The Success of CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith remains a prolific member in the society. He has done tremendous achievements in his move towards ensuring revolutionalization of the community. Rick presently holds the CEO position in the Securus Technologies Company. The organization focuses on upgrading functions of prison activities through provision of symmetrical information flow. Rick has also served for 11 years in the Eschelon firm under various capacities. He served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, and CEO. These are sound positions that reveal his enormous zeal and determination towards ensuring organizational excellence.Mr. Smith has strong academic qualifications that many associate them to his good leadership qualities he fosters in any organization he serves. Rick holds Associate degree that he acquired from Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (State University of New York), Buffalo as well Master’s in the faculty of Engineering from the same institution. Apart from the highlighted educational qualifications, Smith holds MBA from University of Rochester.

In his capacity at the Securus organization, Rick works hard to ensure improvement in the facilitation of proper functioning of prison activities. In his efforts, he tries to ensure that inmates are ever in pace with the world dynamics. In this concern he always works hard to ensure they acquire relevant skills and expertise similar to the outside world people. He ensures proper mechanisms are set in place limiting the prisoners from misusing the provided technologies. The availability of phones, Rick has helped inmates communicate to their loved ones helping them suffer less from any separation influences. The availability of email features has aid in increasing information flow between the inmates and their people in the external world. This is a great milestone towards ensuring the inmates have a positive picture of the developments ad growths happening in the world despite their absence.

The legacy of Mr. Smith has spread over the world due to his core determination in stimulating positive impacts on the lives of many has shown above. Rick is known for giving priorities to the appropriate aspects that give competitive advantage to the functioning of organizations. His core motive remains serving the company’s customers in the best way possible to ensure immense satisfaction. Many people admire Mr. Smith’s formula and strategies of operations since they are always associated with success.Rick has served as a board member of the Eschelon Telcom Inc and currently a member of the Integra Telcom Co Ltd. His insights play a core role in the mentorship of many youths. Rick values the existence of competition in the effort of giving customers value for their money. In line with this ideology, he always ensures continuous innovation and strategy redefinition to enhance prosperity of the Securus entity.

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