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Sports Betting in College Basketball Basics

If you are planning to make an intelligent wager in basketball, it is crucial to know the basics. Spread betting; over under betting, money line betting and prop betting represent unique options for you to pile the winning.

In spread betting, the player is required to pick sides. However, it is not simple like picking the winning team. You must make sure that your team wins and cover a particular amount of points. For instance, if the team you are playing is favored to win to win by five points, the points should constitute the spread. If you need to collect your wager, then the team you have chosen should win by five or more points. Most of the sites in the market currently will guide you through the process. is one of the most preferred sites for many basketball players. If you want to win your basketball bet on the underdog, you must ensure that the team will lose with five or more points.

Money line betting is basically picking the team that wins the sports betting game outright. In money life betting, there is no need to spread, and this means that the margin victory location does not matter. If the team you wager has won, then that is automatically a win for you. However, with this game, the team that is favored to win is required to pay out less than the team that has been favored to lose. This means that if you bet on College Basketball odds at on the underdog, and your team wins, you get more money than people who were betting on the favorite.

Total point betting, also known as over-under betting, and it means betting on the total points where the points in the games have been combined. If you are playing for a real casino such as, it will set a game total point value. When betting, the player ensures that the total points are above the total points scored or below. In a typical total point score that has been set by a casino for a college basketball game should be 148.5. When a player bets the over, then the total points that are scored by the two teams combined should total to 149 for the ticket to pay. It is easy to make money on the betting game, but you must understand the basics in order to win. Before playing, understand each and every rule applied by the casino too.