Ara Chackerian Is The Entrepreneur Looking Out For Our Future

I’m an active person that enjoys being in nature and appreciates strenuous hikes so I’ve came across a recent article about forest management. The article talks about plans and techniques in regards to preservation when it comes to situations like cutting, droughts, fires, and many other possible natural disasters. There are special people out there like Ara Chackerian who have methods of managing wildlife in a way to keep our forest healthy and still do well for the economy.




The word “entrepreneur” these days of millennials has a little bit of a negative connotation as it seems the word is just a placeholder for unemployed. Ara Chackerian is very much a classic entrepreneur with a Bachelor from Florida State University, he has been making moves investing in several healthcare companies which in that field has lead him to being one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)is a new device treatment that sends electromagnetic pulses to the brain. Check out to know more.



Relating back to the original article, the way Ara Chackerian is doing his part in forest management or preventing in deforestation, is that he and his partner Aram Terry have developed a 1,000 acre teak farm in Nicaragua that is farming in a way that would be long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly. The land that was purchased was originally deforested by years of cattle grazing. The unfortunate practice was from the poor farmers needing to support their cattle. With Ara Chackerian and Aram Terry’s planning of the 1,000 acre land, The farm has generated hundreds of jobs in the region and has continually growing that in addition to teak are producing more products. The jobs produced will attract more farmers to follow their path of a long-term and sustainable farming.


Entrepreneurs should be taking notes from Ara Chackerian as his investments has lead him to do good for not only himself but for the future of our earth.



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