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Best Beneful Dry and Wet Foods You Should Try for Your Dog

Three years ago, I met my best friend Fu Fu at the local animal shelter. Ever since then, he’s been the best pet that anyone can ever ask for.
Ever since Fu Fu was just a little puppy, I have been feeding him Beneful products from Purina, and he has been growing strong and healthy to this day.

I feed him a mix of both dry and wet food from Beneful, and honestly, I have nothing to complain about.

Here are some of the Amazon sold products that I recommend to all current and future dog owners.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice

I have been buying this for over a year now, and this has been Fu Fu’s absolute favorite when it comes to meal time. Made with real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice, this nutrient packed meal will not only keep your dog healthy, but it will also satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest eaters out there.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach

This one is a little bit fancy. Made with lamb, brown rice, carrots, and tomatoes, I give this to Fu Fu so that he doesn’t get sick of eating the same one’s over and over again. Lamb is something Fu Fu doesn’t eat too often, but he still loves this one.

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Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real beef

Fu Fu is a BIG beef lover. Plain and simple, this one is a guarantee for success for any beef eating dogs out there.

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored fillings and real bacon

The reason I bought this initially was because I just liked the fact that the treats were in a heart shapes. But not only is this pleasing for my eyes, it’s also very pleasing in taste for Fu Fu.

I have been feeding Nestle PurinaStore Beneful for my dog for years, and I honestly think you guys should try these as well.



Brian Bonar Honored with the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry

Brian Bonar is finally the recipient of the highly esteemed accolade from the Professional Networking Community. The CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation was nominated as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the year in Finance. It was an achievement to win the accolade as only two female and male members are nominated for each category as the executives of the year.

PR Newswire reports that it was also an honor to be part of the Cambridge Who’s Who Community as the selection committee centered their choices on Bonar’s academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership capabilities. Brian Bonar has had professional management experience of more than 30 years particularly in the financial sector, uniquely positioning him as the man to run Dalrada Financial Corporation.

According to Dalrada Corporation and Modern Luxury, Bonar has been working diligently and tirelessly in the company for over 10 years both as a CEO and Chairman of the Board. This gives him the responsibility over a lot of employees and employer benefits along with aftermarket products.

Dalrada is a company that offer to its clients, a multiple employee programs to enhance their business efficiency. Such programs include risk management insurance comprising workers compensation and business liability, employee benefits and financial management. Their program also encompasses business management and promotional services.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc., he is professionally associated with American Finance Association (AFA) as well as other financial institutions. According to reports by PR Newswire, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt College and University of Stafford respectively. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

These were institutions where he developed passion to assist high-performance teams the art of creating, developing and delivering innovative solutions.

Despite the evolution associated with the financial market, the extraordinary leadership and management skills of Brian Bonar allowed him to stand out. He has been part of the success stories with several other firms that he had a chance of joining in the past. These companies entails QMS where he worked as an engineering supervisor, managing more than 100 people and IBM, where he worked as a procurement officer. Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Brian Bonar also joined Adaptec as a sales manager after which prior to establishing Bezier Systems. Bonar has experienced unprecedented level of success while Dalrada, and have been awarded several accolades before the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. He is also the founder of Trucept Investment, a corporation involved with provision of HR solutions including human resource administration as well as payroll management to other organizations.

The chance to be a part of the professional networking community will be a strong foundation for Brian Bonar to be an additional inspiration to everyone at Dalrada Financial Corporation. This is as originally reported in PR Newswire.

A Few of Beneful’s Dog Food Options

All dog owners know that dogs are truly man’s best friend. The unconditional love they show is not matched by any other pets a person could have. Dog owners experience much joy when they return home after a hard day at work and see their happy, bouncing dog at the door waiting to greet them. Dog owners are happy to do whatever they can to keep their dog healthy and ensure it lives a long life. Beneful has provided a variety of dog food products that can be of benefit to a dog at any age and with almost any health condition.
When a dog owner brings home a new puppy, they want to provide food that is going to take care of their nutritional needs as they grow up. Beneful has designed Healthy Puppy dry dog food. This meets a puppy’s nutritional needs and sets them on a path to enjoy good health as they get older. It contains DHA, which will help a puppy to have better brain function, better vision, and contributes to overall healthy development. It is also packed full of calcium.

Beneful created their Original Dog Food (see, in order to meet the health needs of most adult dogs. It is full of antioxidants. It contains beef, peas, carrots, spinach, and other healthy foods.

Beneful also has a chicken flavored dry dog food. It is also full of antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients that will help a dog to maintain good health. It includes chicken, carrots, avocados, tomatoes, and other healthy foods.

They have also created a dry dog food that is helpful for dogs that are overweight. This dog food is called Healthy Weight. Dog owners do not need to worry about this dog food containing fewer nutritional supplements. It is still full of antioxidants and other ingredients that will improve a dog’s health. However, it contains fewer calories to help a dog lose weight. This dry food option contains chicken, green beans, carrots, apples and other healthy items.

Beneful provides a variety of dry and wet dog food options on Wal-Mart stores for pet owners who want to maintain their dog’s good health.


FreedomPop Launches in New Market with Free App

FreedomPop is a wireless service provider that offers wireless phone and internet services in the U.S. and U.K.

News was first reported on of FreedomPop’s announcement that they will launch their services in Spain this coming summer. Customers in Spain will be able to take advantage of FreedomPop’s popuar service plan that provides 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts and 200MB of data for free. For those that require more, FreedomPop also offers service plans with greater amounts of minutes, text, and data for a fee. They also offer free roaming to their customers when in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and any of 28 other countries.

In addition, customers in Spain will be able to use all of features of the popular app WhatsApp without deducting from their plan’s data allotment.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook that boasts more than a billion users around the world. Its features include the ability to send messages, images, audio, and video. WhatsApp also allows users to setup group chat sessions and send location updates. All of this is done in real time over the user’s wireless internet on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

FreedomPop also has plans to provide services in many other countries in the future. Part of the company’s plan is to “disrupt local markets in a way that will also help us gain traction with their residents” according to CEO Stephen Stokols. The company is expected to announce expansion in other countries near the end of this year.

Check out this review:

Reviews of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a marketing company that helps a number of small businesses market their business through a number of methods. These methods include pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and also search engine marketing. With the usage of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, White Shark Media is able to help a variety of companies get customers and promote themselves more efficiently. Like a number of other companies that offer services, White Shark Media has a number of reviews that help give it credibility. With these reviews future customers can get a good idea of how White Shark Media can best help them get the most out of their marketing.

This company specializes in marketing for law firms and dental practices. The firm will help legal practices and dental offices get more customers through internet and digital marketing. Over the years, White Shark Media has helped these types of businesses get excellent results in terms of getting more clients and increasing revenue.

Once you begin working with White Shark Media Review, customers will be able to receive services in the form of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. These methods have resulted in a firm’s ability to get more clients through the internet and make their marketing efforts much easier and successful.

With White Shark Media, you will first get an evaluation on what you are looking to achieve as a business in terms of marketing. A representative of the company will then go over what is available and what is going to best help your business grow. They will recommend the services such as search engine optimization and pay per click advertising to help your business grow.

If you are looking to begin receiving the services of White Shark Media you can either email of call them. During the initial conversation a representative will talk to you about your goals and therefore tell you what course of action will be best for you and your business.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees
White Shark Media Reviews

One of the things that makes White Shark Media gain instant credibility in terms of reviews is its customer service. A number of reviewers have stated that White Shark Media Review has reps that are very knowledgeable of marketing and are therefore able to help a business grow very quickly. The company has representatives that know how to market a business website to a business’ advantage and best position itself to get more customers on a regular basis.

Another way in which White Shark Media Complaints distinguishes itself as a top marketing company is its ability to help companies save money. One reviewer says that the services offered by White Shark Media have helped them spend money on their marketing in a more beneficial fashion. Another reviewer has said that they have been able to lower their marketing expenditures by almost 50%. Therefore, White Shark Media has been able to help companies lower their marketing costs and save a considerable amount of money. This will therefore help them get the most out of their marketing efforts.

There have been quite a few customers who have said that White Shark Media has helped them get outstanding results. The results have been an expansion of business and the ability to get more customers. It has also helped them increase their revenues by a considerable margin as well.

Learn more about White Shark Media:

Venezuela’s Falling Hydroelectric Production Responsible For Drastic Energy Saving Measures

While Venezuela has some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves, the country depends on hydroelectric production for much of its energy needs. The Guri Dam supplies much of Venezuela’s electricity, however as Open Corporates reported, the El Niño weather pattern created a drought that drastically reduced the country’s electricity supply. Critics say that mismanagement and lack of regular maintenance on the dam contributed to the problem and worsened the effects of the drought. They also decry a lack of investment in alternative energy sources.
First, time moved forward a half hour to give Venezuela’s citizens like Mr. Velasquez Figueroa an extra 30 minutes of sunlight in the evening to save energy. Other energy-saving measures include nationwide four-hour electricity outages and two-day work weeks for non-sensitive public sector employees. The employees still get paid for a full week, leaving them free to stay home and use electricity. Opponents of the current president say crime is rapidly rising in darkened neighborhoods and blackouts at hospitals and factories are crippling the nation.

How White Shark Media Deals With Customer Reviews

Reviews and ratings are very important for any company that wants to do well in the competitive market. These reviews are very essential for a company to know the status of the clients.

The management of the company can easily be able to know what they are doing right, what has been done wrong, and what changes need to be made. Without these reviews, it will be impossible to serve consumers well. These reviews and ratings also play an important role in the marketing campaigns for any institution. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

When clients make positive comments in the businesses website, more people are encouraged to come and get more services because they have been assured of better services. These means that companies must do everything to ensure that the reviews are always positive, and if there are any negative reviews, they should be dealt with urgently.

At White Shark Media, things have not been happening any differently. The company has been very successful since it was started several years ago. The company has a website, and most of their customers post their reviews there. Every review for this company is taken with a lot of importance, and nothing is taken lightly. Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta

At first, the company would receive many complaints, just like any other company. However, they decided to learn from their mistakes, and this has made them become very prosperous. Clients have been coming throughout the years with very many compliments, but they still get some complaints too.

Making sure there are the least number of complaints is not an easy task, but White Shark Media has done all it can to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The company accepted all the mistakes it had done in the past, and they only decided to learn from them and you can read more: White Shark Media – Facebook.

At first, most customers were complaining about the communication in the company. White Shark Media did not take this lightly. The company has put place important measures to ensure that there is enough communication between the clients and the company.

This way, it is easier to reach the clients and deal with all the complaints effectively. This has left most of them very happy, and the company has also made huge amounts of profits over the years. For any consultancy communication agency like White Shark Media, communication is one of the most important aspects, and since the complaint was launched, the company has done all it can to communicate well with the clients.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

Dr Walden RecapDr. Walden Recap

Doctor Jennifer Walden is the 2016 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Women of the year. Each year the competition includes fundraising in the name of a young boy or girl struggling with the disease. Between March 23 and June 4th Dr. Walden raised money in for the campaign called ‘A World Without Blood Cancers’. Each dollar raised counted as a vote.

There are many ways you can support Dr. Walden in her efforts to contribute to research for blood cancers. One of the easiest ways to help is to sponsor a table at the Grand Fanale Gala for the awards ceremony. You can also donate funds to the designated website.

Doctor Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas. Her father is a well known dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. After graduating from Anderson High School, she attended University of Texas to obtain her undergraduate in biology. She was then accepted into the University of Texas medical branch where she obtained her doctorates. After completing her fellowship, she moved to upper New York for several years where she worked in cosmetic surgery.

After she started her career in New York, she has moved back the Austin, Texas area. Dr Walden is now a well known plastic surgeon with her home base office located in Austin, Texas. She also has a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She also serves on the Modern Aesthetic’s and Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. She was also co-author for the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.