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Handy Helps To Keep My Small Motel Clean

I run a small motel that has ten rooms and a lot of customers. Most people never stay for more than a day, which means that I have to have someone clean the rooms on a daily basis. I have three different cleaning persons that swap their schedules with one another to make sure the rooms stay clean, but one of them quit for an unknown reason, so I needed another employee. I didn’t have time to hire someone because the rooms needed cleaning the next day, so I chose to work with the to do the cleaning.

It seemed very strange for me to hire such a popular company to clean motel rooms, but they don’t object to doing such deeds, especially since the work is all in a single room, except for the bathroom. I require that the bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly as well as the floors being vacuumed, and as far as fixing the bed goes, I let the other cleaning persons do it as part of their daily job. I thought that hiring Handy to do the work would cost too much, but when I factored everything in, it was actually cheaper to have Handy do the work for me.

I like my two employees, or I would have let them go and only use Handy services. I’ve had a Handy employee come out week after week for months now, and they’ve always done an excellent job home cleaning NYC rooms, and in fact, they are doing a better job than my regular workers. Since Handy only has professional workers, I’ve had to tell my two regular workers to take a page out of the Handy employee’s book because they are doing everything that they are supposed to when they clean any single room.

I showed each worker how the Handy employee had vacuumed the floor thoroughly as well as cleaning every corner of the bathroom and cleaning the windows. My workers tend to slack at times, so having them learn to clean better by watching the Handy employee perform their duties was very informative for them and has improved their performances. I still continue to have Handy come in to clean the rooms, and should any of my workers choose to move on to another job, I’ll just hire more Handy employees because they have proven that even a large company like Handy can still have some very professional workers.

Reputable and Dedicated

Receiving accreditation from a reputable source such as the Better Business Bureau is a big deal, especially for a technological corporation such as Securus Technologies. The information technology firm, which is based out of Dallas,Texas, was recently given a rating of an A+ by the Bureau, which makes it a highly rated and prestigious presence in the technology industry. When asked about what this means for Securus, the Senior Vice President of Operations for the organization, Danny de Hoyas, said that their relationship with the Better Business Bureau has successfully prepared them to make revolutionary strides towards reaching new goals with their customers.


Securus Technologies focuses primarily on providing excellent service and products to its niche selection of customers, which are currently incarcerated individuals serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. These consumers are often times ignored by other companies as lost causes, but Securus Technologies have successfully identified them as reliable and loyal customers who they wish to accommodate. Securus does this in a number of ways, providing high quality communication products designed to make communication between the inmates and their family members a much easier process. One form of technology developed by Securus is a free downloadable application, which is available on both Android and Apple devices and allows the customer to communicate through seamless streaming video chat. This prodfuct allows the inmate and their family members to bypass normal visitation periods and interact virtually for less time and from any location, making it extremely convenient and useful.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing high levels of service and products to their customers, which means that they will go leaps and bounds beyond the normal scope of what is required of them to meet these goals.


Brian Bonar Success in the Finance Department

Careers in the finance world can be quite challenging, especially in the corporate world. Working for these organizations will mean lots of work for you, and the responsibilities are overwhelming.

Some of these companies might be local while others might be international, meaning that the person in charge of the department must be aware of the global market finance activities. However, the career can bring a lot of benefits to the people concerned.

The income people make in the finance sector is quite high compared to what the people in the other departments get at the end of the month. This is just one of the reasons why many people prefer working in the finance department. The people in this department get many opportunities to travel too while at their places of work. Most of the time, you are required to work as a team, and this can be of great benefit if you like team work. There is a lot of joy in solving financial issues as a team.

Being a leader of a financial department can be a challenging task. It requires a lot of dedication and determination because the department is very sensitive. This leader must also be very honest with their accounts. Failure to do this can bring major problems in the company. The individual must be well qualified, and with enough experience to handle everything and to ensure that everything runs smoothly

In the modern world, technology has done a lot of transformation. People do must of the work using the modern technology, so it is crucial to ensure that a leader in finance has a lot of knowledge in this. Communication and leadership skills are also very important for survival in the industry.

According to PR Newswire, Brian Bonar is one of the finance executives in the world who have managed to do very well in the competitive finance industry. He is currently the leader of Trucept, a company located in the United States of America.

Like any other leader in the finance department, Bonar has all the qualities needed for the job. He has a good leadership background, especially in the business world. At one time, he was leading Dalrada Finance Corporation, and using his skills and integrity; he managed to bring positive changes and progress in the company.

In technology, Brian Bonar is an expert, having graduated from some of the best schools in the country. He has all the knowledge in finance technology, and this explains why he has done so well in the industry.

He is also qualified, having attained a master’s degree in a prestigious university in the United States of America. Brian Bonar has also been given several awards to appreciate his contributions in the finance world.

Verified Online Reputation Management Strategies Every Business Should Try management sounds like a maze among many business owners but the truth is there are easy strategies that one can apply to enhance the performance of his/her business. What you need is to first understand what is ailing your business then from that point you can come up with a plan that will work in the long run.

This does not mean you should not act until the worst happens, what you need to understand is the fact any business needs to keep constant watch over its reputation and anything posted contrary to its performance would go a long way to damaging the very reputation one works so hard to build over time. Below are proven reputation management strategies that have been highlighted by industry professionals through Fox News.

Express your statement boldly

You are working in a competitive environment where other businesses are also applying measures to win over customers and probably overshadow your efforts. Therefore, to stay relevant in the industry you need to remain bold and focused to change and improvement.

The online business environment is dynamic and only businesses that accept to embrace frequent measures to change will survive and emerge competitive in the long run. Don’t let any mentions kill your plan but ensure all the strategies laid are implemented in the period specified on your vision.

Identify your attackers

There are instances where you also have to deal with attacks online and these are the times when you need to be careful with how you respond to a crisis. Although an attacker may not have any facts to show about the information they are sharing, the bad press created may leave a huge dent on your business. To eliminate the damage, look at the roots and start repairing things from that point.

Come up with a defense strategy

Before the reputation of your business is killed by bad press, you should have a defense strategy that saves it from losing authority. Have strategic management skills and ensure all the ideas applied are in line with the need to protect your business from possible collapse.


Vintner’s Hall Organizes Special Event

Vintners’ Hall is a unique spot for individuals who want to host special events. Many people know the hall as the Worship Company of Vintners. This year, the Vintner’s Hall was fortunate to welcome more than one hundred individuals who were attending the City of London Livery event that showcased some unique features. During the event, the management of the institution did their best to showcase their grandeur, services, and extraordinary catering skills that are not available in any other venue in London.

Vintner’s Hall reported that the event was out of this world. A report from the place states that there were wardens and some of the most educated clerks from the Livery Companies who were attending the event. The guests were professionals who regularly hold special events in London.

Searcy is a famous company in the region, and it provides Vintner’s Hall with basic event management services. The company is also responsible for the catering needs of the venue. This year, during the special event, Searcy had an opportunity to showcase the type of services they deliver to their consumers. The company offered the guests out of this world cuisine as part of the grand reception. Each and every guest in the venue was treated to foods like rosemary and goats curd, smoked eel croquettes and a basket of pepperoni.

Kim Lyons works as the assistant clerk in the Worship Company of Distillers, and he says that it was a very wise decision to have the event at the Vintner’s Hall. According to Lyons, companies that choose to host their events in the venue enjoy several benefits. The key events in the region are also held here because of the flexibility and quality of services enjoyed by the clients. Vintners are always focused on offering its customers the best services. Lyon also says that these services are not found in other venues in the city. The food served at the restaurant is breathtaking, and space is also ideal for all types of events.

Patricia Paixao works as the Marketing and Sales Manager at Searcys, and she says that the event turned out to be best that have ever taken place at the Vintners UK. Most of the guests from the event say that they received the best services.

Vintner UK is a very famous wine company that supplies its products to different parts of the globe. The company is currently headquartered in the United Kingdom. People looking for wine satisfaction choose the wine from Vintage UK because of its quality.