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Anthony Petrello Rises from a Humble Beginning to Become a Top-Paid CEO in America

Anthony Petrello lists among the most successful corporate businesspeople in America. He graduated from Harvard University with a J.D degree. Later on, he pursued a master’s in mathematics from Yale University. Today, Anthony Petrello gets associated with Nabors Industries. He is the chief executive officer of the institution. He has worked with this oil drilling company for over 25 years. Since his incorporation to the Nabors Industries family, Anthony Petrello has held several key positions in the organization. In 1991, he became the chief operating officer. One year later, he became the president of Nabors Industries. As a result of his great achievement with the company, he got appointed as the deputy chair of the board of directors. Today, he serves as the chairman of the board. Anthony Petrello career began in Becker & Mackenzie law firm. He was a managing partner in the enterprise.


Besides being a businessman, Mr. Petrello is a philanthropist. He holds a director position at Texas Children’s Home. Through this institution, he donates both his time and resources to the benefit of needy students. His experience and education background has made him a great leader. He is among the best-paid executives in America. In 2015, his calculated salary and compensations amounted to $ 27,663,602. Out of which, $ 1, 580,077 amounted to salary, $ 7,727,000 got paid as bonus, $ 16,863,656 as stock and $ 1,342,206 from different types of compensation.


In a recent article published by his college roommate, Lloyd Grove described him as a skinny scholarship kid from Newark. It further says he had a thick Jersey accent and had an extrovert personality. Petrello loved pizza and joked about his family. He was jovial and would make fun during mealtime. Grove says that he was naturally good at mathematics and was the favorite student of Prof. Serge, a renowned world class mathematician. The article got published by The Daily Beast. In 2013, Anthony Petrello topped the list of the top-paid CEOs in America. He received $ 68.2 million, a 246 percent increase from what he received in 2012. However, in 2014, changes in the company saw the corporate governance and compensation practices change. They limited executive severance payment to three times an executive salary. The roles of CEO and chairman, additionally, got split. Therefore, the changes rained fire on Petrello pay and ultimately funneled back much of the money to the shareholders.

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Talk Fusion’s CEO Discusses Philanthropy

Talk Fusion is the premier video marketing and communication solutions company on the internet today. Talk Fusion has grown to its current status thanks to the hard work of founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 when he realized that there weren’t any companies adequately approaching the growing video marketing industry. Reina decided to do it himself and as a result his company has grown by leaps and bounds — most recently scoring some huge industry awards in 2016. Now, CEO Bob Reina is taking some time to talk about how philanthropy has played a huge role in the growth of his company.


If you wanted to look at Reina’s history of giving you would find that his philanthropy is wide and varied and always generous. Reina’s biggest impact was probably his record breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. While that million dollar donation was certainly eye popping, it is far from his only work in the field. Reina has also given to orphanages in countries that struggle to keep them funded – Indonesia, for example.


Reina knows that you can’t just sit idly by if you are lucky enough to have earned the power that he has. Reina has a phrase that he likes to go back to early and often, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” These words may seem like fluff but, as you can see above, they are anything but. In fact, Reina has taken this motto and he’s instilled it straight into the DNA that comprises Talk Fusion — from top to bottom.


Right now Talk Fusion is offering a special charity account program that aims to connect clients straight to their charities. The Talk Fusion charity account offers Talk Fusion associates the ability to connect a charity of their choice with an account. The charity account has all of the traditional offerings of other Talk Fusion accounts: Video Email, Sign Up Forms, Video Chat, Live Meetings and more. This is just one way that Talk Fusion is pushing and innovating in the game.


Eric Pulier Gives Back

Eric Pulier is many things. He is a loving and devoted father to four children, a visionary entrepreneur, an author of many published works, a brilliant technologist, a well researched columnist, a bold public speaker, and a generous philanthropist. Of all his tremendous successes though, he is most well known for the great feat of becoming the founder and co founder of an impressive number at more than fifteen companies. Having managed to raise multiple millions of dollars through out his business adventures, Eric Pulier has brought great things to this world through his many successful business adventures.

As the generous philanthropist that he is, Eric Pulier has in his time invested in a wide multitude of companies in need of financial assistance. Helping with the Trident Capital, as well as Monitor Ventures and eCompanies, Pulier has stepped up when he has been needed in order to help those in need and actively partake in helping progress come in to the lives of the many through his humble donations. He has also dedicated an impressive sum of the money that he has earned to assist in startup companies that he believes in that are trying to make waves in the technological and media worlds.You can also find him on Wikipedia.

Living out of Los Angeles, California, Eric Pulier is making a point of taking a stand to cause positive progress in America. Taking it upon himself to become a member of the board for a summer camp known as The Painted Turtle that is made to give children with chronic illnesses a chance to enjoy their childhoods and have fun in the woods like any other would be allowed to. With a heavy heart that constantly needs to help make other people’s lives a little easier, Eric Pulier also stands as a proud member of the Innovation Board at the XPRIZE Foundation.Through out his time working with individual companies such as ServiceMesh, Akana, and Digital Evolution Pulier has managed to give back to the business world for presenting him with the opportunities he needed to succeed so well as he has done within his life.

George Soros Makes The Forbes Top Lists, Plans To Continue Philanthropic Efforts

George Soros has been involved with numerous philanthropic works which are aimed to help people in society. His motivations for helping people lie in the past experiences that George has had to go through during the span of his lifetime. Now, a successful hedge-fund investor, George has been making appearances across numerous political scenes intending always to help the right people attain the position of power.

George made a fortune on Wall Street through a variety of risky trades and hedge fund investments. Today, George has an empire worth billions and is rated as one of the richest people in the world. He has been featured countless times in journals and media outlets like Forbes and has been ranked numerous times on their lists. In 2016, George made an appearance on the lists of Forbes 400, George was also given the number ten spot on the list of the highest-earning hedge fund managers of 2016. Read on

George came from a town in Hungary which was under the ruling of the Nazi regime at the time. Soros witnessed the immense amount of distress the people around him were facing owing to the oppressive rule on Forbes. His aim thereon was to help people in whatever way he can, to make sure that no one has to live in an oppressed society as he did. Soros then left Hungary to pursue a degree from the London School of Economics. After attaining his degree, Soros started his career in finance as a worker at a small bank. To pursue his ambitions, he moved to New York, where he currently resides. When he first came to New York, George Soros started working on Wall Street where he first entered the world of hedge funds, a business in which he would rake his fortune.

In light of helping the repressed members of society, George set on a mission to help refugees from countries that were hit by war. In 2016, he started up an organization aimed at helping victims of war who were seeking refuge in European countries. Through this organization, he helped numerous refugees stand on their own two feet again by helping them establish small businesses to support themselves. Through his lifetime, Soros has donated over $12000 million towards the upliftment of society. Numerous organizations all over the world have benefited from George’s efforts and have been able to lead a more comfortable life because of it. Some details are posted on

George has also been a donor to numerous political parties and agencies all over the world. He has also been a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and has helped them numerous times in their presidential campaigns. In 2016 alone, George donated approximately $25 million towards Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The New Building On The Cabana

On the Copa Cabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, there is a new building. It’s five stories tall and it looks like a resort hotel. It even has a five-star restaurant inside it.

It’s not a hotel. Yet, it has a lobby with a grand piano, overstuffed, fluffy sofas and chairs, and art work from Yakuta Toyota from Japan. Yet, it’s not a hotel.

What is it, then, you wonder.

It’s a hospital. Yes, that’s right, it’s a hospital. It’s a very luxurious, very well appointed hospital built by a company named D’Or.

The company decided to build a hospital with an original idea. Instead of having patient rooms, they wanted patient suites. They wanted patients to feel at home, and to have every convenience at their fingertips. That is exactly what they accomplished.

The restaurant for the guests is a five star restaurant designed by a chef. The patients’ visitors are not considered visitors; they are guests. Every patient has a suite of rooms, and they can have, not ‘visitors,’ but guests. The patient controls the lighting, the drapes, and the temperature through a tablet. Through the same tablet, the patient can conduct video conferences with the doctor, who can show the patient the latest test results, or the nurse and staff. This is all done from the patient’s suite of rooms with the tablet.

The Copa Star Hospital boasts 155 patient suites, 59 intensive care units, and nine operating rooms with the latest, most up-to-date technology, including robotic aid during surgery and video production by magnetic resonance during the operation. The company, D’Or, expects to open more of these high tech luxury hospitals in Brazil in the cities of Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

The building itself is of remarkable construction in that it was built in a tight space, and the company had to design new building techniques to construction such a five-story building in such a restricted piece of property. The type of concrete used for construction insures that the rate of energy use is likely only fifty per cent of what a like building would experience elsewhere.

Let us hope that no one needs hospital care. But if you are in Brazil and need hospitalization, by all means, Hospital Copa Star should be your first choice.

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Don Ressler’s and Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg Take Renown Brands JustFab and Fabletics to Another Level

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg combination are a clear testimony of what teamwork can do. The Techstyle company, led by the duo, has four subscription based brands including Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and Fabletics. The fashion icon is a market leader with a growth of up to 4 million VIP members in just six years.

Techstyle Fashion Group Ltd. growth is largely attributed to the exemplary leadership of the co-partners. The company started in March 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who struck a unique bond after the meeting. Adam founder of Intermix met Don who had sold his company to generate $ 1 Billion in sales and raised capital for other businesses.

Adam and Don Ressler started their business in 2006 and later established several brands in health and beauty. The pair then decided to merge cutting edge fashion with social behaviors to create a customized online venture.

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With the intentions and determination to change the customer experience, Don and Adam were set to make online fashion fun, highly social and engaging. This led to the idea of creating a personalized platform, hire designers and consultants and come up with pocket-friendly subscription models. JustFab, a style community that through subscription of only $39.95 monthly, members receive accessories, handbags and shoes custom made to their taste came up.

“Unlike what some critics think, we just don’t ship out bags, shoes, and accessories on a monthly basis, we keep engagement high and changing subscription model. We offer style boards and show women how to wear every item,” said Don.

Though Adam and Don Ressler knowledge of fashion were limited, they picked a great team. The inclusion of Kimora Lee Simmons, a fashion icon, and a successful business woman was a great decision. Kimora joined the company as the creative director and president.

Matrix’s Josh Hannah joined the company as an investment partner as the establishment was extremely successful. Josh fitted perfectly in the puzzle and brought with him a wealth of experience and trail of success. In 2011, Matrix invested $ 33 million into the company and a further $76 million in 2012 from Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures.

TechStyle has its headquarters in El Segundo, a convenient location with a perfect climate. The sunny weather, sparkling coasts and chill vibes compliment the trendy fashion pieces. Los Angeles is a perfect location that is easily accessible.

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Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory is Moving Forward Successfully

The goal is that entrepreneurs in Switzerland and elsewhere would have a great place to showcase their latest ideas. Mike Baur is a specialist in investment banking, formerly an employee at Clariden and Sallfort. After retiring from a successful career in the Swiss banking industry, Baur felt that he could apply his financial known how to helping students find backing for their companies. In conjunction with other men, Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory connects wealthy investors with entrepreneurs who need some assistance in getting their business model up and running.


After demonstrating their concept plan, the wealthy investors can make a decision about what they will fund. Michael Hartweg also recently enlisted in the Swiss Start Up Factory to help students garner some new ideas. The Swiss Start Up Factory is also teamed up with the Geneva company Fusion, which has a similar company model. Soon, Switzerland will be seeing more and more giants growing out of the effort to help entrepreneurs find more money for their projects.


Hartweg’s role at the Swiss Start Up Factory will be primarily coaching and outreach related. Hartweg will handle the political nuances of persuading rich investors that new ideas are worth funding.


The goal of the Swiss Start Up Factory is to streamline the entrepreneurial pipe line so that the next Google, Amazon, or Microsoft does not get swept under the rug. Mike Baur is happy to be a facilitator for the technologies of the future. The Swiss Start Up Factory has already launched several companies, including Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.


The Swiss Start Up Factory takes the hard work out of launching a new company. They handle bookkeeping, invoices, taxes, and payroll management, so innovators can focus on what really matters, designing new ideas.


The entrepreneurial program lasts 3 months, and provides financing, coaching, mentoring, and access to a large network of investors. On top of all that, the Swiss Start Up Factory has a free first session for all students and entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Start Up Factory application form is quite simple. All you have to do is submit a name, email, and cool idea that is solved with your company plan. The Swiss Start Up Factory will review it, and then decide if big investors would be interested in funding it.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is accepting applications for the September 2016 session. They are glad to see interest from industry and students.

Don Ressler and A History of Working Together

Few entrepreneurs are able to point to a string of successes like Don Ressler has.  Ressler has been able to build companies up and then sell them, enabling him to go from one success to another. His current success story is, a fashion site that encourages customer engagement. The fashions designed exclusively for the site combined with the need to create a customer-friendly site has led to yet another success for him. Don Ressler is otherwise best known for Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries and

In fact, it was where it all began. After it was purchased in 2001 by Intermix Media, he teamed with Adam Goldenberg, COO of Intermix, to form Alena Media, a division of Intermix focused on ecommerce and performance advertising that generated hundreds of millions in revenue, making it the sole profit center of Intermix. When NewsCorp purchased Intermix in 2005, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to leave to explore new opportunities; the division they had built up was ignored by the media giant so they took advantage of not being bound to the new company. After a brainstorming meeting in Goldenberg’s living room with former Alena members. Two weeks later Brand Ideas was born, and it would eventually become Intelligent Beauty.

Realizing that they had the skills necessary to succeed in the growing field of performance advertising on Zimbio, they decided to create an autonomously executing brand building enterprise. The first creation was DERMSTORE, an online skincare and cosmetics store, followed by SENSA, both of which were successful. In 2008, they accepted $43M funding from Technology Crossover Ventures. A third company would be launched in 2011 with $33M in funding from Matrix Partners: JustFab, a subscription ecommerce site based on fashion retail. After the site passed the six-million member mark in 2012, Don Ressler and Goldenberg entered into a second round of financing, eventually securing $43M from Rho Venture, Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty.

JustFab has expanded into new markets since then, such as children’s fashion, athletic shoes, as well Europena markets. They also opened a flagship store in September 2013 at By August 2014, JustFab had closed another round of funding bringing the company’s total worth to about $250M. Ressler has built his companies on the idea that finding the right partner, who shares his entrepreneurial spirit. By combining different areas of specialty, a group of companies can create a much stronger alliance, something he has consistently proven.

Kate Hudson Presents Fabletics

For individuals who are looking for a new comfortable way to move around the house, try my subscription addiction which have been carefully designed to offer comfort in an everyday situation. These new designer outfits make any look now look comfortable and wearable when doing day to day activities such as grocery shopping or picking up children from school. These new designer outfits have been designed perfectly for all individuals who have the siren call of staying home and relaxing in comfort. These Fabletics have been growing more and more in popularity as people try on the comfortable material as well as the compression that these leggings and outfits offer for comfort as well as for functionality. Women no longer need to put in hours and hours of finding outfits to where when Fabletics is the number one choice that offers women style as well as the necessity of comfort in clothing.

In recent news, Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics was interviewed by Marie Claire Magazine at to talk about this new and trending style. One of the biggest successes that have hit the shelves are the performance wear swimsuits that offer customer style as well as functionality when hitting up the pool or the beach. The offered swimsuits now act as a double from being either a top or even a sports bra that can be worn while lazily roaming the beach or wading in the water. This swimsuit has become a widely purchased product for the compression and support that the material offers that makes this swimsuit ideal for tanning with.

Kate Hudson has even taken these outfits to the next level and now offers evening wear in this comfortable material that make nights out more comfortable than ever. The dressed that have been designed by Kate Hudson For Fabletics are all made of compression material that keeps everything in the right place. Kate Hudson even suggests wearing these Fabletics to the office for a more casual approach to the job. Now getting out of the car with the help of Fabletics is easier than ever and is now even more comfortable than ever.

With all the clothing that is offered through Fabletics, Kate Hudson has designed all the products to bring back femininity to daily clothes. Rather than just wearing baggy shirts or sweats, this athletic clothing now offers a new experience when doing daily chores. What Fabletics offers is high fashion while saving money in the process. Kate Hudson understands that clothes can often be price high which is why she now offers an inexpensive way to look fabulous. Marie Claire Magazine fully agrees and recommends this product to individuals who no longer wish to wear baggy clothes around the house.

George Soros And Philip Diehl, Why America Should Invest In Gold And Other Precious Metals

U.S Money Reserve is one of the world’s largest private distributor of the government issued platinum, silver and gold products. The company was founded in the year 2001 and has gather hundreds of thousands of clients across the world.

The company has strong team and the recent economy move assures investors that investing in precious metal is one of the vital decisions that everyone ought to make since the world economy in the coin, and paper based currency is expected to cripple.

Investing in precious metal is a decision that helps people to secure the wealth and apparently it has also helped to strengthen the United States economy against the economic up heals. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

U.S. Money Reserve linkedIn depicts that the ability of the company to diversify its venture in precious metal is an endeavor that has been facilitated by well-trained team of economic and financial advisors.

Admittedly, the company expert team consists among the following; numismatic professionals, coin researchers, who are equipped with market skills and knowledge and, therefore, they are in a position to identify products that brings forth higher profit potentials for the buyers of the precious metals at different levels.

The company is customer oriented and its key focus is to help the investors to leap maximum return from their investments. To achieve this, the company provides a superior customer services and it is driven by its long term goal of building a fruitful relationship with their clients.

Actually, more than 300, 000 clients has chosen U.S Money Reserve due to the high quality as well as the presence of the precious metals in the Company’s portfolio and as a result, the wise decision has place them in a profit position not only today but also in feature. Read more: Read more: Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum and Why Buy Gold

The continuous progress of the team would not have been achieved if it were not for the proper leadership and advisory of the company’s president Philip Diehl.

In an EPN’s Enterprise Radio interview, Mr. Philip notes that the company has reserved platforms for top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs and therefore sharing its recent strategies, experiences, services and products remain an inclusive undertaking for the company.

  1. Philip Diehl is one of the accomplished directors in the U.S whose significant contribution to the country’s corporate sector is marked by his role as the director of 50 states Quarter programs and he also minted the initial U.S government issued platinum coin that helped to transform the country. Mr. Diehl effort is changing precious metal agent into a real entrepreneurial agency within a period of six years has help to improve its customer base and is eventually ranked as one of the most customer satisfying investment.

With Mr. Philip initiative and corporate consultancy, U.S Money Reserve commenced a self-directed precious metal IRA program whereby clients hold physical metals such as gold as a way of protecting their wealth and this acts as their retirement benefit as they benefits from the increasing prices of gold.

More so, the customer’s choice to this program is supported by the U.S government and has a guarantee to gold purity, weight and content that is protected from the volatility in markets in terms of prices as the prices are expected to increase.