Perry Mandera: A Helping Hand

Although most people have varied interests, and a lot of people care about different causes and concerns, every now and again, one person who has a lot of concern for others is able to put all that concern to use, under the aegis of one benevolent conglomerate. Perry Mandera, a former United States Marine, decided only a little over a decade after graduating from high school, to start “The Custom Companies.” The tagline for this company is “delivering smiles one child at a time.” The United States Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program speaks directly to the focus of this branch of our military’s concern for the welfare of children, and they more than do their part.


Whether his time in the Marines galvanized his interest or creating this charity was always on his mind, he stands true to the values of the corp with his altruism ( Perry Mandera’s company was founded on the idea that they would always do the right thing and give back to the community. The whole idea was to serve those in need. Like most every other charity or business, if you are not doing what you say, or you are doing the wrong thing, you will fail to exist. This is the very tenet of survival of the fittest.


Custom Cares has been around, doing good work, for over 3 decades. Longevity is not an accident when one is doing what they can to make life better for those in need; it is the direct result of doing the right thing. In this way, Perry Mandera has made his company a mainstay in the transportation scene in the greater Chicago area (CustomCares). The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) named Mr. Mandera to the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives” in 2000. Today, he remains a member of the board of directors of ITA.


Perry Mandera delivers goods and services to the hurricane and tornado-torn areas, brought truckloads of supplies to Lousiana and Mississippi and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, and gave out over 6500 coats to children in the greater Chicago area which is a very short list of a few things he has done. He has undoubtedly done an enormous amount of good for many people, and in this way, Perry Mandera will likely never be forgotten by those whose lives he has touched. People don’t easily forget those that helped them when they were down.

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