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Doe Deere Looks To Change The Way We All View Fashion

The fashion industry has always been evolving and changing with the latest movements in youth styles that can be enjoyed by almost everybody, the problem LimeCrime founder Doe Deere has is the fact the fashion industry still traps us all in a historic set of rules and regulations. Doe Deere does not believe the fashion industry should be limiting the people within it and those looking to mold their own style to fit in with a set of rules that may not fit into their own fashion sense. Deere has been explaining her own fashion choices and states the rules of pattern and color do not exist in her world, which means she can choose to pair any fashion choices she believes would fit well together.

Doe Deere brings together a wide range of influences that can be seen in the way she has lived her life and set out upon her own successful fashion industry career. For Deere the constricting rules of the fashion industry did not give he the freedom to create looks for herself and her models that she desired for her marketing products. The unhappiness Deere felt about the range of cosmetics on offer for herself and her LimeCrime fashion line led to the creation of her own range of makeup that led to the cosmetics brand being created.

Deere has since established her LimeCrime brand as one of the fastest developing brands in the world, which has seen LimeCrime grow into a business with a large number of employees. LimeCrime is still largely operated under the guidance of Doe Deere who has excelled in creating a public image as the queen of the unicorns with her fairytale style clothing and makeup choices. These cosmetics choices make up the largest area of the LimeCrime brands range of products, which have set it out as a major influence on those who follow Doe Deere Online through social media and blogs.

The traditional rules of fashion do not need to be set in stone, according to Doe Deere. The LimeCrime CEO has explained she believes rules like the use of only one bold makeup choice no longer apply in the modern world; the same can be said of the idea that vibrant hair colors mean only basic makeup and clothing choices can be undertaken, which is a rule Doe Deere has rejected over the years. Deere also believes clothing and cosmetics should be a personal choice for the individual who should not feel forced into making choices based on what others feel best suits their style and personality.