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George Soros Helps to Get Out the Latino Vote


The New York Times just featured a story on George Soros and his incredible $5 million investment in getting out the Latino vote for the upcoming election. Soros’ support comes alongside other liberal investors, who are taking an active role to do as much as they can to prevent Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination and ultimately the presidential race. The donations are being funneled through a super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The ultimate goal of all of this voter outreach is to get 400,000 Democratic voters or more to the polls in November. Soros has specifically spoken out against Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant campaign message and hopes that these efforts protect the interests of immigrant voters and ultimately result in them showing up to cast a vote against Trump in the presidential election. Specifically, it was Trumps anti-immigrant rhetoric which Soros perceived as cause for alarm and caused him to spring into action to mount a defense against the Trump campaign’s surging poll numbers.

There is widespread hope that Latino voters could make a real difference in this election in turning the tide against Trump. George Soros and other super PAC donors are faced with the challenge of overcoming general disillusionment among Latinos with the Obama administration’s perceived lack of achievement on immigration issues. Still, Soros and other donors are hopeful that Latinos will rally to support a candidate that will take immigration issues more seriously than Trump.

Soros has his own compelling story as a successful immigrant to this country. He left Hungary in 1947 and traveled to England while the Soviet forces dominated the country. He had also survived Nazi occupation throughout World War II. While in England, Soros began his studies at the London School of Economics. After graduating, Soros came to the United States to begin his professional life.

Soros made his mark through his establishment and remarkably successful management of an international investment fund. Ever since early in his career, Soros has been committed to supporting and donating to philanthropic causes. For example, in 1979, Soros assisted black students during part of the height of the apartheid regime in South Africa by providing them financial assistance to study at Cape Town University. Much of Soros’ philanthropic ventures have been through his organization, Open Society, which was founded in 1979. Soros is committed to raising awareness about international human rights issues, which he has publicly spoken about having an obligation to bring awareness to and try to help solve, given his amazing financial success and wealth of resources to fight the good fight, so to say. Soros has written 14 books and is a best-selling author on the topics of investment, globalization, economics and a wide variety of international issues.