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A New Lovaganza Announcement Nails Down The Year Of The Main Event: It’s 2020 gives fans all the news pertaining to this approaching historical entertainment event. On that website the initial copyright is listed as 2012. Usually a website isn’t launched the moment a concept is conceived; it’s likely that several years of planning predate the website’s launch. PRNewswire recently issued a press release indicating Lovaganza’s main event will take place in 2020 on, indicating that by the time it finally arrives, it’s likely over a decade of planning and preparation will have gone into Lovaganza.

Lovaganza was originally slated for a 2015 release, but technological developments caused the backers to take a step back and re-evaluate their launch strategy. The new plan involves nine films that will be released pertaining to Lovaganza. This trilogy of trilogies nearly has a third of its total films in the bag. Principal photography has begun on the first three Lovaganza films, which will begin their touring showcase in 2017. From 2017 until the 2020 release, the Lovaganza convoy will be touring the globe showcasing these films using the new IMMERSCOPE technology core to the whole Lovaganza experience.

IMMERSCOPE is a form of 3D that doesn’t require any glasses. This is made possible through a 180 degree screen. The basic concept is giving audiences the intimacy of a Shakespearean play, coupled with the intensity of modern cinema.

Each of the films will revolve around the core values Lovaganza seeks to emulate. Those values are a kind of Bohemian celebration of dance, music, and culture. They’ll be epitomized in a convoy that travels through the narrative of the film spreading ideological revolution. This convoy will be styled in similitude to the convoy which will actually be traveling the globe showcasing IMMERSCOPE.

Comedy, love, adventure, suspense, and more will make up the genres represented in the Lovaganza nine, and there’s much buzz about them throughout the entertainment industry.

The main event itself will be more than just films, though. It will also include live presentations, performances, and interactive displays. Think the World’s Fairs of yesteryear combined with the cutting edge technology of modernity.

The last big thing about Lovaganza is its scope of deployment. The main event will last for four months in eight locations across the world. The event will happen simultaneously at these locations. There will be Lovaganza expositions in Europe, The Middle East, America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Truly, this event is designed to bring the whole world together.