The eye-catching story of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 3 minutes

Chris Villanueva is an active practitioner with a goal of promoting great practices from both corporate dentistry and sole practitioner of the health sector. He is the founder of MB2 Dental. After working on both sides of the provider services equation, Villanueva began his company with right skills and knowledge of what is required to offer significant help without putting into comprising the integrity of his profession.

With the knowledge that dental specialists needed professional help that did not come with strings attached, Villanueva founded the firm. Since it was launched, the company has supported dental practitioners in more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. The company has 533 employees with an excellent team of leaders who are willing to continue with this trend of great services. Visit to know more.

The inspiration behind MB2 Dental Solutions

According to Villanueva, after graduation, dentists had two options. Either join an established institution with state of the art technology or start their private practice. The findings inspired him to come up with a model that links the two; he founded MB2. The organization puts the dental specialists first and then the patients.

How MB2 Dental is transforming the Dental sector for dental practitioners and patients

The main aim that MB2 was founded is to help doctors working together collaborate with each other to utilize their knowledge and resources to give the best services. MB2 is also bringing a new culture to the dental industry. It gives a fresh look and a youthful idea of how practice management and dental management should work. It changes the lives of many patients and dental practitioners in the US and around the world.

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The reason why MB2 Dental is unique

Unlike other dental practice management firms that are drab and uninspired, MB2 Dental is different. It brings something unique to the industry. It focuses more than just the profits. It focuses on personal growth, autonomy, and support and enjoying life together. The firm helps specialists make improvements that benefit the world. The innovations promote excellent operating standards that lead to higher levels of living and promote industrial growth.

In conclusion, Dr Chris Villanueva is an outstanding individual who has brought much change in the dental world. His excellent leaders At MB2 have helped dental doctors and patients enjoy good dental practices and lead a better life. Read more articles on

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