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End Citizens United Champions Political Reforms

End Citizens United prides itself on being able to facilitate finance reforms in America. Presently, the political act committee is gracing news headlines because of its commitment to induce these reforms from all sides of the government. End Citizens United understands that the future of America is appended to the direction taken by politics.

End Citizens has a mission to offer constructive, political reforms to Americans. The group has taken a positive direction towards strategizing this mission. Recently, Randy Bryce was their best choice for Congress. This decision came in after a conclusive merge of efforts and team work from the political team.

Why Bryce was endorsed

Like any other endorsement by different political parties and committees, there has been a question of why the pact chose Bryce. Well, the answer lies in his character. Bryce possesses leadership qualities that have left many wondering if there are candidates who can better represent the city. He is passionate about ending the era of corruption in America as he has defined himself as a trustworthy member of the pact. Bryce is just in need of strong support from members of End Citizens United. His endorsement came in at the right time because he has been positive about nailing the seat that the team trusts him with. For Bryce, it all boils down to establishing workable strategies that will accommodate every citizen within his jurisdiction. With the support of End Citizens United, a lot is set to occur on the brighter side.


Bryce against Paul Ryan

Bryce is the right candidate for this position because he has a set of skillet that allows him to care for residents. He has been applying these skills in office even before his endorsement. In his battle against Paul Ryan, the serving speaker, he is positive about winning. Bryce is convinced that he is more qualified as he is not inclined on the status quo. His contributions to the development of reforms can also be identified.


The birth of End Citizens United dates to 2010, when the Supreme Court made a critical decision by allowing corporations to voice people’s opinions. End Citizens United officially began operating in 2015. At that juncture, the American political landscape was facing a lot challenges. With the frequency of political money circulating from dark, untraceable sources, it was crucial for End Citizens United to step in and control the multiplication of this growth. End Citizens United has been fighting these money sources for years. One strategy that the political team is using to achieve this objective is by electing trustworthy candidates, who can deal with corruption. End Citizens United has been endorsing several candidates from time to time. Often, these candidates have positive track records.

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George Soros; Funding Change

And in what came as a surprise to many Americans, George Soros gave a little over half a million dollars to John Kasich’s campaign. Kasich’s fund, New Day for America, received the funds from two managers affiliated with Soros’ fund according to records from the FEC. This is according to an article that originally appeared on the NY Books.
George Soros has expressed his distaste as reported on Latino Fox News with the proposed increased border security measure that other GOP candidates (Cruz and Trump) have advocated for. Kasich, on the other hand, has presented himself as a moderate and conservative candidate has for the most of the race been an underdog, and it has been a surprise to many that he hasn’t pulled out of the race. Soros has a number of organizations that he has setup or backed to support far-left policies.

Forbes billionaire George Soros is an American investor and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He is of Hungarian descent and is the founder and Chairman of Soros Fund Management. He moved to England to study at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelors degree and three years after that earned a Masters degree in Philosophy. After school, it was hard for him to get a job and so he had to work as a waiter and as a porter at the railway. He wrote letters to some merchant traders, and only a few of them responded to his request and eventually was hired at Singer and Friedlander bank. He moved to the US after a colleague referred him to his father’s company and Soros took the job at F.M Mayer as an arbitrage trader. He worked at a number of other companies all the while developing his theories on reflexivity in the market which influence his trading. He founded a number of funds before the Soros Fund, which he started in 1970, such as Double Eagle, which is known as the Quantum Fund today. The two funds have had relative success with the latter being described as one of the most investor-friendly and successful hedge funds to date according to

Mr. Soros has not been limited to investing in the stock market only; he has also pursued a number of investments in the sports industry. He has been linked with parties interested in purchasing a number of sports franchises such as the Washington Nationals and Italian football team, AS Roma. Mr. Soros also owns Class A shares of English football team, Manchester United. Philanthropy is close to Mr. Soros’ heart, and he has supported a number of causes around the world with a relatively huge amount of his wealth. He has funded a number of education projects such as the Central European University and to a couple of Russian universities so that they could upgrade their internet infrastructure. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has worked to eradicate poverty in Africa and to sensitize against violence in former Soviet states. Mr. Soros is also a distinguished author and has a number of books to his name such as Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism.