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Yeonmi Park and the Causes of Defecting from North Korea

Yeonmi Park has been through a ton of trials in her journey to freedom. However, it is important to know what started her journey in the first place. Yeonmi has grown up during the poverty and the tyranny in effect in North Korea. The Kim Dynasty has ran the country with an iron fist. The ruler is so intent on controlling every one in the country to the point that if they even thought something against the ruler, he would be punished by way of death. The country is also in less than ideal conditions.
For one thing, there is very little electricity. Another thing that Yeonmi Park has revealed on her Amazon released book about North Korea to sources like is that there is often a public execution that everyone is forced to watch. Even though North Korea is horrific to go through, Yeonmi has experienced trials in her escape that were every bit as horrifying as her life in North Korea. For one thing, she has said that if people had food in North Korea, she wouldn’t have escaped. Not only did she and her sister go without food, but she has also spent a lot of time on the streets because her parents were locked away.

North Korea does not allow people to watch anything other than North Korean propaganda. However, this did not stop Yeonmi Park from seeing movies produced from foreign territories. One movie that stood out in her mind was Titanic. Titanic showed her that there was a happier life. This is what got her hoping. Yeonmi and her mother has made their escape from North Korea through being smuggled. However, they were both caught by traffickers. Yeonmi would spend years being trafficked until she worked up the courage to fight. Her family has finally broken free and she has worked towards fighting for human rights and overthrowing the North Korean government.

Sanjay Shah’s Path To Incredible Success

Just like many popular businessmen around the world, Sanjay Shah the founder of Solo Capital and dozen other companies has an interesting life story to tell. His passion in the human side of business and management began when he graduated from college. After having worked for many major financial companies as a financial analyst, he began his own business that was responsible for many investment products and services. He became curious about the attention his businesses were getting and the services they were providing including mergers and acquisitions. He approached several business people to better understand the prevailing rationale. Of the hundreds of business people across the globe only a handful of them are successful in a short time and Sanjay Shah is one of them.

One of Sanjay Shah’s area of interest apart from his business is charity work. He wanted to help people with autism after learning that his son was suffering from a rare kind of neuro-developmental disorder. His non-profit organization called Autism Rocks conducts events and concerts hosted by a number of celebrities in the entertainment industry. These events have sparked, in part, by many notable personnel as well. Sanjay Shah wants others to understand what made Autism Rocks so different – what it does for the betterment of society. There has been a good deal of response from donators and all of the donations collected are used to help autistic children, their housing and medical treatment. And so media conducted in-depth interviews with Sanjay Shah who is positioned within one of the CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies. They met him in his office. In fact, they have spoken with him to gather additional insights.

So why did Sanjay Shah divert his career path to business management and investment instead of pursuing his degree in medicine? The answer lies in the fact that many of the successful men that were interviewed feel more can be done within a short time. They are starved for success. Many of these business men are involved in different types of businesses and fully grasp the demands of their end results.

Hope for Refugee Crisis

In a piece written for the New York Review, billionaire philanthropist George Soros addressed the European Union’s asylum policy and what that means for the western world as the influx of refugees from the Middle East increases as does worries over terrorist attacks.

The EU has held negotiations with Turkey in order to limit the number of asylum seekers coming to Europe on by accommodating them in countries in the region. German Chancellor Angela Merkel headed the talks with Turkey, and Soros sees some apparent flaws with her decisions.

Under the agreement, refugees will be forcefully detained in countries where they are not journeying to and pull those who have made it to Europe back to the place they were fleeing from. This turns countries like Greece on into holding facilities for refugees without taking into account the insufficient supplies and facilities to care for those people there.

And though Europe has noted some of the deficiencies in their ability to fulfill these quotas, and has attempted to address them by announcing reform to Europe’s asylum policy, they still fall short of what is needed.

George Soros suggests that rather than continue on as they have, the EU should seek to increase their funding in order to accommodate those seeking asylum. This effort, however, would be wasted if political leaders did not also do their part to limit anti-immigrant sentiment in host countries across Europe so that they are not marginalized and can better assimilate and contribute to their adopted communities rather than feel as thought they are trapped in perpetual transit.

Achieving these things are possible for Europe, and they have the means to do so. First, George Soros suggests that funding first finds its way to the Middle East in order to raise the quality of life there, such as broadening the availability of education for children, limiting the flow of refugees to Europe to a more manageable number. If possible, George Soros suggests reaching for a goal of 300,000 to 500,000 refugees annually. This gives more guarantees to refugees seeking asylum by accommodating them without worsening the strained political climate reaching across Europe.

Such a plan would require an approximate $34 billion annual budget to be used in both the EU and the Middle East, including the creation of an EU agency to manage the asylum process, maintain standards and address humanitarian crises like the current situation in Greece.

While this may seem like a large amount, George Soros points out that it is a reasonable sum for member nations to pool together for this program. What is lacking for these nations is the political will to act and potentially anger voters.

Having fled Hungary in 1947, George Soros reached the UK in hopes of finding freedom. Eventually he made it to the United States where he began a career in finance, leading him to become one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Soros heads the Open Society Foundations, which fulfills Soros’ personal mission of championing human rights across the world, a fight he’s taken on since 1974.

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Cellphone Providers In Venezuela Suspend International Calling

Venezuela’s two top cell phone providers have announced a decision to no longer offer international call as the South American nation continues to struggle with hyper-inflation and currency controls instituted by the government.

The nation’s two largest cellular providers, Movistar and Digitel, have in recent times unsuccessfully petitioned the government to raise the rates that they can charge for international calling. Each company states that it is now tens of millions of dollars in debt to foreign calling providers and can no longer offer this most basic of services to economically hard-hit Venezuelans. Some international calling from landlines will still be offered.

With inflation rates in Venezuela projected to hit 500% in 2016, analyst David Osio says that companies have had trouble competing on the world stage as the national government now requires approval for companies to convert the local currency, the bolivar, into U.S. dollars. Mr. Osio thinks the administration itself is running short on dollars as the nation fears economic collapse and residents struggle to afford food and basic necessities like medicine.

The government’s subsidized rates for currency conversion have forced many to go to the black market to convert currency instead, where they can get much more value in bolivars for a single dollar. At the time of Movistar and Digitel’s announcements that they are getting out of the international calling market, at least for the time being, a 4-hour call from Venezuela to Hong Kong cost the caller just 50 cents.


Founder Of Human Rights Foundation Calls Out Clinton For Taking Millions From Abusive Dictators

Things just seem to be getting worse for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, her closest rival in the Democratic nomination process, has rattled off several state victories in a row. Not only that, the Vermont Senator is now polling nationwide better than Mrs Clinton. And all this news comes while the FBI continues to investigate her use of a private email server as Secretary of State which could lead to a federal indictment. But you know you’re on a really tough streak when the Fox News network ends up exposing your corruption unintentionally in a segment aimed at taking down Bernie Sanders.

The conservative news network did this by inviting Thor Halvorssen into the studio for a three-minute interview. Thor Halvorssen’s area of expertise is the abuse of unilateral power and the violation of human rights worldwide, that’s why he founded the Human Rights Foundation. But things got a little strange when Fox News tried to steer the conversation toward why socialism, and by proxy Bernie Sanders, is a violation of basic human rights.

Film producer Thor Halvorssen is quick to rectify the slanted question, “Why does socialism violate basic human rights?” He swiftly tries to “categorize” exactly what they’re talking about, separating socialism from human rights violations. He gives plenty of examples of exemplary socialist governments, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Instead, he frames socialism as a vehicle for good or a weapon for bad in the wrong people’s hands, such as authoritarian dictators. But Fox News does not want to “get bogged down in the details” and tries to continue to attack Sen. Sanders. Venezuelan Thor Halvorssen then announces his support of the Vermont Senator, saying he is the only candidate that does not support dictatorships around the globe. That’s when the interview goes off the rails for Fox News and Hillary Clinton.

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation claims Hillary Clinton has taken millions of dollars from human rights violating dictators around the world, presumably through the Clinton Foundation. Perhaps the reason Hillary Clinton deleted over 30,000 emails on her private server was to prevent this information from going public.

The Very Experienced CEO Of Coriant

Coriant is a new age networking company. They emerged as their own entity in 2013. They once were part of the Nokia Siemens Network. They now are proud to provide services to ever changing and fast growing cloud based companies. Coriant prides themselves on providing cutting edge networking solutions to these cloud based companies. In a nutshell, their products make operations of multi-layer networks easier to utilize and create services that will ultimately create income for said businesses. Coriant serves both cell network providers and land line providers. They also provide services to government agencies and financial institutions as well. Over all, they provide services to companies in over 100 different countries.

Coriant has recently welcomed Shaygan Kheradpir on board as their CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has 28 years of experience in the field of technology, telecom, and financial services. Shaygan has a Ph.D. from Cornell University in engineering as well as a Masters and Bachelor’s degree. He also has a variety of patents through the fields of media, payments, and telecom. Shaygan was once on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. He served on the Engineering Council at Cornell University as well.

Shaygan has an excellent resume as well. His career began at GTE Corporation. He ended up being selected as Verizon’s EVP. He was also appointed the Chief Information Officer. From this position he was part of a leadership team on the executive level that was behind the FiOS program which is one of the largest programs in the U.S. inquiring a $20 billion investment. After his time at the GTE Corporation, Shaygan joined the team at Barclays. He became the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He was also a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. His time at Barclays was defined by his part in developing the TRANSFORM program. This is what helped transform the bank into the 21st century impacting 50 states and 150,000 employees.

After leaving Barclays, Shaygan then joined the Juniper Networks. He was the CEO and focused his efforts on growing the Cloud Builder markets and High IQ Networking markets. Finally, before he joined the Coriant Company he was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He spent his time there focusing on growing the investments in telecom and technology. Shaygan Kheradpir obviously has many years of experience all across the fields that make up Coriant.

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Forecasting FreedomPop’s Future Expansions

The Massive MVNO Industry

The industry of mobile virtual network operators is huge, and it seems that FreedomPop is doing their fair share to occupy a large portion of the market. They are dominating in their field, actually, by providing a unique service that no other MVNO is doing. They are providing free phone usage to a large number of consumers with their basic plan that offers 200 MB of free data, talk minutes and message allowances. This free plan is enough for some consumers because it helps them avoid being charged overage fees for their phone usage. Other consumers choose to upgrade to a bigger plan because they use their phones more frequently.

One of the founders did an interesting video interview on the Carrier Wrap segment that RCR Wireless does on a weekly basis. This interview reveals some of the statistics about FreedomPop’s newest market in the UK, as the founder compares it to the US market. The market seems to be doing good, given that it is a new market, the first international market for FreedomPop to venture into, and the percentage of conversions to the paid service has doubled. This information reveals that FreedomPop might continue to expand to other countries in the near future.

The founder says that their service “transcends all cultures” in the interview. Does this company have what it takes to bridge other international borders? FreedomPop has already established relationships with large phone companies in several other countries in order to offer travelers that use their service extra places to go. In fact, travelers can visit any of the countries on FreedomPop’s network without having their services interrupted. Given this information and the fact that they have established relation, the forecast looks good for FreedomPop. Here’s the RCR Wireless article.