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Richard Dwayne Blair Three Pillar Financial Planning Process

Richard Dwayne Blair, founder and owner of Wealth Solutions, believes the only way an individual can pursue their financial goals is if they have a plan. He has been providing wealth management and retirement planning services to people in Austin, TX. He strives to arm members of his community with a financial guide that will ensure they have what it takes to handle life’s many milestones.

Blair follows a three pillar approach to create a comprehensive and effective financial plan. Such a plan enables him to understand a customer’s existing retirement needs and financial situation in order to offer a plan that is more holistic.

Pillar 1

This is the pillar used to lay out a client’s financial guide. Richard Dwayne Blair develops the route by assessing the customer’s opportunities for growth, risk tolerance, strengths and goals. This phase of the financial planning allows him to develop a lasting and strong relationship with his customers. Using the first pillar allows Dwayne to have a better understanding of any client’s concerns and goals, while establishing clear expectations.

Pillar 2

Pillar number two is meant to create a long-term, effective investment strategy that is designed to suit the client’s liquidity needs and specific goals. He reallocates and manages assets actively to ensure maximum performance is achieved when there is upward movement in the market. The move also minimizes the impact downward market movement has on his clients’ portfolios.

Pillar 3

Implementation and monitoring is the final pillar. Historical data, model and individual goals, and expectations are compared and tracked to make sure a client’s financial goals are effectively monitored and implemented.

Information on Blair

Dwayne can be described as a professional who strives to educate the common investor. He works to show individuals how they can make sound financial decisions and improve their economic outlooks. This is done by combining financial knowledge and sound experience with his love of teaching.

Deep-seated roots are the source of Richard Dwayne Blair’s contagious passion for guiding people and giving explanations to those in need of financial guidance. The last three generations of his family produced women who were strong professional teachers. This is why he fully understands the advantages of using instructive discourse.

Jordan Lindsey: Personal Philosophy

Jordan Lindsey is one of the world leading experts on bitcoin. As a child, he was always known to think as an entrepreneur. He always had an eye for opportunities and potential businesses that he could help create. He eventually became a systems architecture designer after graduating from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College.

One of his most recent advances has been the creation of an out rhythm in 2017 on the meta-trader four platform. This algorithm allows transactions in the foreign exchange markets and has been highly successful. He was able to launch his own cryptocurrency and use the algorithm to generate demand for the currency. This crypto currency’s name is nucleus.

He believes that in order to become productive you must always plan ahead and follow through on your ideas. Mentally visualizing the day’s tasks and then prioritizing them allows him to begin working with the most important tasks each day. By starting early and only taking a few breaks, he is able to accomplish significantly more than the average individual. It is incredibly important to focus on your personal health to maintain productivity because the brain functions most optimally in a healthy body.

Jordan Lindsey believes that the most valuable lesson for an entrepreneur is that you only need to be right one time in order to become successful. Failure is not the end of the road in fact failure is critical for success. By staying in your comfort zone, you only limit yourself, and you will not grow that way. If you stay in your comfort zone, you only ever be mediocre. However, if you push yourself outside of your comers and even if you do fail, you will experience significant personal growth. Many times in his life’s most significant failures have eventually led to his most significant successes. That is at the heart of what being an entrepreneur is it does not matter how many times an individual fails as you only need to be right one time in order to become successful. Once you eliminate fear and just go for it, then you will truly grow.

Madison Street Capital Chairs High End Business Deals Across Different States

Madison Street Capital reputation speaks highly of its commitment to give credible advice to institutions. Madison is a top notch banking institution that has always chaired the transactions of deals between institutions. Recently, Madison Street Capital acted as an initiator for Sterling Packaging in its acquisition of equity. Sterling Packaging is prominent for being a leading manufacturer of cartons. These cartons are usually utilized in customer service across America as well as Canada. Facilitated by Druid Capital Partners, the equity transaction was announced by the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway. Jay Rodgers on the other side was the head of the transaction. He serves as the senior managing director of the firm.


According to Jay Rodgers, Sterling Packaging is a good example of a company that is controlled by serious individuals like Jim and Hickson, the two co-founders. The company has registered excellent performance given its commitment to provide top-notch services to different sectors across the state ( Through superior product offering, Sterling Packaging has ensured that it has a broad client base from which various clients will benefit. The company’s extensive customer base will be a win situation for the management given the expected high revenue. Jay Rodgers added that Madison Street Capital was proud to be associated with the two able leaders. 


According to the managing partner of Druid Capital Mr. Martin Holt, the company was excited to be part of the business. Martin stated that he believes in the team work Jim as well as Debbie has initiated since the commencement of the business. It is evident that the two business partners will support each other in future projects. While closing the speech, he stated that he appreciated Madison’s input as the facilitator. Learn more: http://madison-street-capital-llc

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital prides itself in being a leading banking firm across the world. The organization has been supportive of different uniting projects in different states. From providing excellent services coupled with integrity, Madison Street Capital is a proud initiator of contracts in different projects. Madison is a mogul in financial opinions, valuation services, as well as public and private businesses. When tasked with undertaking new projects, Madison Street Capital commits to projecting high-end services with the aim of providing the best services for clients. Madison Street Capital provides unparalleled growth for businesses. The firm continues to earn client trust by focusing on significant assets. The unwavering dedication of Madison Street Capital is a pace setter for most organizations that are dedicated to empowering businesses. Learn more: