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Jeunesse is taking the nutritional supplement industry by the tail

Jeunesse is one of the more recent entrants to the nutritional supplement and beauty product industry. The company has seen fantastic growth over its first 8 years of operation, growing from a tiny supplements shop literally run out of a couple’s garage to being one of the most important players on the global multi-level marketing scene.

Founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global first opened shop in 2009 in the couple’s garage. With Ray’s experience in marketing and Lewis’ in running the business end of things, the couple was able to quickly duplicate the success they had previously enjoyed in the industry. But they had no intention of actually becoming the heads of yet another nutrition mega-business. The couple had been independently wealthy for decades and had previously made two attempts at retiring. But both times, they found that they were slowly lured back into the world of business, not being able to stand the boring and pedestrian life of traditional retirees.


Their third attempt at retirement was preceded by both Ray and Lewis swearing to each other that they would really stay retired this time around. Yet again, they slowly started creating a few products and selling them online. Soon, they were sitting atop a business that was growing by three-digit percentage points every year. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Now, Jeunesse is one of the major players in the global nutrition and beauty industry. Led by its flagship product, the Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse has created some of the most innovative products in the industry. One example is the Nevo energy drink. The drink is made from 100-percent natural fruit juice, giving it one of the most addicting flavors of any energy drink on the market today. Nevo contains all-natural ingredients, including naturally derived caffeine, guarana, yerba mate and green tea extract. But one of the most incredible aspects of the drink is that it only contains 50 calories per can. Yet many users swear that it is the best energy drink they have ever tasted. It comes in four unique flavors, including pomegranate, peach mango, lemon ginger and acai grape. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.

Julia’s Vineyard: Perception or Reality

Julia JacksonAre you interested in the wine industry? Have you ever heard of Julia Jackson? This woman is one of the most ambitious persons in the winemaking industry. She has an extensive resume of success, she comes from a winemaking family, and she provides numerous valuable services for Jackson Family Wines. Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson. This family owned and operated company come from humble beginnings, but as of today, it is one of the leading economical wine producers in the country. Julia is a proprietor, a salesman and a representative. She has attended both Scripps College and Stanford University.As of late, Julia has been focusing on the rebranding aspect of the family’s wineries, which includes Tenuta di Arceno as well as Arcanum. Cambria Estate Winery is also in her sights for rebranding as this was one of the first wineries of the family estate. This is also where “Julia’s Vineyard” inspiration came from.Julia Jackson

Being part of the international sales team, she is able to expand the company’s customer base. In other instances, Julia spends time designing and updating the company’s website as well as working at her nonprofit organization. This organization is known as Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, and it does a wonderful job of celebrating female empowerment. Seeds of Empowerment also gives away $100,000 in cash grants to deserving recipients in the area.Jackson Family Wines is at the pinnacle of its game thanks to its great services and high quality wines. Benchmark Chardonnay, one of the top-shelf wines, is a fan favorite among many people. It offers the many flavors of pineapple, apple and white peach in addition to its oak spice aromas. In other words, perception is reality and Julia Jackson personifies it to the fullest degree.

Richard Mishaan’s Designs: One of the World’s Best

Truly one of the world’s leaders in architectural design would be Richard Mishaan. A Richard Mishaan Design will almost always appear near the top of everyone’s list when it comes to architectural or interior creativity. Indeed, Mishaan is so well-respected that he was recently featured in a “scene and heard” piece by Elle Decor Magazine! Although Richard Mishaan’s career didn’t officially begin until after he joined the offices of Philip Johnson as an apprentice, he had his architectural roots many years prior to that. In fact, one could argue that it dates to the very time and location when he was born and his childhood.

You see, Mishaan was born in Colombia and spent most of his formative years in Italy. This led to an architect with an eclectic style who also had an understanding of fashion and interior design. Indeed, the man’s sense of touch is almost unparalleled.What is his source of inspiration? How is he able to come up with such lavish designs? Mishaan himself points to the fact that he is a world citizen, and he uses that to his benefit. While some would have problems with identity, Mishaan counts it a privilege that he was able to see some remarkable architectural creations in both South America and in historical Europe as well.

It is because of this that the Richard Mishaan Design studio interiors can be described as “modern but referencing the ancient times as well”.A Richard Mishaan design will immediately enchant the viewer, simply because of the fact that it cannot be relegated to just one simple box. A Richard Mishaan design truly transcends time.The interiors of a Richard Mishaan design show a man with a skillful touch. He has an invigorating blend of Italian Neo-Classic that is often paired with African Tribalism as well as a Seventeenth-Century French touch. You really cannot go wrong with one of Richard Mishaan’s wonderful designs!

The Success of JHSF under the Leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto

JHSF was founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo. Over the years, it has become the leading real estate company in Brazil. The company deals with hotels, shopping malls and commercial as well as residential buildings. The company has been very innovative and understanding of the changing market trends. Jose Auriemo Neto has enabled JHSF to come up with marketable and modern structures.

Like many other successful real estate companies in the world, JHSF has been working on projects that have a recurring income. As a result, JHSF has been focusing on hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, and even an airport. With this strategy, the company is assured of a continuous income. The company has worked in cities such as Manaus, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. It is also present in other countries like Uruguay and the United States. With many years of experience, JHSF has built shopping malls in strategic areas. This has led them to attract internationally recognized brands like Gucci, Channel, and Louis Vuitton among others.

Jose AuriemoNeto, who is seen as a real estate genius, is currently the CEO and Chairman of JHSF. He took over the company’s leadership from his father Fabio Auriemo. His first project, ParqueCidadeJardim, earned him great profits within the first year of operation. It included some apartments, offices, a hotel, and a shopping mall. ParqueCidadeJardim attracted many clients even before it was complete. JHSF invested heavily in this project. This was mostly as a result of the area that it was set to be constructed.

Jose AuriemoNeto studied at the University of Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado in Sao Paulo. His success in real estate can be attributed to the many years he has worked in the industry. He has been working in JHSF since 1993. Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s leadership, the company has acquired significant partners such as Valentino. JHSF has also been involved in retail, which has increased its income greatly. His experience and enthusiasm in real estate have been very beneficial to the company. Jose Auriemo is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

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MB2 Dental Solutions at the Forefront of Making Dental Practice Efficient

Dentists all over the US are now supported by the MB2 Dental Solutions which is a company that provides al practicing dentists with the opportunity to improve their practices and make them more successful. The organization was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, and its purpose is to enable the dentists to pay more attention to the treatment aspect of their clinics. Many dentists and doctors like starting their own practices rather than joining already established clinics because it gives them the opportunity and freedom to manage their affairs independently.

One major hindrance they face is the need to handle all other administrative responsibilities apart from treating their patients. The tasks of managing the clinics often make them to concentrate less on their core responsibility of treating people. The duties that distracts their focus are like managing human resources, financial controls, and other minor but important roles. To avoid such challenges, many doctor prefer to affiliate themselves to larger organization that provide auxiliary services. In some instances the people who provide administrative support services have very little professional knowledge about how to care for patients. But when it comes to offering support for management and other administrative roles, they are quite efficient. Read more about MB2 Dental on

When he wanted to set up his practice, Dr. Chris was faced with numerous administrative and logistical challenges. The first to solutions he thought he found were not adequate so he decided to experiment with a third alternative and that is how the idea of MB2 Dental Solutions was born. The new organization gave doctors the opportunity to choose from a number of options what could best work for them. The first option catered for doctors who were just entering the field and wished to develop successful clinical practices. It gave them the opportunity to work with existing doctors and an independent team of professionals specializing in different aspects of management.

The doctors who have prosperous practices have the second option that entails working closely with the platforms provided with MB2 Dental Solutions to take their clinics to better levels of operations. If they wish, the doctors can affiliate with the organization so that the operations are set within the clinics. Such arrangements allow the dentists to concentrate on treating their patients. The particular areas that the organization deal with include front desk operations, managing subordinate staff, providing specialized equipment, compiling records and taking care of the financial needs and structures. To facilitate smoother operations, the agency streamlines all the outside processes so that the doctor can spend all his time on handling the needs of the patients. Consequently, a lot of pressure is removed from the doctor’s shoulders and they can now take care of their patients in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Visit to know more.

The organization is presently operating in more than six states in the entire US, and it also has clinics in several other locations. Many dentists who wish to succeed in their respective fields have many advantages when they work with MB2 Dental Solutions. The organization is at the forefront of promoting better dental care.

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Real Estate Brings Success To The Career Of Nick Vertucci

The career of Nick Vertucci may have taken a number of twists and turns that have seen the former computer parts salesperson become one of the leading real estate investors in the U.S. Vertucci now not only flips homes and has built a successful real estate career but also looks to develop the skills of others by touring the country providing his seminar, “Fortunes in Flipping” to members of the public. Nick Vertucci is founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy made the vow to help as many people as he could get out of debt and become, at the very least, financially stable by embarking on a career in real estate.

Almost all those who attend the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy have done so in a bid to fulfill their dream of finding success as a real estate investor. Vertucci has built a team of industrial leaders who can assist those attending his “Fortunes in Flipping” seminar with their own experiences and skills that have been built over the course of a number of years working within the industry according to

There have been many areas of interest and support for those who attend the Nick Vertucci supported “Fortunes in Flipping” seminar series. The aim of the series is to guide individuals through the possibilities offered for making money by buying and selling homes in a short space of time; understanding the fact this is not a home to be enjoyed by the investor is part of the seminar developed by Nick Vertucci that takes each participant through the purchase, rejuvenation, and sale of a property on One of the most important aspects of Vertucci’s program is the ability to work with fellow students who have been developing their own career in real estate investment that allows them the chance to provide assistance and help to their less experienced fellow investors as they take their first steps in making their own ‘Fortunes in Flipping”.

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Highland Capital Management Donation to Family Place

James Dondero is the co-founder and the chairman of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He became a household name after hitting the headlines following his announcement of the company’s initiative to award $1million challenge grant towards the Family Place. Family Place is the leading organization in supporting victims of domestic violence. The company has been aiming to raise $2.8 million in its legal campaign that was scheduled to run for six months.Highland capital management gave the donation through its philanthropic arm Highland Dallas Foundation. The grant matched 50% of funds that was raised throughout the campaign in April. Highland capital management became very instrumental in ensuring the family place was able to collect $2.8 million which was required to hit the company’s target of raising $16.5 million. The Family Place was able to finish the campaign strongly.

The need to Solve Community Problems

James Dondero said that the grant was answering the call by the Dallas Mayor and the Dallas Police Chief to help address life-threatening issues that were common in the area. He also went ahead to say that the company was pleased with the way Family place took the call and realized it in just a span of a year. The campaign by the Family place was to raise funds to construct the new Dallas Counseling Center for victims of domestic violence. The facility would serve more than 2000 people annually. This would help reduce the impact of family violence.

The man behind Highland Capital Management

James Dondero, the man behind this grant, has a successful career in credit and market equities. Since its inception, Dondero has pioneered Highland Capital Management in developing Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. He also engineered the development of credit oriented solutions to institutional and retail investors.James Dondero served as the chief investment officer to GIC before he founded Highland capital management. He also served as a bond analyst and a portfolio manager at American Express and as an inquisitor in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia with highest honors, with dual majors in accounting and finance. James is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and he has the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Learn more :

Anthony Petrello Rises from a Humble Beginning to Become a Top-Paid CEO in America

Anthony Petrello lists among the most successful corporate businesspeople in America. He graduated from Harvard University with a J.D degree. Later on, he pursued a master’s in mathematics from Yale University. Today, Anthony Petrello gets associated with Nabors Industries. He is the chief executive officer of the institution. He has worked with this oil drilling company for over 25 years. Since his incorporation to the Nabors Industries family, Anthony Petrello has held several key positions in the organization. In 1991, he became the chief operating officer. One year later, he became the president of Nabors Industries. As a result of his great achievement with the company, he got appointed as the deputy chair of the board of directors. Today, he serves as the chairman of the board. Anthony Petrello career began in Becker & Mackenzie law firm. He was a managing partner in the enterprise.


Besides being a businessman, Mr. Petrello is a philanthropist. He holds a director position at Texas Children’s Home. Through this institution, he donates both his time and resources to the benefit of needy students. His experience and education background has made him a great leader. He is among the best-paid executives in America. In 2015, his calculated salary and compensations amounted to $ 27,663,602. Out of which, $ 1, 580,077 amounted to salary, $ 7,727,000 got paid as bonus, $ 16,863,656 as stock and $ 1,342,206 from different types of compensation.


In a recent article published by his college roommate, Lloyd Grove described him as a skinny scholarship kid from Newark. It further says he had a thick Jersey accent and had an extrovert personality. Petrello loved pizza and joked about his family. He was jovial and would make fun during mealtime. Grove says that he was naturally good at mathematics and was the favorite student of Prof. Serge, a renowned world class mathematician. The article got published by The Daily Beast. In 2013, Anthony Petrello topped the list of the top-paid CEOs in America. He received $ 68.2 million, a 246 percent increase from what he received in 2012. However, in 2014, changes in the company saw the corporate governance and compensation practices change. They limited executive severance payment to three times an executive salary. The roles of CEO and chairman, additionally, got split. Therefore, the changes rained fire on Petrello pay and ultimately funneled back much of the money to the shareholders.

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Talk Fusion’s CEO Discusses Philanthropy

Talk Fusion is the premier video marketing and communication solutions company on the internet today. Talk Fusion has grown to its current status thanks to the hard work of founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 when he realized that there weren’t any companies adequately approaching the growing video marketing industry. Reina decided to do it himself and as a result his company has grown by leaps and bounds — most recently scoring some huge industry awards in 2016. Now, CEO Bob Reina is taking some time to talk about how philanthropy has played a huge role in the growth of his company.


If you wanted to look at Reina’s history of giving you would find that his philanthropy is wide and varied and always generous. Reina’s biggest impact was probably his record breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. While that million dollar donation was certainly eye popping, it is far from his only work in the field. Reina has also given to orphanages in countries that struggle to keep them funded – Indonesia, for example.


Reina knows that you can’t just sit idly by if you are lucky enough to have earned the power that he has. Reina has a phrase that he likes to go back to early and often, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” These words may seem like fluff but, as you can see above, they are anything but. In fact, Reina has taken this motto and he’s instilled it straight into the DNA that comprises Talk Fusion — from top to bottom.


Right now Talk Fusion is offering a special charity account program that aims to connect clients straight to their charities. The Talk Fusion charity account offers Talk Fusion associates the ability to connect a charity of their choice with an account. The charity account has all of the traditional offerings of other Talk Fusion accounts: Video Email, Sign Up Forms, Video Chat, Live Meetings and more. This is just one way that Talk Fusion is pushing and innovating in the game.


Eric Pulier Gives Back

Eric Pulier is many things. He is a loving and devoted father to four children, a visionary entrepreneur, an author of many published works, a brilliant technologist, a well researched columnist, a bold public speaker, and a generous philanthropist. Of all his tremendous successes though, he is most well known for the great feat of becoming the founder and co founder of an impressive number at more than fifteen companies. Having managed to raise multiple millions of dollars through out his business adventures, Eric Pulier has brought great things to this world through his many successful business adventures.

As the generous philanthropist that he is, Eric Pulier has in his time invested in a wide multitude of companies in need of financial assistance. Helping with the Trident Capital, as well as Monitor Ventures and eCompanies, Pulier has stepped up when he has been needed in order to help those in need and actively partake in helping progress come in to the lives of the many through his humble donations. He has also dedicated an impressive sum of the money that he has earned to assist in startup companies that he believes in that are trying to make waves in the technological and media worlds.You can also find him on Wikipedia.

Living out of Los Angeles, California, Eric Pulier is making a point of taking a stand to cause positive progress in America. Taking it upon himself to become a member of the board for a summer camp known as The Painted Turtle that is made to give children with chronic illnesses a chance to enjoy their childhoods and have fun in the woods like any other would be allowed to. With a heavy heart that constantly needs to help make other people’s lives a little easier, Eric Pulier also stands as a proud member of the Innovation Board at the XPRIZE Foundation.Through out his time working with individual companies such as ServiceMesh, Akana, and Digital Evolution Pulier has managed to give back to the business world for presenting him with the opportunities he needed to succeed so well as he has done within his life.