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Reasons People Have Highly Embraced Waiakea Water Today In a Great Way

Although water may look alike when packed in different bottles, it is not created the same way. Someone may go ahead and ask how that could be possible. With Waiakea Water, you won’t realize when you are on your eighth glass of water on any typical day. Most people aren’t able to meet the eight-glass rule because of the type of water they have or come across. One thing that makes it possible for people to drink about eight glasses of water from Waiakea Water a day is because of its alkalinity.

It is unfortunate that most people don’t care about the level of pH of the water they take, and probably the effects it has on their body. It is good to first know the Ph of the water you intend to drink before you take it. This is an important thing for anyone who wants to maintain healthy body tissues and cells. In most cases, the pH levels range from 0 to 14. If a substance is said to have a pH scale lower than 7, it is said to be acidic. If the pH scale exceeds the scale of 7, it is alkaline. While the scale of 7 is neutral, the 14 scale is completely alkaline.

Waiakea is known to be alkaline and probably the very first volcanic water to be created in Hawaii. Its filtration process is said to be very unique. It is the minerals in Hawaii volcanic water that makes it alkaline. Calcium and magnesium are some of the powerful minerals you would find in this water. In most instances, the pH of Waiakea water is about 8.8. This makes it possible for many people to believe in the health benefits of Waiakea water.

Those who have been taking this water for some time now would confirm that Waiakea water is more refreshing and delicious. The electrolytes present in this water are important in prolonging life and healing the body. Waiakea Water is committed to ensuring that the lifestyles of people in this region and beyond are enhanced, and that people have a different perception on health matters. From the casual joggers to the working professionals, this water has become famous mainly because of the Waiakea water Ph.

The Prestigious Brazilian Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama

From Brazil, there is an entrepreneur within the advertising and communications industry, by the name of Alexandre Gama. When it comes to one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil as a whole, Alexandre Gama is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and CCO of Neogama.

Out of the British-based agency network, Alexandre Gama has been declared the actual first entrepreneur from Brazil to lead a global network of agencies, being the Global Chief Creative Officer of Neogama. Being part of the Publicis Groupe Creative Board, Alexandre Gama is the only member that is Brazilian out of a committee made up of only six creative leaders worldwide.

Within the Brazilian communications industry, six years ago today, in 2012, Gama had the responsibility for making sure the support and practices being the board member of ABAP was up to par. Alexandre Gama studied Advertising and Communications at the Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Lime Crime Wants To Help You Express Yourself!

Beauty mogul, Doe Deere, has long crowned herself as the “Queen of Unicorns”. Born and raised in Russia, the vibrant young entrepreneur moved to the big apple at the age of seventeen with her sights set on a career in music. When she found herself struggling to establish herself as a musician, she turned to her first love, makeup.


Always a fan of fairy tales and anything bright and colorful, Deere says she often found it hard to find makeup that matched her eccentric sense of style. Refusing to settle, she decided to create her own brand, one that completely challenges the standard options in today’s cosmetic industry. When Lime Crime first launched in 2004, its primary focus was selling creative clothing through eBay. In 2008, Deere went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the brand as a cosmetic company. Using the self-promotion skills that she gained while trying to launch her musical career, she spread the word about Lime Crime through social media and makeup tutorials.


When asked about the inspiration behind the brand, Deere references her desire to make others happy. Makeup should empower you, and that’s what Lime Crime is all about. While the company has achieved a significant amount of success, Deere says her most satisfying moment as an entrepreneur is the ability to support her favorite animal-rescue organizations. And, when asked about the future of Lime Crime, the bright and imaginative entrepreneur says she always strives to do better and dream brighter.


Lime Crime is on a mission to redefine makeup, and empower others to express themselves completely, and unapologetically. Their bold and vibrant variety of colors gives makeup lovers all over the power to express themselves fully. As an animal lover, Doe Deere is committed to delivering Vegan and Cruelty-free options to the cosmetic industry. Always a hands-on member of the team, Deere oversees the daily operations of Lime Crime, from engaging in customer feedback to developing new ideas, she is fully committed to the continued success of the brand.


In an industry filled with fierce competition, having something that sets you apart from other brands is essential to success. Lime Crime challenges the norm and has redefined self-expression. Gone are the days when shades of red or pink filled the cosmetic aisle at your local department store. Now, you can paint your face with hues and colors that are true to your sense of style. Learn more:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes On Role As New Chairman For Bradesco

Following the retirement announcement of Lazaro de Mello Brandao, the role of bank chairman will be held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is currently serving as the chief executive officer for Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a very effective leader for Bradesco in the CEO role. He will still maintain that role until a replacement has been chosen. The regulatory filing has already taken place in order to elect a new replacement.

Lazaro de Mello Brandao’s tenure within Bradesco allowed the executive to become only two of the bank’s chairman to ever be chosen to its board. He will now leave the role of chairman in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Brandao says that he leaves the company without any regrets. “When I told my family I was leaving, their reaction was- It’s about time,” stated Brandao. He has been with the company for 75 years.

Although Brandao will still remain in charge of a few of the banks’ holding companies, he believes that this is a pivotal time for Bradesco and for his resignation. “There’s a need to renew the bank’s board to ensure its continuity,” Brandao said to journalists when asked about his decision to resign.

The stock prices of Bradesco have improved significantly within the last 12 months with an increase of 39 percent year to date. Preferred shares in the company have increased to almost one percent since the announcement. However, credit growth will be the focal point for the incoming CEO as the company leverages profit margin strategies.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco began with the Bradesco at the age of 17 as a clerk. With his rise through the bank, he has held various roles; however, his role as marketing director helped with the modernization of the banks’ image throughout the media. That success allowed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to be elected to the role of executive vice president in 1999. With over 40 years of experience and leadership, he was later elected president in 2009.

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was responsible for leading the acquisition of HSBC which at the time was the largest business deal in Brazil; becoming a history-making transaction for Bradesco since its founding. The same year, he was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by Isto É Dinheiro magazine in the category of finance and was given the title 100 most influential Brazilian executives within the country. In 2016, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named as Forbes Magazine best CEO in Brazil.

Bradesco is the second largest bank and financial services in Brazil. With over $390 billion in assets, the company produced $74 billion in revenue and $5.7 billion in net income within 2017. There are 5,314 Bradesco branches worldwide with more than 108,000 employees. The company was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. Bradesco does 30 percent of its business with the insurance industry while maintaining its essential products based in investment banking, asset management, private and retail banking as well as financing.

The company will now focus on the seven highest-ranking executives to determine the successor for Luiz Carlos Trabuco role as CEO. Although the discussions have remained private, the culture and history of Brandao have favored choosing executive management from among the ranks within the company. Those who are close to the discussions have gone off the record stating that the pattern of promoting within the company will continue. Several top executives are being considered. Once a final decision has been made on a replacement, it will be voted on by the stakeholder assembly which is expected to take place sometime in March.

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Drew Madden Determines Explanation and Opportunity for Ownership of Health Care Consumer

There have been two significant reports in the health care industry in recent months. First, there was the announcement of the purchase of Aetna Healthcare by CVS, and then the report of Amazon’s purchase of a pharmaceutical license.


The reports generated speculation that with Amazon obtaining its license in multiple states for the distribution of medical equipment, that it will create major changes in the health care industry. The license for medical equipment could only be a starting point for prescription medications and other health-related needs. With Amazon’s fast-tracking to gain its leverage over the consumer with the purchase of Whole Foods, there is good evidence that the company could move into the pharmaceutical industry with the same force and quickly become a formidable competitor and seemingly “own” the consumer.


Consumers want access to health care in ways that are convenient and technologically safe. Based on the success of the MinuteClinic that CVS acquired in 2006, the pharmacy chain has chosen an obvious strategy to bring the health-conscious customer through its front doors. Another indication is with the addition of the CVS next-day prescription delivery recently announced. Click Here for additional information.


CVS is going up against companies like Amazon that have a competitive edge on the consumer for developing a potential ownership of their health needs. CVS appears to be taking an offensive approach towards their market share of the consumer. However, both companies have taken strong moves for introducing business models that are intended to create consumer-friendly technologies and opportunities to create a “consumerization”, which only benefits the health needs of their customers.


Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT consultant and entrepreneur. For the last decade, he has partnered with leading business management firms and health care companies within the United States. He’s driven towards finding the best solutions for companies and building desired outcomes to benefit their clients. His expertise and strategic awareness has been used as a consultant for Nordic Consulting Partners as well as Ingenix (now known as OptumInsight), a United Healthcare company. He’s passionate about building knowledgeable teams to create trusted partnerships for business development.



Drew Madden On Why Amazon And CVS Could Soon Help All Of Us

There is a decent chance that you are already an Amazon customer in some form or fashion. A lot of people buy all kinds of things from the company that promises to provide “Everything from A to Z”. However, you might not have ever thought about them as the kind of place that you might want to purchase your pharmaceuticals from. It is a concept that is just now starting to gain traction.


A few states throughout the country are considered a petition for licenses for Amazon to begin to sell drugs within their borders. If approved, this could be a massive shift in the way in which drugs are purchased in the United States as a whole. That has not yet been decided, but there is reason to believe that this shift could be coming.


That is what CVS believes at any rate as they have decided to buy health insurance giant Aetna as a way of insulating themselves. CVS seems to know that its business model is under threat if Amazon gains approval, and that has startled them enough that they now want to buy anything in sight to help establish a more diversified business model.


Drew Madden has been watching these business moves with incredible interest. He sees how CVS and Amazon both feel that they deserve to be the one that leads the pack when it comes to providing pharmaceuticals to the masses, but he also knows that the battle could in fact help customers more than anyone else.


He has worked in healthcare information technology for a number of years. Drew Madden has been both an employee and now his own self-made man in the industry. In both cases, he tries to discover the best possible ways to deliver the healthcare products that patients need. To do this, he has to stay on top of major news in the industry such as Amazon possibly getting involved.


These are the moments when the spotlight is shined brightly on this particular industry, but the truth is that they always have at least a few interesting things going on at any given point in time. Visit This Page to learn more.



Perry Mandera: A Helping Hand

Although most people have varied interests, and a lot of people care about different causes and concerns, every now and again, one person who has a lot of concern for others is able to put all that concern to use, under the aegis of one benevolent conglomerate. Perry Mandera, a former United States Marine, decided only a little over a decade after graduating from high school, to start “The Custom Companies.” The tagline for this company is “delivering smiles one child at a time.” The United States Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program speaks directly to the focus of this branch of our military’s concern for the welfare of children, and they more than do their part.


Whether his time in the Marines galvanized his interest or creating this charity was always on his mind, he stands true to the values of the corp with his altruism ( Perry Mandera’s company was founded on the idea that they would always do the right thing and give back to the community. The whole idea was to serve those in need. Like most every other charity or business, if you are not doing what you say, or you are doing the wrong thing, you will fail to exist. This is the very tenet of survival of the fittest.


Custom Cares has been around, doing good work, for over 3 decades. Longevity is not an accident when one is doing what they can to make life better for those in need; it is the direct result of doing the right thing. In this way, Perry Mandera has made his company a mainstay in the transportation scene in the greater Chicago area (CustomCares). The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) named Mr. Mandera to the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives” in 2000. Today, he remains a member of the board of directors of ITA.


Perry Mandera delivers goods and services to the hurricane and tornado-torn areas, brought truckloads of supplies to Lousiana and Mississippi and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, and gave out over 6500 coats to children in the greater Chicago area which is a very short list of a few things he has done. He has undoubtedly done an enormous amount of good for many people, and in this way, Perry Mandera will likely never be forgotten by those whose lives he has touched. People don’t easily forget those that helped them when they were down.

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How Boraie Development Is Helping To Revitalize Atlantic City

When the gaming industry collapsed in Atlantic City it took much of the city with it. A long time ago casinos opened their doors in nearby states which led to this resort town’s economy collapsing. The city is now turning around and there is a sense of optimism in the air. Of particular note is that the first market-rate residential development is being built. This development will have 250 apartments and it is on pace to be opened in the summer of 2018.

The Press of Atlantic City recently reported on this new apartment complex being built. According to Omar Boraie it will be called The Beach at South Inlet and the developer is Boraie Development, LLC. Once completed it will be worth $81 million. The location that it is being built is between the avenues Connecticut, Atlantic, Pacific, and New Jersey. The tenants are expected to be some of the 50,000 people that have jobs in Atlantic City.

There are other developments going on in Atlantic City as leaders work to diversify this city’s industries upon which it relies. One of the big ones is the Atlantic City Gateway project which will increase Stockton University’s presence in the city.

As almost 2/3rd of the housing in Atlantic City is over 40 years old, The Beach at South Inlet is a very welcome bit of new developments. It will have modern amenities available to tenants of the apartments such as a pool and gym. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

According to Patch, Boraie Development is headquartered in New Brunswick. For over 40 years they have been building upscale residential, office, and retail towers in New Brunswick. It’s been in recent years that they’ve expanded outside of New Brunswick. In addition to the new apartment complex in Atlantic City they are also building the first highrise in Newark in many years. One of the celebrities that was on hand for that project during the ribbon cutting ceremony was the former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal grew up in Newark and is very excited to see companies like Boraie Development doing their part to revitalize it.

Once Boraie Development completes a building they then manage the property. All sales and marketing are also handled in-house. Due to the excellent work they do Boraie Development has become one of the go-to property developers in New Jersey. In order to develop the company’s projects they use their own money plus large commercial banks who can provide sound funding.

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Eric Lefkosfky Uses Data at Tempus to Cure Cancer

Tempus co-founder, president and chief executive officer, Eric Lefkofsky is very passionate about finding cure and treatment for cancer. Tempus uses advanced technology to come up with more effective ways of fighting this malignant disease. Eric Lefkofsky also established other technology companies such as Uptake Technologies which he launched alongside other co-founders.

Mr. Eric is also a generous giver who cares about the needs of the people in the society. This made him come up with an organization called Lefkosky Family Foundation which he co-founded with his beloved wife Liz. This charitable organization has been functional since 2006. Basically, the couple’s aim was to change the livelihoods of many people who are not able to make ends meet and since are not in a position to provide daily bread for their families.

Most importantly, Eric Lefkosky learned the need to dig deep into cancer when he couldn’t bear the suffering of a loved one due to this life-threatening disease. Recently, the Dartmouth researchers have come up with a study that provides a better approach towards cancer. The study has revealed that the cancer genes exist within our bodies and the different alterations and mutations that occur within the DNA increases risks of suffering from the disease.

He has merged the University of Chicago and Tempus in the quest for finding treatment for cancer with the use of data. Eric performs cancer sequencing for cancer patients at his technological laboratories at Tempus. He then sends feedback to the oncologists at the university who analyze these results hence recommending effective treatment. Eric’s venture is actually not money oriented but mostly aiming at providing love and care for these cancer patients. His staffs have proved to be very compassionate as well.

The study was majorly based on causes of lung cancer among many smokers. Being that the risks involved are related to Single-Stranded Polymorphism, SNPs, scientists have manipulated the structures and altered their functioning to make biomarkers.

The data obtained in the analysis of the functioning of the genes and the physical properties of these smokers originated from OncoArray Consortium. The advantageous bit of this study is that researchers can use these SNPs to classify the symptoms and the consequences that smokers get themselves into. This has made it easier for them to understand the various types of cancer hence leading to advanced and quality diagnosis.

As a result, cancer patients are now exposed to a variety of treatment options depending on the stages of the lung cancer. This discovery provides hope for a better understanding of the disease in the near future.