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Securus Technologies Connects Thousands of Inmates with Their Families

Securus vice president of marketing and strategy Mr. Russell Roberts explained how Securus found a new option for the communication of families with their incarcerated relatives. Normally many people have to travel to prison and make long queues o talk with their loved ones. At times, the mile long journey is not fruitful because one could arrive when the visit time is over. The rigidity in prison is tough such that a person cannot call anytime to ask for communication with a friend in prison. All these issues in consideration led o the launching of a video call communication app in many prisons. The application has helped eliminate the rigidity in many prisons because ones a person downloads the application he. She can synchronize it with their calendar and continue receiving notification for scheduled video calls.

Thousands of inmates have reconnected with their families and families have reconnected through the new video visitation app. Downloading the application is free and easy as it is found in the Google play store for Androids and in the app store for Apple devices. Important family moments can be a reality now for many prisoners who lost hope of ever rejoining their families. 65000 downloads have been recorded for the inmate communication app. More people will have the ability to participate together with their incarcerated loved ones in sporting events, birthdays, weddings and other great family memories. The person with the app can dictate what time is convenient for the video inmate phone calls when they receive the notification.

Securus Technologies is the ultimate company that has been purposed to reconnect what matters like now inmates to their families and friends, reconnecting inmates with technology, reconnecting correctional agencies with important information on the criminal investigation and also connecting emergency responders with those who need emergency help and security. Also, to their services, Securus Technologies ensures that important information about public safety is properly handled promoting the safety of all persons in the world. The company has the required experience in handling public safety since it has been operational for more than 30 years. Many prisons are their beneficiaries.

Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas Texas and has had the ability to handle 3450 correction agencies and served more than 1,200,000 prisoners in the northern parts of America. Back then inmates were even dying when in correction centers, but Securus technological advancements have made inmates feel free to self-service while in jail. The company is one of its kinds and is using the best strategy to promote security in many regions of the world.

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Top Notch Social Networking App: Skout

TCPalm ranked Skout one of the top ten dating apps for iOs and Android users. This list was compiled by Julie Spira who is recognized as an online dating expert out of the Los Angeles area. With twenty years of experience under her belt, Ms. Spira has acquired a wide range of knowledge when it comes to online dating. The list created includes the best sites for social networking, mobile dating, and social discovery apps geared towards singles. The list includes apps such as Tinder, Let’s Date, and Zoosk. Other apps that made the list is Skout, Badoo, OK Cupid, among others. This article helps users navigate to the best apps and website for singles to use.

Of those apps that made the rankings, Skout is an app that cannot be overlooked. The Software Development industry founded Skout in 2007. And the app officially launched in 2008 for users to have a global network at their fingertips. It is one of the earlier mobile dating apps. The app was designed to use a person’s location to help with their social networking and dating. By using a user’s global position, the app allows them to find other users that are in a general radius of each other. While being a global application, Skout is offered in fourteen different languages around the globe. The app does offer security features for their users. For example, it does not disclose any one’s exact address or location. The app also keeps the teen users separate from the adult users with additional security features.

There are over 500 million connections made with users and this incredible app. Users of Skout can also take advantage of two other apps: Nixter, which is a nightlife app, and Fuse, which is a group messaging app. Users can connect with people in their general location or make friends with others halfway around the world. Users can browse profiles and the recent activity of the other users. Common interests can be filtered to help establish connections with others. This app offers people the ability to meet and message others to begin a friendship or something more serious. This app is stellar when it comes to social networking around the globe. It is a way to stay in touch with current friends as well as make many more to expand one’s social network. Another unique feature that Skout offers is Skout Travel. This paid feature offers those traveling to new places to meet new friends in the area that they will be traveling to. Another cool feature brings conversations to each other by “shake to chat”. This feature allows users who are using the app to simultaneously shake their phones and begin a chat with each other. It is a fun feature that no other social networking app offers. Skout is one of the leading apps for meeting new people and growing your social networks.