Brookdale Senior Living and Rail America. Randal Nardone still retains an executive position at Brookdale Senior Living.

Housing Market Timing

The Fortress was able to purchase cheap assets that were part of industries that might have seen better days, like railways. It also invested in booming markets, like senior living, which would only continue to grow due to the graying of America. Choosing the right investment was the secret to success.

Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone had a solid background in both the legal and financial fields. He had also worked for UBS, which helped him hone his skills. He surrounded himself with financial professionals, who offered specific skills in specific fields.

Institutions were hoping to see a return to profitability after the 2008 Sub-Prime Credit Crisis. With Fortress going public, there were high hopes of a solid recovery. Fortress was part of the good news of “America becoming great again.”

On February 14, 2017, SoftBank spent $3.3 billion in cash for the Fortress Investment Group. Fortress had created a number of billionaires, including Mr. Nardone. Fast growth led to fast cash for the principal investors of the Fortress Investment Group.

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Paul Mampilly, American Investor

Paul Mampilly is a former Wall Street investor in business for himself. He feels that Wall Street is geared towards the elite class, and he wants to introduce the investment world to the everyday person, in a way besides giving them tips. Wall Street is a high-pressure environment. It makes you sweat. Billions of dollars are riding on deals made or broken. Good decisions are important. Mistakes mean no money comes in. Mampilly states the market is rigged.

As an investor, he makes recommendations about how to proceed to his clients, looking at both the positive and negative parameters. If an investor goes and puts their needs ahead of the clients, everything can fall apart. Mampilly is the manager at Bankers Trust, he then rose to positions such as Deutsche Bank and ING, where he managed millions of dollars for others. He quit Wall Street because he wanted to work for himself, as well as be more direct with his clients. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management recruited him to manage their $6 billion dollar hedge fund, and under Mampilly, the firm earned $25 billion, which was named one of the best hedge funds by Barron, because of 26% annual returns.

His current client is Banyan Hill Publishing, generating 47% in 1 year. He is currently working on the bit coin market, which is profitable for some investors. The bit coin market may be recession proof. The Wall Street Daily pitched the bitcoin as being a hot seller, when it was over $10 and briefly became $14. For the last two years, the bit coin has changed from $6 to $10.

After Paul Mampilly left Wall Street, he started writing newsletters, which he wanted to put the needs of the reader first in. He felt he did good work for many organizations on Wall Street, but he felt that leaving was necessary. Books that inspire Mampilly include “How I Made $2,000,000 in the stock market,”whose story is about a dancer that follows the market in order to make a small fortune, which is something people interested in finance ought to be reading. For any investment, he looks at possible negatives or downfalls that could happen being similar to the philosophy behind Murph’s Law about anything that can go wrong going wrong. He is careful.

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Madison Street Capital Chairs High End Business Deals Across Different States

Madison Street Capital reputation speaks highly of its commitment to give credible advice to institutions. Madison is a top notch banking institution that has always chaired the transactions of deals between institutions. Recently, Madison Street Capital acted as an initiator for Sterling Packaging in its acquisition of equity. Sterling Packaging is prominent for being a leading manufacturer of cartons. These cartons are usually utilized in customer service across America as well as Canada. Facilitated by Druid Capital Partners, the equity transaction was announced by the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway. Jay Rodgers on the other side was the head of the transaction. He serves as the senior managing director of the firm.


According to Jay Rodgers, Sterling Packaging is a good example of a company that is controlled by serious individuals like Jim and Hickson, the two co-founders. The company has registered excellent performance given its commitment to provide top-notch services to different sectors across the state ( Through superior product offering, Sterling Packaging has ensured that it has a broad client base from which various clients will benefit. The company’s extensive customer base will be a win situation for the management given the expected high revenue. Jay Rodgers added that Madison Street Capital was proud to be associated with the two able leaders. 


According to the managing partner of Druid Capital Mr. Martin Holt, the company was excited to be part of the business. Martin stated that he believes in the team work Jim as well as Debbie has initiated since the commencement of the business. It is evident that the two business partners will support each other in future projects. While closing the speech, he stated that he appreciated Madison’s input as the facilitator. Learn more: http://madison-street-capital-llc

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital prides itself in being a leading banking firm across the world. The organization has been supportive of different uniting projects in different states. From providing excellent services coupled with integrity, Madison Street Capital is a proud initiator of contracts in different projects. Madison is a mogul in financial opinions, valuation services, as well as public and private businesses. When tasked with undertaking new projects, Madison Street Capital commits to projecting high-end services with the aim of providing the best services for clients. Madison Street Capital provides unparalleled growth for businesses. The firm continues to earn client trust by focusing on significant assets. The unwavering dedication of Madison Street Capital is a pace setter for most organizations that are dedicated to empowering businesses. Learn more: