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Magnises – Top Private Membership Card Aimed At Millennials

For those whom are the accomplished among the millennial crowd, the Magnises card purchases access to some of the top events in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. This card allows the top millennials to be able to meet with some of the other top millennials in their local areas and also allows for access to events as well. For many millennials with great careers on Crunchbase, it’s often a discouraging thing when they aren’t able to make as many friends as they would like. Thus, the company is there to be the friend who knows everyone and can also make the introductions that millennials are looking for.

The private card is a relative bargain at $250 per year. However, the challenge is getting accepted to the exclusive network. The company works hard to ensure that only the best are accepted to their elite network. Thus, they are looking for a good mix of individuals whom can be of value to the network. This ensures the right balance between men and women which also adds to the social appeal of being a member. However, much of their revenue comes from advertising and payments on from the companies with which they are partnered with. This allows them to connect you with the best deals without charging you a fortune to do so. The company is also able to link their card with your own personal payment card, meaning that you are able to make payments for the services that you use directly from it.

One of the more drastic examples of perks available to members of Magnises is the HotelPass feature. This feature gives its millennial members access to hotels which normally cost $245 per night at $79 per night, such as the Dream Hotel in New York. Another deal which is able to be used by only Magnises members is that the card grants access to co-working spaces for $99 per month. This is a major discount from the typical $500 per month which a desk would cost to those whom aren’t members. In addition to that benefit, members of Magnises also have VIP access to some of the top nightclubs in New York, San Francisco, and DC.

The company boasts a 24 year old co-founder whom has been able to promote his youthful image with the use of the app. They already have 12,000 members and they’re continually adding more on a daily basis as it’s a hit. Many millennials feel isolated, so they are flocking to this app in order to combat that isolation.

Consider the following: Magnises gives a young urban professional everything that they would ever need. A good group of friends, good connections, a good working space, and deals on the things that they are looking for around the world. It’s no wonder that millennials are flocking to the membership card in order to get the access and deals that they are looking for. It’s also the perfect antidote to the isolation that a millennial might experience during the confusing period of the 20s.