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The Differentiators for EOS

EOS was able to gain sales and revenues by developing and keeping some competitive advantages over their competition. These competitive advantages are what makes EOS different than their competition such as Chapstick and Blistex and has allowed them to gain a real foothold in the long established lip balm market.

Evolution of developed unique blends of lip balms that were more effective than the products sold by their competition. Instead of basing their lip balms on the cheaper petroleum jelly base that Chapstick and Blistex use, EOS uses premium ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. These ingredients last longer and provide greater protect for the lips. EOS also adds Vitamin E which nourishes the lips and helps to further protect them.

What is even more important than what is put into EOS’ lip balms is what is left out of them. EOS does not use artificial ingredients and focuses on all-natural and organic ingredients which provide for a safer and more natural feel and taste to the lip balm. The focus on all-natural ingredients really shines through with the flavor combinations that EOS lip balm uses. Instead of the fake tasting blends used by Chapstick, EOS has great and light flavors like summer fruit and vanilla mint which don taste like medicine. See,

EOS further differentiates themselves with a bright and colorful orb that is used to apply the balm. The luscious application from this orb is part of what makes the EOS brand name (the Evolution of Smooth) as the thick application is truly a smooth and comforting process. This orb is also sanitary to use and is unique in the industry, serving as dual role as a marketing tool.

These differences have allowed EOS to truly stand out in the industry as the new leading rand of lip balm above and beyond the lip balm products sold on Target and other stores by competitors. EOS has emerged as a premium lip balm maker in a hotly contested industry.