The Whitney Wolfe Connection to Social Media

People that know Whitney Wolfe will not be surprised by the way that she has managed to create a very important business structure. Whitney Wolfe is someone that has managed to help people build better relationships.

Wolfe is someone that has started getting lots of accolades for her social media presence. She has managed to take one app and morph it into three different concepts. Few people have been able to do this, but Whitney Wolfe is the entrepreneur that sees the value in compartmentalizing.

Bumble is the company that she started, but she realized that there was going to be a need to branch off into different sections for dating, friendship building and networking. These are all separate things, and people get to switch seamlessly between the different compartments all with one Bumble user account.

Anyone that may be wondering why Whitney Wolfe is becoming as popular as she is should just take the time to look at the way that she has ingrained her company into all these different aspects of social media. Whitney Wolfe has managed to take one company and do what multiple apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and MeetMe are doing. These are apps that have become popular with people for different reasons, but Whitney Wolfe knew that she had the ability to engage people with Bumble even if she did not fully commit to anyone type of app environment.

Now that she has gained all of this popularity it seems only right that she would look for ways to stay innovative and keep people talking about the company that she is building. In order to do this Whitney Wolfe realized that she would have to put time into looking at what the other app developers were doing.

Whitney Wolfe would find herself in a place where she could easily stay on top by creating a platform that looked familiar to other companies. Whitney Wolfe did not want to be someone that started an app that was unrecognizable to people that were utilizing social media. This is why she took the chance to integrate features from other apps like Snapchat and Tinder. She wanted to create a new experience for users, but she also wanted them to have a sense of familiarity with what she was trying to do. Whitney Wolfe has many to created a great company because she paid attention to social media users.

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