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Organo Gold Allows People To Drink To Good Health

There is scarcely a person in the world that doesn’t drink either coffee or tea. Those in London might favor the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of tea while those in America might opt for a piping hot cup of coffee. Whatever your pleasures, it’s all about the brand. Some companies put more time and effort into their products and create a beverage that is truly superior and lingers on the palette. In 2008, history was made. Organo Gold began with three employees and a tiny shop in the Canadian region of Richmond, B.C.

In the history of every company, there are defining moments. These moments are the ones that will exemplify and define greatness. Bernardo Chua is the CEO and co-founder of Organo Gold. He was already successful in his life when this vision took hold. He believed in Chinese medicine and herbs for helping and healing. He had powerful knowledge of a herb known as Ganoderma and he wanted to share this with the rest of the world.

Shane Morand is beside Chua in his operations. He has helped him launch his products into six continents. Not only is Chua successful, but he produces more Ganoderma infused products and distributes them worldwide. He sells more than they do in China and Turkey. Using widely revered herbs from hundreds of years of use, Organo can bring some of the Eastern Medicinal practices to the rest of the world. The main mission of this company was to deliver knowledge and the ingredients to the world.

That single cup of coffee back in 2008 has sprung and become a hot seller in 44 countries. Why are people so interested in this cup of coffee? Well, it’s unlike any coffee on the market. It is infused with this popular herb called Ganoderma and people are feeling healthier just from drinking their cup of Joe. Their entire line sells tea, coffee, and other health supplements. They are set up as a multi-national development company, which means they have dealers that distribute their product for them.

Bernardo T. Chua is Organo Gold’s mastermind, and his speeches really showcase that. He currently lives in California where he watches over the company’s headquarters. He is originally from the Philippines but when his company went to multi-national levels, he relocated to the states to run things efficiently. He has numerous business ventures, all of which have been successful. He ensures that the products his company sells are doing more than just quenching one’s thirst, he ensures the are bringing good health too.