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Lime Crime Wants To Help You Express Yourself!

Beauty mogul, Doe Deere, has long crowned herself as the “Queen of Unicorns”. Born and raised in Russia, the vibrant young entrepreneur moved to the big apple at the age of seventeen with her sights set on a career in music. When she found herself struggling to establish herself as a musician, she turned to her first love, makeup.


Always a fan of fairy tales and anything bright and colorful, Deere says she often found it hard to find makeup that matched her eccentric sense of style. Refusing to settle, she decided to create her own brand, one that completely challenges the standard options in today’s cosmetic industry. When Lime Crime first launched in 2004, its primary focus was selling creative clothing through eBay. In 2008, Deere went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the brand as a cosmetic company. Using the self-promotion skills that she gained while trying to launch her musical career, she spread the word about Lime Crime through social media and makeup tutorials.


When asked about the inspiration behind the brand, Deere references her desire to make others happy. Makeup should empower you, and that’s what Lime Crime is all about. While the company has achieved a significant amount of success, Deere says her most satisfying moment as an entrepreneur is the ability to support her favorite animal-rescue organizations. And, when asked about the future of Lime Crime, the bright and imaginative entrepreneur says she always strives to do better and dream brighter.


Lime Crime is on a mission to redefine makeup, and empower others to express themselves completely, and unapologetically. Their bold and vibrant variety of colors gives makeup lovers all over the power to express themselves fully. As an animal lover, Doe Deere is committed to delivering Vegan and Cruelty-free options to the cosmetic industry. Always a hands-on member of the team, Deere oversees the daily operations of Lime Crime, from engaging in customer feedback to developing new ideas, she is fully committed to the continued success of the brand.


In an industry filled with fierce competition, having something that sets you apart from other brands is essential to success. Lime Crime challenges the norm and has redefined self-expression. Gone are the days when shades of red or pink filled the cosmetic aisle at your local department store. Now, you can paint your face with hues and colors that are true to your sense of style. Learn more: