Handy Helps To Keep My Small Motel Clean

I run a small motel that has ten rooms and a lot of customers. Most people never stay for more than a day, which means that I have to have someone clean the rooms on a daily basis. I have three different cleaning persons that swap their schedules with one another to make sure the rooms stay clean, but one of them quit for an unknown reason, so I needed another employee. I didn’t have time to hire someone because the rooms needed cleaning the next day, so I chose to work with the Handy.com to do the cleaning.

It seemed very strange for me to hire such a popular company to clean motel rooms, but they don’t object to doing such deeds, especially since the work is all in a single room, except for the bathroom. I require that the bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly as well as the floors being vacuumed, and as far as fixing the bed goes, I let the other cleaning persons do it as part of their daily job. I thought that hiring Handy to do the work would cost too much, but when I factored everything in, it was actually cheaper to have Handy do the work for me.

I like my two employees, or I would have let them go and only use Handy services. I’ve had a Handy employee come out week after week for months now, and they’ve always done an excellent job home cleaning NYC rooms, and in fact, they are doing a better job than my regular workers. Since Handy only has professional workers, I’ve had to tell my two regular workers to take a page out of the Handy employee’s book because they are doing everything that they are supposed to when they clean any single room.

I showed each worker how the Handy employee had vacuumed the floor thoroughly as well as cleaning every corner of the bathroom and cleaning the windows. My workers tend to slack at times, so having them learn to clean better by watching the Handy employee perform their duties was very informative for them and has improved their performances. I still continue to have Handy come in to clean the rooms, and should any of my workers choose to move on to another job, I’ll just hire more Handy employees because they have proven that even a large company like Handy can still have some very professional workers.

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