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How Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Grow?

So, the Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to go public, but what was the secret to its success? How did it grow? Which asset classes were winning investments for the Fortress?

Building Fortress Brick by Brick

By 2016, the Fortress Investment Group was worth $70.2 billion. How did it continue to grow while others investments declined in value?

First of all, Fortress is located in New York City. While other real estate investments turned sour after 2008, high-end property did not. Therefore, Fortresswas able to leverage its New York City property assets to increase its profits.

Housing has become a “financial leveraged asset market.” Most financial value is based on physical assets. Banks have been able to build up pyramids of mortgages through mortgage backed securities. Fortress Investment Group has a subsidiary called New Residential Investment, which purchased mortgage servicing rights.

Fortress Investment Group Managers Michael Novogratz and Pete Briger were both Goldman Sachs partners. Therefore, they were able to take their debt security expertise and use it to build Fortress up brick by brick.

Successfully moving its subsidiaries from private to public also delivered healthy profits for Randal Nardone and others. Examples of these companies, included Aircastle, Brookdale Senior Living and Rail America. Randal Nardone still retains an executive position at Brookdale Senior Living.

Housing Market Timing

The Fortress was able to purchase cheap assets that were part of industries that might have seen better days, like railways. It also invested in booming markets, like senior living, which would only continue to grow due to the graying of America. Choosing the right investment was the secret to success.

Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone had a solid background in both the legal and financial fields. He had also worked for UBS, which helped him hone his skills. He surrounded himself with financial professionals, who offered specific skills in specific fields.

Institutions were hoping to see a return to profitability after the 2008 Sub-Prime Credit Crisis. With Fortress going public, there were high hopes of a solid recovery. Fortress was part of the good news of “America becoming great again.”

On February 14, 2017, SoftBank spent $3.3 billion in cash for the Fortress Investment Group. Fortress had created a number of billionaires, including Mr. Nardone. Fast growth led to fast cash for the principal investors of the Fortress Investment Group.

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Jordan Lindsey: Personal Philosophy

Jordan Lindsey is one of the world leading experts on bitcoin. As a child, he was always known to think as an entrepreneur. He always had an eye for opportunities and potential businesses that he could help create. He eventually became a systems architecture designer after graduating from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College.

One of his most recent advances has been the creation of an out rhythm in 2017 on the meta-trader four platform. This algorithm allows transactions in the foreign exchange markets and has been highly successful. He was able to launch his own cryptocurrency and use the algorithm to generate demand for the currency. This crypto currency’s name is nucleus.

He believes that in order to become productive you must always plan ahead and follow through on your ideas. Mentally visualizing the day’s tasks and then prioritizing them allows him to begin working with the most important tasks each day. By starting early and only taking a few breaks, he is able to accomplish significantly more than the average individual. It is incredibly important to focus on your personal health to maintain productivity because the brain functions most optimally in a healthy body.

Jordan Lindsey believes that the most valuable lesson for an entrepreneur is that you only need to be right one time in order to become successful. Failure is not the end of the road in fact failure is critical for success. By staying in your comfort zone, you only limit yourself, and you will not grow that way. If you stay in your comfort zone, you only ever be mediocre. However, if you push yourself outside of your comers and even if you do fail, you will experience significant personal growth. Many times in his life’s most significant failures have eventually led to his most significant successes. That is at the heart of what being an entrepreneur is it does not matter how many times an individual fails as you only need to be right one time in order to become successful. Once you eliminate fear and just go for it, then you will truly grow.

The Texas Based Financial Services Provider With $6.4 Billion in Assets

NexBank is a community bank that is based in Dallas, Texas. NexBank was reported to be in control of a staggering $6.4 billion in June of 2017. Most of the clients that NexBank serves are typically financial institutions, large corporations, real estate investors and mid-market companies. Within Texas, NexBank has set up 3 successful offices, at which nearly 100 workers are employed full-time. With the help of these employees, NexBank consistently delivers institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking services.

The primary focus of NexBank’s executive management team is the combination of their expertise within the financial industry with their strong passion for effectively serving their customers. This expertise and dedication is what helps NexBank to give their customers some of the strongest financial services around. Institutional, corporate and individual customers are all examples of the different clients that NexBank works with.

During the summer months of the year 2016, NexBank announced that it had done something extremely impressive. NexBank’s announcement was that the team had been able to rake in a more than $24 million raise in the Dallas based company’s common equity capital. When asked what the new funds would be used for, NexBank’s taem answered that the gains from raising this capital would help with the organization’s general corporate purposes.

Heal N Sooth: A Better Route To Living A Pain-Free Life

Life is full of challenges, and life will definitely throw those challenges in your direction from time to time. If you’re an athlete, then you already know that the chances of getting an injury is dramatically increased. If you’re just the average type of person with the average lifestyle, injuries will soon come knocking at your door. Staying physically healthy is a full-time job. The slightest misstep can result in an injury and if you just so happen to get injured, the pain will definitely follow. Have you ever heard of an organic supplement known as Heal N Soothe? This extraordinary supplement is made by Living Well Nutraceutical, and it has changed the game for many people.

Heal N Soothe is a conglomerate of herbal ingredients that are designed to fight inflammation. Soreness, swelling, stiffness and pain are the perfect examples of inflammation. The thing about prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications is that these products will come with some negative side effects. In other words, these pharmaceutical medications were created in a laboratory, and they’re just a bunch of man-made chemicals. These chemicals can cause a bad effect while in the body. On the other hand, herbal supplements like Heal N Soothe are just as powerful, but they’re much easier on the body. Heal N Soothe comes pre-loaded with an abundance of inflammation killers such as Ginger Extract, Bromelain, Boswellia, Rutin, Devil’s Claw and Turmeric Extract. Overall, this formula has about 12 powerful herbs.

Systemic-Enzyme Therapy is the name of the game and Heal N Soothe definitely delivers on all promises. This type of therapy is actually therapeutic because it promotes natural healing. Enzymes are a natural defense against inflammation and when these enzymes are swimming through your system, the healing process will come faster and more effective than ever before.

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The Future Is Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion already has an impressive inventory of products, but the company is working to add even more. The Product Dashboard is the latest example of them adding new products to their Video Suite. The new dashboard has been designed with the purpose of improving users’ experiences.


Talk Fusion is the top video communication company and their products are priced fairly. This is why the CEO of the company believes Talk Fusion has no competitors and that his company is the future.


As for what Talk Fusion is planning for 2018, it is hoping that it will change the way people communicate with each other. They will focus on knocking down certain barriers in the communications industry so people in all parts of the world can communicate with one another. It claimed that their new system will be easy for everyone and their existing product line will be improved on. Not only that, but Talk Fusion wants to make its brand’s reputation better.


Its safe to say that Talk Fusion could very well be the future by changing the way people around the world are able to connect and talk with one another. Only time will tell if this will be the case.


Talk Fusion: More About The Company

Talk Fusion is a company that provides consumers with video communications services and it was founded in 2007. The founder and current CEO of the company is Bob Reina. Reina’s company offers both video conferencing products and video email marketing products. Their targeted market is generally small and medium-sized businesses, but anyone can purchase them and use them.


Talk Fusion’s products are not available in stores or anything like that. Instead, the company’s products are marketed via independent associates who work for themselves. For example, you can become an independent associate and make money by marketing and selling Talk Fusion’s products. As of now, there are independent associates in over 135 countries.


For those who are looking to work for themselves and have the chance to earn some good money can check out Talk Fusion’s official website. There you can also learn more about the products they offer and how much those products cost. Learn more:

Working with Dr. Jennifer Walden

Cosmetic surgery is a booming industry. Many people are excited about enhancing their looks through cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the country. Over the past few years, she has diligently worked to expand her medical practice. Some people think of cosmetic surgery as a way to enhance their appearance. Other people have a significant health issue that needs to be corrected.


When Dr. Jennifer Walden attended college, the field of cosmetic surgery was tiny. Few people elected to undergo cosmetic surgeries each year. However, Dr. Jennifer Walden firmly believed that this field could have a significant impact on the medical industry.

She had to work several jobs while attending school. While working in the medical field, she gained valuable experience that would help her once she graduated.

Early Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden worked in Michigan while getting her medical license. Once she gained a few years of experience, she wanted to move back to Texas. Texas did not have a significant customer base for cosmetic surgeons at the time. However, she wanted to build her medical practice to help the local community.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also wanted to provide superior service to customers. Instead of focusing on increasing profits, she merely wanted to help the local community. She quickly developed a business model that was successful. She had to hire additional cosmetic surgeons to help her with the work.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most influential cosmetic surgeons in the country. She writes a variety of articles on the subject. Although she could retire, she loves helping patients in this area.


The Accomplished Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofksky Career History & Background

In a field as competitive and as demanding as the business field is, it is very uncommon to find individuals like Eric Lefkofsky. While there are numerous successful entrepreneurs in the business scene, perhaps very few have done so with the amount of commitment and dedication as has Eric Lefkofsky. In fact, that is one of the many reasons for why he is as beloved and respected for what he does today. In addition, it has been a big factor for why Eric Lefkofsky is seen as one of the most highly-regarded professionals in all of the business. Not to mention the number of business connections and relationships he has built over the years, and it becomes more clear to understand how Eric Lefkofksky has accomplished so much in a relatively short time period. Worth mentioning, there are not enough descriptions of Eric Lefkofsky’s career that would not be an understatement. As amazing as that sounds, this just goes to show how truly accomplished Eric Lefkofsky is being a prominent entrepreneur. Having said all of that, there are numerous examples of Eric that show how effective he has been at what he does. So, as a way of gettings better understanding of the ways Eric Lefkofsky has accomplished so much in his career, let us recap an article on Eric and his quest for answers.

Eric Lefkofsky& His Quest For Answers

As alluded to before, there are many ways Eric has reached the level of status he has today. If we were to sit here and list them all, we will be here a very long time. However, an article by on Eric does a great job at summarizing his skills. In the article, it goes on to explain how his valued efforts have gotten him where he is today. Furthermore, it goes on to explain how relatively easy it was for him to achieve what he has today. Simply put, his undying quest for answers and a better understanding of thinf=gs is what kept him successful. All in all, it is easy to see how Eric Lefkofsky is and will continue to be a successful figurehead in the business world.

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Heal and Soothe Removes Excess Fibrin

Years ago, a dedicated researcher, Dr. Max Wolf, wondered why older people experienced so much more pain than younger people. He spent over 30 years working at Columbia University in New York, and he refused to accept higher amounts of pain and slower healing time of wounds as an inevitable part of aging. He knew everything that happens inside the human body happens for a reason. It has a cause.

He discovered the bodies of young and old people responded differently to the experience of pain. When injured, young adults flooded the affected area with proteolytic enzumes. These enzymes reduced the experience of pain. However, older people had much lowers of proteolytic enzymes, so they suffered higher amounts of pain in response to the same stimulus.

Proteolytic enzymes are biochemical workers that break down proteins. They are vital in digesting the protein we eat. However, they are also important for many other important functions. Your body needs proteolytic enzymes to break down the proteins in invading bacteria and viruses, for instance. They also help your body break down the organic debris circulating in your blood.

Dr. Wolf’s work discovered people’s production of proteolytic enzymes goes down drastically around age 27. A twenty-year-old has twice the levels of proteolytic enzymes as someone who is seventy. In 1972, scientists discovered proteolytic enzymes were the body’s first line of defense against inflammation and the pain it causes. They manage your levels of other biochemicals called prostaglandins. Some prostaglandins help cause the pain and inflammation. Proteolytic enzymes lock onto these prostaglandins and eliminate them. This allows the good prostaglandins to move in to lower the pain.

Also, proteolytic enzymes relieve discomfort by eliminating its cause. That’s a sticky protein called fibrin. Fibrin is what causes your body to pull its flesh and skin together when it’s wounded. When you’re young, this process works well. After the wound heals, proteolytic enzymes dissolve the fibrin. However, as you age and become chronically inflamed, fibrin spreads throughout your body. That is like turning your body into hard scar tissue. It also blocks your blood from delivering oxygen and nutrition to your joint and lower back. That’s why they’re in pain. They’re being suffocated and starved. More proteolytic enzymes to dissolve that fibrin is what your body needs to feel less discomfort.

Heal and Soothe is a supplement containing many powerful proteolytic enzymes. Just three a day, and it goes right to work relieving discomfort.

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