Eric Lefkofsk’s Tempus Labs Creating Breakthroughs in Biotechnology

Brian Harris recently wrote an article on Release Fact, a website dedicated to journalistic investigation and trending issues. Brian Harris is the editor-in-chief who published the article “Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs Uses Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Cancer Medicine”. The article reveals the improvement of cancer technology through Lefkofsky’s new venture, Tempus Labs. The company was created in 2015 and has quickly become one of the leaders in the industry.

Tempus Labs has already established prestigious collaborations with various research universities and a variety of the National Cancer Institute’s cancer centers. The technology it has created has established it as one of the top start-ups in biotechnology.

Tempus Labs focuses on machine learning and using it to provide personalized cancer treatment options for patients. The machine learning algorithm analyzes DNA sequencing, the RNA sequencing of the cancer, and the immune system of the individual. This creates an interactive platform for the doctors to recognize the best treatments and drugs for each individual based on his or her own biology.

Tempus has also been recognized for creating a variety of technologies that are on the cutting edge of biotechnology. One such technology is the ability to use gene therapy and gene editing. This targets and changes mutations in specific genes. So far, the FDA has approved of Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl which treats a form of blindness that is inherited.

Tempus Labs has also created a genome sequencing tool that will prevent pathogen outbreaks. Doing so would allow a huge improvement in the response time for public health if such pathogens were spread.

However, one of their star players Is the immunotherapy for cancer. It is currently transforming treatment of malignant tumors by treating those who have relapsed or who have had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The antigen receptor has been approved by the FDA.

Tempus was co-founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky, one of the leading entrepreneurs of Chicago. Mr. Lefkofksy is known for his work with Groupon, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. However, he is also a dedicated philanthropist. He created the Lefkofksy Family Foundation with his wife to create initiatives in human rights, medicine and education.

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