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Does WEN Cleansing Conditioner Live up to the Hype?

WEN by Chaz Dean [] cleansing conditioners have been a big hit since they first hit shelves. It seems as if whenever you browse YouTube, the product is being boasted about. WEN combines shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one. This is supposed to be a way to safe you money and time, but also making your hair look the best it’s ever been.
In an article on Bustle, Emily McClure tested out the Fig version to see how well it worked for herself. It stated that it would give her hair moisture, bounce and shine. McClure started out with unwashed, greasy and frizzy hair. The cleansing conditioner instructs that you should use 10-16 pumps of the product for short hair, 16-24 for medium shoulder-length hair and 24-32 for long hair. To many, including McClure, this seemed like an awful lot and she was worried it would weigh down her hair.

Even though she was concerned, she used the recommended amount for long hair. Knowing that having long hair means hair falling out in the shower, she was worried this would do the same for her. However, nothing fell out while using Wen hair cleanser. After her shower, she went along her usual routine of blow-drying her hair. The ending result was shiny and bouncy hair, just like the product promised.

McClure felt as if her hair was greasy already by the next day. She noticed that by day 6 of using it, the less she had this problem and her hair started to settle into the routine of using WEN. She also received compliments on her hair after using it, but still felt as if when she curled her hair her waves fell a little faster. Overall, she was happy with WEN and will definitely reach for this product when she wants her hair to have a special look of shine and bounce. Need Wen, it is sold online on Amazon.


Get The Wengie Look

Having a “beat” face has become the new thing, but being able to “beat” your own is not as simple as it seems. If you are a social media user, rather you’re a guy or gal, you’ve certainly seen a few makeup tutorials while scrolling down your news feed. Paying someone else to do your makeup each time can not only get extremely expensive, but cal also be a huge inconvenience. Youtube is one of the most popular places for make up lovers to go, to find step by step video tutorials on how to achieve the most glamorous look.


Wengie is a well known beauty and makeup blogger. She is most known for her fun and educational make up tutorials, and quick and easy make up solutions. She has several tutorials posted, and guides to looks that fit almost all personalities.With the start of school and the new season, it’s time to put away those bright summer colors, and get ready for some fall expression! In a recent tutorial, Wengie shares a quick and easy everyday look that’s great for students with a busy schedule, who want to look their absolute best while strutting to class.


Wengie shows us how to achieve a soft, subtle and clean look, with just the right amount of pop and color, in under five minutes. That’s right, you won’t need to set our alarm for thirty minutes earlier, or skip your entire first class to achieve this look. After thoroughly cleaning her face, she applies concealer to her face, heavily focusing on under the eye to better hide bags and dark circles. Using a soft blender, she blends foundation over the concealer to give it s smooth and even finish.


Now it’s time for he fun part-lips and eyes! Using a brow brush, she lightly fills er brows, and adds just a small pop of earth tone eye shadow to her eyelids, and the corner of her eyes, creating a soft, warm ombre look. Winged eyeliner adds an instant pop to her eyes, and goes great with the easy on lashes. She tops the look all off with a soft rose pink lipstick, and applies just a dab to her cheek bones to add a little more color!



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