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Crowd Feedback And Reverse showroom Focus Propels Fabletics to Success

Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has since grown by more than 200 percent, with over $235 million in revenue and 1.2 million paying members. The corporate marketing officer of Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, attributes the growth in embracing user reviews.



On the onset, the founders knew the market would be brutal. They devised a rare reverse showrooming to get into the market. Once in the market, they have incorporated feedback as the backbone of their marketing decisions.



The power of the crowd is increasingly dictating consumer purchases with crowd-sourced reviews determining their final purchasing decision. Buyers trust reviews they read online in the same way they trust recommendations from someone familiar. Consumers no longer trust traditional marketing and advertising endeavors as they used to. Instead, trust, safety, and power have been bestowed in the opinions of the crowd.



This shift in the behavior of consumers has seen review-centric marketing strategies developed by perceptive brand to capitalize on the change, something that Fabletics is doing. The company’s rapid growth has been powered by maximizing on the prominence of customer reviews as these have a direct impact on customer acquisition and retention as well as improvement of brand loyalty.



Consumers read reviews regularly, and negative reviews deter them from using a business. On the other hand, impressive reviews drive an increase in revenue, improved search ranking, and valuable repeat customers. With the internet offering more review options than before, brands can only tap into the economic benefits that the crowd provides.



Crowdsourcing has benefited Techstyle Fashion Group and Fabletics in a significant way as it has forced them to be transparent and consumer-focused. Corporate Marketing Officer Shawn Gold affirms that the business is run on empathy and data.



He notes that what sets them apart from their competitors is that they not only acknowledge consumers but also put themselves in their shoes. Shawn warns that without listening to their tastes and circumstances, it is impossible to improve the lives of the consumers.



Their data-driven approach to running their business also helps them know what their clients are responding to. With technology allowing Fabletics to collect data at multiple points, you can be matched with the perfect outfit that is personalized to your needs. If you want to get something from Fabletics, take the Lifestyle Quiz and see what gear is suits you best.

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Fabletics Success through Online Customer Reviews

Consumer purchase is determined using the power of the crowd. Many customers look for products that have many reviews in order to settle on their final purchases. They also trust products that have been recommended by people they know and trust. Savvy brands are increasingly capitalizing on the behavior of the customer. They detect this behavior using a strategy know as review centric marketing. Fabletics is the number one brand. It was first launched in 2013. It has grown by more than 200%. More than $235 million goes to revenue while one million dollars goes to paying staff and other miscellaneous.


The reviews of clients directly help to increase customer acquisition, customer retention, and the customer loyalty. Many people shop most products online these days. This is the main reason why people trust online reviews. People often read reviews from past customers and customer feedback on websites. The customers effectively make use of crowdsourcing when making decisions.


A recent study shows that many people trust online reviews more than a personal recommendation. Many people do not trust traditional advertising and marketing. There is much power in feedback and opinions from a larger crowd today. Fabletics company understands this new behavior in customers and work to leverage it. Many studies show that online enterprises that get positive reviews increase their sales by 51% while those that get negative opinions from customers reduce their sales by 60%. The statistics mean that solid reputation depends on client consideration and opinion.


Fabletics is extremely obsessed with customers. They actively manage, collect, and respond to thousands of online customers. They have more than 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot and an average of score of 8.2. More than 85% of sales at Fabletics comes from repeated customers while 15% comes from referrals. Fabletics uses a trick of acknowledging new clients. They use them to refine their products.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group. They had an opinion of starting an athleisure brand in 2013. There was no quality, style, and reasonable price for the athleisure brand during that time. The brands that were on the market were only gray and black. They were also overpriced. They thought of partnering with Kate Hudson because she has an active lifestyle and she is approachable. Kate plays a significant role in the company. She majorly deals with social media strategies and the designing process. She looks and analyzes sales every week in order to determine the ones that sell out fast.


Kate Hudson has a passion for developing a good athleisure plan that encourages people to work out. They also look good in the work out clothing. Kate Hudson encourages her customers to take lifestyle quiz for them to be able to choose what suits them. Fabletics has been able to implement an excellent customer service department and working data system through the leadership of Kate Hudson. Fabletics was top rated in Better Business Bureau when it was 18 months old. Fabletics doubled its sales two years ago.