Glen Wakeman helping entrepreneurs succeed

Glen Wakeman of LaunchPad Holdings is offering insight and tips to new CEO’s and those starting up businesses. He provides advice and tips on his blog, teaching individuals the importance of running a company successfully. He also provides his followers with videos highlighting strategies and game plans for growing a business. Glen Wakeman has created a software package that aids beginning entrepreneurs turn their dreams and goals into a workable plan.


Glen Wakeman has over 20 years of experience in the financial field. Glen Wakeman began his financial career at GE Capital. Glen Wakeman earned his Bachelor of Science in economics and finance from the University of Scranton. He also earned his Master’s degree in finance from the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman has written numerous articles featured in a variety of publications. He specializes in financial matters, administration techniques, global investments ( Glen Wakeman also writes on the issues of global issues, transforming business, leadership skills, financial strategies and growing markets.



Glen Wakeman has lived in six different countries, where he helped companies reach success. Glen Wakeman strongly advocates innovation that helps companies reach success. Wakeman is the founder of Nova Four, which provides guidance to companies and executives. Wakeman has received multiple national and global awards for his dedication to social responsibility. Glen Wakeman ran operations in 30 regions over the globe (YouTube). Glen Wakeman encourages budding businessmen to stay in touch with every friend and acquaintance they meet despite time and distance.


Glen Wakeman does not have an average day, he’s often looking over at the previous day’s numbers including sales. He then meets with his business partners, to decide which perform specific tasks. Glen Wakeman believes that it is important that ideas are spoken because it helps separate the good ideas from the bad ideas. Wakeman continues to help those who are looking to start a business.

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