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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes On Role As New Chairman For Bradesco

Following the retirement announcement of Lazaro de Mello Brandao, the role of bank chairman will be held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is currently serving as the chief executive officer for Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a very effective leader for Bradesco in the CEO role. He will still maintain that role until a replacement has been chosen. The regulatory filing has already taken place in order to elect a new replacement.

Lazaro de Mello Brandao’s tenure within Bradesco allowed the executive to become only two of the bank’s chairman to ever be chosen to its board. He will now leave the role of chairman in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Brandao says that he leaves the company without any regrets. “When I told my family I was leaving, their reaction was- It’s about time,” stated Brandao. He has been with the company for 75 years.

Although Brandao will still remain in charge of a few of the banks’ holding companies, he believes that this is a pivotal time for Bradesco and for his resignation. “There’s a need to renew the bank’s board to ensure its continuity,” Brandao said to journalists when asked about his decision to resign.

The stock prices of Bradesco have improved significantly within the last 12 months with an increase of 39 percent year to date. Preferred shares in the company have increased to almost one percent since the announcement. However, credit growth will be the focal point for the incoming CEO as the company leverages profit margin strategies.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco began with the Bradesco at the age of 17 as a clerk. With his rise through the bank, he has held various roles; however, his role as marketing director helped with the modernization of the banks’ image throughout the media. That success allowed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to be elected to the role of executive vice president in 1999. With over 40 years of experience and leadership, he was later elected president in 2009.

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was responsible for leading the acquisition of HSBC which at the time was the largest business deal in Brazil; becoming a history-making transaction for Bradesco since its founding. The same year, he was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by Isto É Dinheiro magazine in the category of finance and was given the title 100 most influential Brazilian executives within the country. In 2016, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named as Forbes Magazine best CEO in Brazil.

Bradesco is the second largest bank and financial services in Brazil. With over $390 billion in assets, the company produced $74 billion in revenue and $5.7 billion in net income within 2017. There are 5,314 Bradesco branches worldwide with more than 108,000 employees. The company was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. Bradesco does 30 percent of its business with the insurance industry while maintaining its essential products based in investment banking, asset management, private and retail banking as well as financing.

The company will now focus on the seven highest-ranking executives to determine the successor for Luiz Carlos Trabuco role as CEO. Although the discussions have remained private, the culture and history of Brandao have favored choosing executive management from among the ranks within the company. Those who are close to the discussions have gone off the record stating that the pattern of promoting within the company will continue. Several top executives are being considered. Once a final decision has been made on a replacement, it will be voted on by the stakeholder assembly which is expected to take place sometime in March.

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USHealth Group, Touching Lives in the Communities They Serve

USHealth Group is a company with a rich history. It’s also known for providing great customer service, career opportunities, and helping the communities it serves. Mark Brodinsky recently began a storytelling series that highlights a sales agent who began a career with USHealth Group. Although it was a bit of a rough start, the agent flourished and is now at the top of his game.

The story is about Randy. A young Texan who was a baseball all-star in both high school and college. The only thing that stood in the way of him becoming a professional baseball player was his shoulder. Randy had injured it in both high school and in college. After having surgery, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue this path.

Randy became a student at Texas A&M and majored in business. He disliked the major and graduated without a clear career path. The young man had worked as a bartender and waiter but was searching for something much greater. Learn more about  USHealth Advisors at Better Business Bureau

Randy had been contacted by Connie, who was a recruiter for USHealth Group. She was persistent, and Randy eventually agreed to an interview in Round Rock, over 200 miles from his home. He took on the opportunity with the company by getting his license.

Uncertain about his choice, Randy nearly gave up on the opportunity. Instead of quitting, Randy decided to shadow the top producers in his area. Kevin Ferrell was his mentor who encouraged him to continue along with his career. The persistence paid off, as Randy eventually became a satellite manager and has been awarded many times for his hard work and dedication. Read more on about USHealth Advisors West Texas

USHealth Group provides the same type of care to its clients. From the many different types of insurance offerings to community service through their HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) program, they remain dedicated to every life they touch.

USHealth Group has also won many different awards throughout the years. The Golden Stevie for sales and customer service, CEO awards for Troy McQuagge, and even awards for corporate social responsibility show that USHealth Group puts its claims into action. For more information about USHealth Group, visit:


Drew Madden Determines Explanation and Opportunity for Ownership of Health Care Consumer

There have been two significant reports in the health care industry in recent months. First, there was the announcement of the purchase of Aetna Healthcare by CVS, and then the report of Amazon’s purchase of a pharmaceutical license.


The reports generated speculation that with Amazon obtaining its license in multiple states for the distribution of medical equipment, that it will create major changes in the health care industry. The license for medical equipment could only be a starting point for prescription medications and other health-related needs. With Amazon’s fast-tracking to gain its leverage over the consumer with the purchase of Whole Foods, there is good evidence that the company could move into the pharmaceutical industry with the same force and quickly become a formidable competitor and seemingly “own” the consumer.


Consumers want access to health care in ways that are convenient and technologically safe. Based on the success of the MinuteClinic that CVS acquired in 2006, the pharmacy chain has chosen an obvious strategy to bring the health-conscious customer through its front doors. Another indication is with the addition of the CVS next-day prescription delivery recently announced. Click Here for additional information.


CVS is going up against companies like Amazon that have a competitive edge on the consumer for developing a potential ownership of their health needs. CVS appears to be taking an offensive approach towards their market share of the consumer. However, both companies have taken strong moves for introducing business models that are intended to create consumer-friendly technologies and opportunities to create a “consumerization”, which only benefits the health needs of their customers.


Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT consultant and entrepreneur. For the last decade, he has partnered with leading business management firms and health care companies within the United States. He’s driven towards finding the best solutions for companies and building desired outcomes to benefit their clients. His expertise and strategic awareness has been used as a consultant for Nordic Consulting Partners as well as Ingenix (now known as OptumInsight), a United Healthcare company. He’s passionate about building knowledgeable teams to create trusted partnerships for business development.



CEO Clay Siegall Shares The Latest NFL Offseason News

You can look to Clay Siegall’s official blog in order to find out about the latest offseason happenings in the NFL. One story that took place on 2/16/18 was that The Kansas City Chiefs signed David Amerson, formerly the Oakland Raiders cornerback. The Raiders had released him so that they could clear $6 million of salary cap space. The Chief’s were able to sign him to a one year deal that has a base salary of $2.25 million.

Meanwhile, the Tennesse Titans’ have a number of needs to fill in the offseason. Their biggest need is an edge rusher as this was their biggest weakness last season. Other needs they have are on the offensive side of the ball. They need an interior offensive lineman and they need to improve their offensive speed including at the running back and wide receiver positions.

While Clay Siegall is very busy as the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, Inc., he takes some time out of his day to pay attention to sports. Under his leadership Seattle Genetics has become the Seattle area’s dominant biotechnology company. His company specializes in human antibodies, which is why when you enter the lobby of its headquarters in Bothell, Washington you are greeted by a sculpture designed to look like one. Beyond just developing drugs, unlike many biotech companies, his also handles its own international marketing of their drugs as well.

Seattle Genetics, co-founded by Clay Siegall in 1988, is now worth about $10 billion. It has 900 employees and plans to hire 200 more this year. Their flagship product is Adcetris which is used to treat patients that have Hodgkin lymphoma. Clay Siegall, who has a Ph.D. in genetics, says that his company is a global oncology firm that has many drugs under development. While many biotech firms are looking to get bought out by one of the biggest players in the industry, Clay Siegall says that’s not his plan at all and he lists the number of drugs they have under development as proof of this.

Drew Madden On Why Amazon And CVS Could Soon Help All Of Us

There is a decent chance that you are already an Amazon customer in some form or fashion. A lot of people buy all kinds of things from the company that promises to provide “Everything from A to Z”. However, you might not have ever thought about them as the kind of place that you might want to purchase your pharmaceuticals from. It is a concept that is just now starting to gain traction.


A few states throughout the country are considered a petition for licenses for Amazon to begin to sell drugs within their borders. If approved, this could be a massive shift in the way in which drugs are purchased in the United States as a whole. That has not yet been decided, but there is reason to believe that this shift could be coming.


That is what CVS believes at any rate as they have decided to buy health insurance giant Aetna as a way of insulating themselves. CVS seems to know that its business model is under threat if Amazon gains approval, and that has startled them enough that they now want to buy anything in sight to help establish a more diversified business model.


Drew Madden has been watching these business moves with incredible interest. He sees how CVS and Amazon both feel that they deserve to be the one that leads the pack when it comes to providing pharmaceuticals to the masses, but he also knows that the battle could in fact help customers more than anyone else.


He has worked in healthcare information technology for a number of years. Drew Madden has been both an employee and now his own self-made man in the industry. In both cases, he tries to discover the best possible ways to deliver the healthcare products that patients need. To do this, he has to stay on top of major news in the industry such as Amazon possibly getting involved.


These are the moments when the spotlight is shined brightly on this particular industry, but the truth is that they always have at least a few interesting things going on at any given point in time. Visit This Page to learn more.



USHealth Advisors Success Story

Randy Hildebrandt was just like any other baseball player, the only difference was that he had a 92 mph fastball. The attention that he received at Anderson Shiro High School in Anderson, Texas excited him with the idea that he would be playing soon in college. All was not well, however, due to the fact that Randy severely injured his shoulder during his senior year. He would of course rehab and then continued his playing career at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

This baseball career was not meant to be as Randy again injured his shoulder severely, which in turn prompted him to hang up the glove. Recovering from an injury with no idea where to go was a tough situation for the young Randy Hildebrandt. However, with much drive and perseverance, he achieved the goal of graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Business and Economics. He only had $2000 and his truck upon graduation, but Randy was driven and made it work. Fast forward to today and Randy Hildebrandt is the leader of the Satellite Division within USHealth Advisors. Had he given up along the way or during his 12 month internship, he may not have attained the success that he has today. A lot of this speaks to his relationships with people and his faith. Read this article at to know more.

USHealth is an insurance company that provides plans to those in need. The company also is very active in charity with HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) and this initiative is greatly appreciated by the public. HOPE has raised awareness for many causes over the years and most recently the Wounded Warrior Project is what they have their sights on. The assistance they provided to The Crisis Nursery, showed how much they were willing to do to help the non-profit children’s shelter have what they need for those in dire straits. All in all USHealth is a company by the people for the people and they will continue to strive for a better community for all.