Get Great Storm Repairs With The Aloha Construction Group

When your home is faced with inclement weather you’ll need a professional to repair your roof or siding, but a specialist will recommended having the top of your home and exterior checked my a technician after a heavy snow storm or flooding. Aloha Construction is there to back you 100% with the right tools and technicians to give your a consultation of your repairs and perform the work right the first time. Their technicians are licensed and bonded and can help you protect your insurance claim for the repair of your home. They will make your home look great and cost you far less than competitor construction area networks.

Who Is Aloha Construction

The Aloha Construction Group is proudly headquartered in Wisconsin with other office locations in Illinois. They carry themselves of the reigning storm champions. Their friendly trained and experienced technicians understand what a storm can do to your home and jeopardize the comfort of your home. Low income homeowners have the option of their in-house financing options. They have over 25+ years of experience as a family owned an operated roofing and siding group. Experience a popular home improvement group who is willing to back you during a storm.

Aloha Construction Services


Your roof can have a major impact on the appearance of your home. If you take care of the condition of your roof, you decrease you chances of creating an entry way for rodents and pests. Their professionals can assess your roof and give your premium replace tile options like asphalt and ceder lake. Ironically, the temperament of your home can be affected by a damaged roof.


The siding on your home can really affect the appearance of your home. When your siding is not properly attached to your home it can also affect your energy bills and should be corrected by a professional immediately. In fact, they offer the best materials for your new siding upgrade including durable aluminum.

You’re invited to contact one of their friendly professionals today for more details on a free consultation with the Aloha Construction Group today.

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