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Discover What Shafik Sachedina Is Doing For His Vision He Has

Shafik Sachedina heads the Jamati Institutions Department at Aiglemont in France. It is the Secretariat that Aga Khan, His Highness, owns. Shafik is responsible for all the activities and programs associated with the institutions of the Ismaili community. He is the one who coordinates all these activities and programs to ensure everything goes on well. These institutions are located in the 16 principal areas. Shafik is also the one who interfaces all the programs related to the Aga Khan Development Network. Most of the institutions of the Ismaili communities are based in Central Asia. He is among the people who have brought great changes in the Ismaili community, and this has earned him a name.

Shafik was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the year 1950. He is a qualified and competent dental surgeon who studied at the University of London’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975. He is known to have practiced as a dentist for many years especially in England. The health-care sector knows his name because of the substantial and great entrepreneurial interests he has developed in this sector. Most of the work he does with Jamati Institutions and Aga Khan is voluntary. The community has a long-standing tradition in that its services are voluntary.


It is good also to appreciate that Shafik is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institution. He has held some other positions while still working for the Ismaili community and Imamat. He is a member of the Committee that handles the Aga Khan Development Network. He is also the chairman of the committee that coordinates Humanitarian Assistance International. Shafik serves as a member of the International Forum of the Ismaili Leaders. Before Dr. Shafik came to this institution, he had also served on a voluntary capacity in other places. He has, for instance, been the President of the United Kingdom Ismaili Council.

The Deputy Foreign Minister was his colleague in the Middle East and he has also served as a Presidential Ambassador. Shafik has also been African Mikhail Bogdanov’s delegate. The conversations in this delegate were centered on the current situation in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Syria. He was among those who debated on how Syria Arab Republic government would come in to solve the current Syria crisis. He is so passionate about the Muslim Culture and advertising it is what he likes to do. He does all he can to ensure that other religions have a greater perception of Islam, and that the Islam community fosters a good rapport with other religions.

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