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The Rise and Rise of Amicus Therapeutics

Based in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of rare and orphaned diseases. Amicus Therapeutics was made public in 2007 under the trademark FOLD, after a failed initial public offering in the previous year in 2006. Amicus Therapeutics Inc. majors in the treatment of rare and orphaned diseases, especially Lysosomal Storage Disorders. It has created a reputation for itself over the years for having the broadest portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry.


Amicus Therapeutics boasts a unique set of medicines and technologies which have been effective in treating and providing comfort for people with rare and devastating disorders. Some of the diseases that the company has specialized in treating include Pompe disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, and Fabry disease. They have also committed to the treatment of genetically connected skin disorders such as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The company places the treatment of patients with rare and orphaned diseases at the center of their operations which revolve around clinical programs, innovative science, and commercial organization. Their main aim and that which is the primary driving factor for the organizational culture is the need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients and the caregivers assigned to them.


It must be noted that Amicus Therapeutics relies solely on contractors to manufacture its products since it lacks the manufacturing capacities, on account of it being a relatively young company ( After its 2007 IPO, Amicus Therapeutics expanded from its single site in New Jersey to open a research site in San Diego. The company received a half a million US dollar grant from the Michale J Fox Foundation to support its studies in the treatment of rare diseases. It would go on to receive another grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Both these grants have helped the company grow and enhance its research efforts. They also speak to the confidence that the company has inspired in the medical world. Buoyed by these grants and robust financial growth in recent years, Amicus Therapeutics acquired its competitor Callidus Biopharma in November of 2013. This move gave the company ownership to proprietary and intellectual material pertinent to the treatment of Pompe disease.

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