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Venezuela’s Falling Hydroelectric Production Responsible For Drastic Energy Saving Measures

While Venezuela has some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves, the country depends on hydroelectric production for much of its energy needs. The Guri Dam supplies much of Venezuela’s electricity, however as Open Corporates reported, the El Niño weather pattern created a drought that drastically reduced the country’s electricity supply. Critics say that mismanagement and lack of regular maintenance on the dam contributed to the problem and worsened the effects of the drought. They also decry a lack of investment in alternative energy sources.
First, time moved forward a half hour to give Venezuela’s citizens like Mr. Velasquez Figueroa an extra 30 minutes of sunlight in the evening to save energy. Other energy-saving measures include nationwide four-hour electricity outages and two-day work weeks for non-sensitive public sector employees. The employees still get paid for a full week, leaving them free to stay home and use electricity. Opponents of the current president say crime is rapidly rising in darkened neighborhoods and blackouts at hospitals and factories are crippling the nation.