Beneful: For The Love of Dogs

Who doesn’t love a talking dog? I can’t think of any better way to sell dog food than to use cute dogs to do it. Apparently, neither can Beneful commercial . All of their commercials sport an adorable mutt spouting off hilarious one liners. If you have ever seen a commercial for Bush’s Baked Beans you know exactly what I am talking about and to know more click here.

What’s almost funnier than the talking canines is the adults who are talking to them. It reminds me of when I say good morning to my sweet little Midnight while cooing and staring at her like she really must understand every word I utter. The adults in this commercial are sure to make any mutt loving adult want to go out and do the right thing, which in this case is, of course to buy Beneful. Why not? Every dog deserves the best.


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