How a Troublesome Childhood has Given Birth to an Inspiring Philanthropist

For ages, the figure of a man was always attached to a sense of invulnerability. The “cool man,” the picture of masculinity, has still been referred to those who have no vulnerabilities at all, or, at least, do not publicly show it, and are always perfect. The cold man, a figure that was popularized by movies, theatres, novels and soap operas, does not have flaws. However, a real man has weaknesses, vulnerabilities, scars, and dreams. The better version of the real man is the one that has his flaws well-handled and uses it for good. George Soros had a very troublesome childhood regarding how safe he felt in his own hometown and his own house. He was born in a very loving, caring Jewish family, but was born at the wrong time and the wrong place for such.

Having lived his youth in Budapest, Hungary, George Soros experienced in his flesh the events of Nazism, and he was there when the forces of Germany conquered Hungary and established their rules for the Jewish communities.

Because of that scenario, the young George Soros was filled with insecurities and his life, with uncertainties.

The man, however, turned his game around, when he went to England to flee from the censure and to study and graduate from a University. There, he had his major in Economics, and quickly became a very successful investor. A few of his earliest investments did not turn so well for him, but it took only a few months for him to increase his wealth and acquire enough financial support to travel and live in the United States.

George Soros, however, never abandoned his roots and what he experienced as a child. The man is a big advocate for freedom of speech and expression, cultural diversity, pacific agreements and a believer of a reality where communities of different tastes live together in harmony. George Soros became an enormous philanthropists, and one of the most successful investors alive today. He uses every financial accomplishment that he gets from his investments to fund organizations with charitable goals and institutions that aim to support and help all kinds of troubled communities, people going through disasters or rough times. George Soros has easily donated more than twenty billion dollars to organizations and groups that advocate for civil and human rights.

George Soros overcame the problematic experience that he had, and turned his characteristics, his passion for diversity and for different kinds of people, into a driving force for his philanthropic heart. Nowadays, there are Open Society Foundations scattered around the United States and other parts of the globe as well. The Open Society Foundations were created by Soros himself, and have the goal of receiving his financial support and using it for philanthropic purposes. There are entire teams of thousands of employees using that money to fund communities and people with needs.

As it is natural to every person that climbs to power, George Soros is a target of many controversies, but the facts have proven countless times that the billionaire is only a kind philanthropist with urges to help others.

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