Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory is Moving Forward Successfully

The goal is that entrepreneurs in Switzerland and elsewhere would have a great place to showcase their latest ideas. Mike Baur is a specialist in investment banking, formerly an employee at Clariden and Sallfort. After retiring from a successful career in the Swiss banking industry, Baur felt that he could apply his financial known how to helping students find backing for their companies. In conjunction with other men, Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory connects wealthy investors with entrepreneurs who need some assistance in getting their business model up and running.


After demonstrating their concept plan, the wealthy investors can make a decision about what they will fund. Michael Hartweg also recently enlisted in the Swiss Start Up Factory to help students garner some new ideas. The Swiss Start Up Factory is also teamed up with the Geneva company Fusion, which has a similar company model. Soon, Switzerland will be seeing more and more giants growing out of the effort to help entrepreneurs find more money for their projects.


Hartweg’s role at the Swiss Start Up Factory will be primarily coaching and outreach related. Hartweg will handle the political nuances of persuading rich investors that new ideas are worth funding.


The goal of the Swiss Start Up Factory is to streamline the entrepreneurial pipe line so that the next Google, Amazon, or Microsoft does not get swept under the rug. Mike Baur is happy to be a facilitator for the technologies of the future. The Swiss Start Up Factory has already launched several companies, including Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.


The Swiss Start Up Factory takes the hard work out of launching a new company. They handle bookkeeping, invoices, taxes, and payroll management, so innovators can focus on what really matters, designing new ideas.


The entrepreneurial program lasts 3 months, and provides financing, coaching, mentoring, and access to a large network of investors. On top of all that, the Swiss Start Up Factory has a free first session for all students and entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Start Up Factory application form is quite simple. All you have to do is submit a name, email, and cool idea that is solved with your company plan. The Swiss Start Up Factory will review it, and then decide if big investors would be interested in funding it.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is accepting applications for the September 2016 session. They are glad to see interest from industry and students.

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