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George Soros’ Impact in the Political and Social Platforms

George Soros is an all-rounded individual who is renowned for his great achievements. Hungary was George Soro’s birth country, but he later left and moved to London to pursue his academic dreams. He studied Economics and later worked as a porter in a railway. He was at one point a waiter before his involvement in finance at Merchant Bank. George later went to New York where he started Wall Street. In 1969, George instituted a hedge fund on his own which he later named Quantum Fund. Stan Druckenmiller and George Soros realized a greater profit after shortening the British pound. This achievement made George famous in the England banks.George later founded Soros Fund Management, and he has dominated the field of financial investment for many years. Soros Fund Management is a family organization that is key in the boasting of assets.

George Soros is a political activist who is always at the front line of criticising any unfavorable regime. He has a wide range of experience in this fight as he had long suffered under unfavorable regimes. Before he fled to London for his studies, he suffered under the pro-Nazi nationalist Hungarian regime. In 1984, George founded the now known Open Society Foundation whose aim was providing libraries, local groups of the civil society, and universities with copy machines. The organization was also a platform for reprinting any publication that was initially banned.He funds organizations and individuals who believe in the fight for the freedom of expression, accountability, and transparent governance. He is proud and always willing to work with societies which aim at promoting equality and justice. He also has stood and ensured that the rights of the mainstream society are ensured.

Soros helped in advising ex-USSR and old Warsaw Pact after the Berlin Wall fell. His advice served a great deal as it guided them on how to transit in the free market and democracy at large. This foundation collaborated with all the dissidents and local politicians as these were key players in making the history of the country.Currently, George is a partisan who cannot be left out when the political scenes in America come to hand. He has propelled many people in joining the Democratic Party. Open Society Foundations is a platform that Soros uses to ensure that his ideas are brought to life in Europe. Open Source Foundation has penetrated in not less than a hundred countries worldwide. Gorge Soros cannot be ignored in matters pertaining politics as he is seen as a symbol of political liberalism. He has a backup admiration by many activists and is also seen as a political threat by those in authority. Soros fights any discrimination among different parties and ensures that freedom of expression is upheld.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Discusses Philanthropy

Talk Fusion is the premier video marketing and communication solutions company on the internet today. Talk Fusion has grown to its current status thanks to the hard work of founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 when he realized that there weren’t any companies adequately approaching the growing video marketing industry. Reina decided to do it himself and as a result his company has grown by leaps and bounds — most recently scoring some huge industry awards in 2016. Now, CEO Bob Reina is taking some time to talk about how philanthropy has played a huge role in the growth of his company.


If you wanted to look at Reina’s history of giving you would find that his philanthropy is wide and varied and always generous. Reina’s biggest impact was probably his record breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. While that million dollar donation was certainly eye popping, it is far from his only work in the field. Reina has also given to orphanages in countries that struggle to keep them funded – Indonesia, for example.


Reina knows that you can’t just sit idly by if you are lucky enough to have earned the power that he has. Reina has a phrase that he likes to go back to early and often, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” These words may seem like fluff but, as you can see above, they are anything but. In fact, Reina has taken this motto and he’s instilled it straight into the DNA that comprises Talk Fusion — from top to bottom.


Right now Talk Fusion is offering a special charity account program that aims to connect clients straight to their charities. The Talk Fusion charity account offers Talk Fusion associates the ability to connect a charity of their choice with an account. The charity account has all of the traditional offerings of other Talk Fusion accounts: Video Email, Sign Up Forms, Video Chat, Live Meetings and more. This is just one way that Talk Fusion is pushing and innovating in the game.


Martin Lustgarten Helps Investors And Dogs

There are a lot of options that people can use when they are trying to make the most of their investments, and they are going to be well off if they work with Martin Lustgarten. There are also a lot of people who are going to be very easy to work with because they just have one goal. That is why Martin Lustgarten does what he does. He can take the goals of a client, turn them into investments and help that client make money. Everyone has the right to invest in anything they want, and they need to make sure that they have a chance to make more money when they are investing in the right things.

Martin Lustgarten also works with GoFundMe to help raise money for the Florida Little Dog Rescue. There are a lot of dogs in shelters in Florida that have dogs that could be put down, and the rescue goes in to help dogs get better homes. They will adopt the dogs and send them on to families like that of Martin Lustgarten. His family has taken in dogs, and they also want to be the family that is going to be able to help people find good dogs. They want to be sure that they have a chance to help dogs, and they want to leave the GoFundMe page open for as long as they want.

There are a lot of people who are going to need to work with Martin Lustgarten because he is one of the best investors in the industry, and all of these people are going to want to get advice from him that carefully explains how these work. These people need to get information that is going to help them make the most of their investments, and they also need to work with someone they can trust. Someone who has worked with Martin Lustgarten knows that he is the best person to work with on these investments, and they also know that they can give at any time. These people will make money, and they will have their hearts filled.

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