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Andrew Rolfe: a Leader and Voice for South Africa’s Disadvantaged Children

The Ubuntu Fund Chairman capitalized on his master’s degree in business economics and administration. In addition, he sharpens his undergraduate credential by engaging in food service, hospitality, and retail experiences.

Andrew Rolfe is widely known globally in part for his vested time and money throughout the United States, plus. From here, as a leader and voice for South Africa’s disadvantaged children, Rolfe inspired other participants to join the Ubuntu Fund organization.

So, as organizers succeeded the fund-raiser intent this past May, the school campus is now on a path to expanding its entrance to more disadvantaged children. Quality care for the student’s health and education is provided as they progress in life.

Now, the Ubuntu Education Fund achieved an amazing decrease in HIV transmission. Also, the organization’s education and healthcare advances are the reason HIV-positive women have had babies who tested negative for the virus.

Andrew is not only well-known as Ubuntu Fund Chairman, he is known for many of his philanthropic efforts through the organization. A recent fund-raiser in London was the setting for a large group of people who united with the foundation in helping children of the African countries.

Andrew Rolfe has had success in asking the privileged of society to join his philanthropic aims in helping the less fortunate. His mission in aiding African students does not stop there. The establishment has benefited people all around the world by backing them with proper means to better their lives.

Under Director Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund, endangered children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa can look forward to a better future without poverty. What’s more, Rolfe and other experienced donors are providing effective leadership to the organization.

With Mr. Rolfe’s corporate skills and knowledge, the administration is transforming the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. Now, as the Board of Directors Chairman, his wealth of knowledge is priceless. And, the Education Fund has carried out its many goals in serving the local families who are very poor.